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25 Jun 2022
@_discord_437917962742005761:t2bot.ioconsciousness joined the room.22:23:36
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 The version feed shouldn't be using corsixth.lewri.me ... Only the blog posts? 22:40:17
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 It's a wordpress site, so it's just a wordpress plugin for the blog 22:40:46
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 There appears to be another fault with the web server 22:43:59
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 And I dont even know how it happened! 22:53:23
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 It's back up for now.... 22:59:44
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 looks like ddclient broke again 23:23:28
26 Jun 2022
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeWant some glue?11:20:24
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneholding announcements until flathub updates12:50:05
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneimpatient, lets broadcast14:14:28
@lewri:matrix.orglewrioh good, cyco your announcement failed in discord. No worry, I'll use Atlas to push it just to Discord19:02:22
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 I finally have access to internet again 19:09:29
@_discord_374207156268040214:t2bot.iogsck joined the room.23:52:45
27 Jun 2022
@_discord_148120482913189888:t2bot.ioLord Berandas joined the room.13:18:15
@_discord_189466188097650688:t2bot.ioDarkshines joined the room.20:21:21
@_discord_348240863299764244:t2bot.ioDW joined the room.20:50:00
29 Jun 2022
Download unknown.png
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 I assume we've never got in trouble for using this in the installer yet? 19:19:57
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.iocolinjmatt Not our artwork I take it? 19:37:14
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.iocolinjmatt I suppose I should ask who made the artwork for the mac package as I continued to use it 19:37:43
Download background.png
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.iocolinjmatt This for the background of the disc image window 19:38:31
Download Icon.png
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.iocolinjmatt and this for the disc image icon 19:38:47
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeIt's in our repository I guess? You should have a git author then, and a committer20:23:20
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 SimplyRyan did the screenshot for the windows installeer 21:25:33
Download unknown.png
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri#3283 Gah this was the Beta 8 image 21:27:06

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