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2 Dec 2023
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreebut likely there is a way out of that problem, I doubt we're the first project that throws out a piece of tests 14:19:36
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri whatever works for them I guess... not for some others though obviously! 14:19:42
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreebasically I add the patch at the latest possible moment, to avoid it14:20:42
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeusually that works as long as you don't disturb too much code14:21:04
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri dump and run 14:21:18
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreehaha :p14:21:24
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri Does that project use .patch istead? 14:21:29
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreereviewing takes 3-4 cycles there :p14:21:36
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeno, just git branches like we do, except in the repo itself rather than having personal forks14:22:21
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreewe don't have a list of sprites do we? I need one for my java thing. I should probably just make a bunch of sprite sheets guess14:28:37
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeI do have animations running, it's just slow, 1 animation takes 50-100% of the cpu 14:29:22
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeone core14:29:35
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeso it needs a gpu for the graphics, looked at libgdx last week, looks useful14:30:30
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri hmm 14:41:43
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri The wiki might? 14:41:47
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri or th_spec? 14:41:55
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeobviously we have all the numbers or we canopt display things14:42:24
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreebut they are sprinkled throughout the program I guess14:42:48
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeI also need to have a list of animations, I think, so I need to do that too14:44:42
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeAlso, last week I was idly wondering how much it would cost to have our own graphics, any idea?14:45:17
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeth_spec only described the data format afaik14:51:23
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri the sprite viewer in debug menu should show you numbers in each palette 15:13:43
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreenice, should try that15:14:55
6 Dec 2023
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneI have to do something?00:04:29
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri The linux tests pr needs some attention to merge. I think it's because it's blocked by settings only the repo owner can do (or it needs a direct commit) 07:50:34
7 Dec 2023
@_discord_358557987121528832:t2bot.iophantomdergwulf 07:46:03
@_discord_1179306152643805245:t2bot.iosibb_03838 joined the room.09:48:38
8 Dec 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioHandyman Lloyd changed their profile picture.01:37:11
11 Dec 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioHandyman Lloyd changed their profile picture.01:06:29

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