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11 May 2021
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 Or rather, is there something after the ToC on its last page? 12:32:14
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 There should not be. 12:32:26
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon i want to say no, but let me check 12:32:50
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 And if there is, there probably shouldn’t be a ToC anyways. You probably don’t need one at all. 12:33:08
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 a ToC is good for a book 12:33:33
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon i know, i don't plan on dumping ToCs in every little note i make 12:33:49
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 good 12:33:57
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon but i do occasionally write longer documents that have many headings and sections 12:34:20
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon and no, by default .TOC will only break a page for the start of the ToC, but I'll probably keep it that way because it's more flexible. And it's easy to drop .bp manually if you want 12:35:36
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 yes 12:36:53
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 though, y’know, it’s a little bit more involved 12:37:19
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon it's possible one might want to include some additional paragraph right below the ToC or put some disclaimer, anything. And It's way easier to break a page then to go back a page lol 12:38:37
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 up to and including the ToC, the folios should be small roman numerals; after the ToC, the folios should be arabic numerals 12:39:03
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 all in all it’s easier to split it into multiple documents 12:39:56
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 multiple “translation units” I guess 12:40:37
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 also, the folios after the ToC start at 1 12:41:42
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon is that a purely aesthetic thing, or is there a practical reason? 12:43:10
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 convention and makes stuff easier 12:43:35
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 content begins at page 1 12:43:46
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon cause most books i find don't use that sort of convention, but then again most people use windows 12:43:56
@_discord_260496295259537410:t2bot.ioRandoragon i guess that makes sense 12:44:23
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 there are different conventions 12:45:08
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 you will find many books doing different things 12:45:19
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 but for all I know, the traditional way of doing things is how I described it 12:46:07
12 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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