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5 May 2022
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I was under the impression that it only could produce groff but couldn't take it as input. and as you mentioned you could have it produce a pdf using groff under the hood. 17:17:01
@_discord_751981748564262954:t2bot.iodfdx ah, maybe I got it mixed up, but yeah, nevertheless, not sure if it's a solution here. 20:25:55
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Ya I wouldn't think so. 20:40:18
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Oh man looks like it's using a ton of inlined CSS in www.tmac 20:44:59
7 May 2022
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 Plan 9 has htmlroff 06:33:07
8 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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@_discord_951514160850686042:t2bot.iomoaliii4 Hi 19:25:03
@_discord_951514160850686042:t2bot.iomoaliii4Redacted or Malformed Event19:25:08
@_discord_951514160850686042:t2bot.iomoaliii4Redacted or Malformed Event19:25:23
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Hello 22:23:26
14 May 2022
@_discord_132185638983303168:t2bot.ioJackojc#5426 changed their profile picture.01:19:11
15 May 2022
@_discord_565171171600105482:t2bot.ioGyro (ds) changed their display name from Gyro (ds) to Gyro#6190.13:39:56
@_discord_565171171600105482:t2bot.ioGyro (ds) changed their display name from Gyro#6190 to Gyro (ds).13:39:59
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@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 GalacticColourisation https://github.com/Shirakumo/maiden pretty cool if you haven't seen it before. 21:18:17
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 i have 21:18:29
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 it also works for the protocol he made 21:18:34
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Gonna try and use it to write the irc client 21:18:41
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 i dont know if you remember me telling you that he made a chatting protocol 21:18:45
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 or she 21:18:50
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Oh I do actually 21:18:52
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 nice 21:18:56
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 Oh wow, a bot framework written in troff! 21:19:19
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Oh oops meant to put this in #programming-💻 21:19:37
@_discord_500001759188746280:t2bot.ioHumm#6716 next time you’ll be kicked, Gavin 21:19:59
16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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