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20 Feb 2019
11:20:06@ploth:matrix.orgPascal LothThe Telegram bridge stopped working at all a few days ago. Is that a know issue?
11:20:16@ploth:matrix.orgPascal Loth(using t2bot.io)
11:20:32@murz:ru-matrix.orgAlexey Murz KorepovYes, now it have problems with puppeting users
12:57:41@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107The regular relay bridge should be good now, not sure what the state of the puppet bridge is rn. The bridge had some issues the last few days
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22:34:03@farribeiro:matrix.orgfarribeiroTravisR , até you activate the relay feature?
22:34:23@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThe relaybot works, but puppeting doesn't.
21 Feb 2019
01:19:06@looktj:matrix.orgTaylor joined the room.
01:23:00@looktj:matrix.orgTaylorHey all
01:24:05@looktj:matrix.orgTaylor I'm trying to login to my telegram account, what am I doing wrong?

Yes, now it have problems with puppeting users
I guess this is related to my issue?

01:37:21@travis:t2l.ioTravisRLogging in to telegram accounts is temporarily disabled while the bridge is unstable, unfortunately
In reply to @travis:t2l.io
Logging in to telegram accounts is temporarily disabled while the bridge is unstable, unfortunately
Thanks for the heads up. I'm new to the matrix
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10:02:02@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107Taylor: Ill be your guide
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11:55:28@freijon:matrix.orgfreijonfirst you should swallow some pills
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