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5 Jul 2020
@cadence:cadence.moecadenceyou type it on discord side12:21:34
@cadence:cadence.moecadencewait do you12:21:56
@cadence:cadence.moecadenceoh disregard.12:22:08
@cadence:cadence.moecadenceI should think before I type12:22:23
@homebeach:matrix.orghomebeachis telegram still banning puppeteers from t2bot.io?13:17:48
@levarik:matrix.orglevarikRedacted or Malformed Event17:48:44
@telegram_392480196:t2bot.ioMax G changed their profile picture.13:30:45
@dice:t2bot.ioDice Bot
In reply to @levarik:matrix.org
!roll 1d20


@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyan!discord bridge17:49:58
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRPlease don't test in here. It's crashed, and it just takes time to fix itself.17:50:29
@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyansorry, i could not test the other attached room right now and the bot doesnt join in the new one17:53:27
@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyanthere are also delays with this instance from t2bot.io one, little, but there are17:54:14
@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyanexactly how much time use to take? its crashed from this morning17:55:47
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRuntil it doesn't, it's a known problem with the current version of the bridge18:04:38
@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyanthank you, i didnt know nothing about it18:05:12
@elr:ma.neko.barEchedenyanrebooting solve it partially?18:05:22
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit's the only fix, yes. It's been restarted regularly for hours now.18:05:48
@poumpaloumpa:utwente.ioChris left the room.20:27:07
@y3ssh1:privacytools.ioy3ssh1 left the room.20:57:42
6 Jul 2020
@nicesoulthoe:matrix.orgnicesoulthoe joined the room.07:58:38
@pdroman:matrix.orgpdroman joined the room.18:33:57
@y3sush1:matrix.orgy3sush1 changed their display name from y3sush1 (Old) to y3sush1.18:42:45
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@nightybrowser:matrix.orgBloodyMovie changed their display name from nightybrowser to BloodyMovie.19:40:44
@fonpay:matrix.org@fonpay:matrix.orgInvalid action: rebooting. Type `help` for more info23:26:00
@fonpay:matrix.org@fonpay:matrix.orgInvalid action: mmmm. Type `help` for more info23:26:00
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRsounds like your DM with the bridge is supposed to be a bridge23:26:49
@fonpay:matrix.org@fonpay:matrix.orgInvalid action: sounds. Type `help` for more info23:26:55
@travis:t2l.ioTravisR banned @fonpay:matrix.org@fonpay:matrix.org (rogue bot).23:27:09

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