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24 Jan 2020
10:10:12@ellietheoracle:matrix.orgThe OracleIt only seems to be going Matrix > Discord
09:58:35@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle changed their display name from The Oracle to The Oracle#3339.
10:10:59@ellietheoracle:matrix.orgThe OracleOk well anyways I was gonna ask if I have to have a home server to use this
09:58:59@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle set a profile picture.
09:58:59@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle changed their display name from The Oracle#3339 to The Oracle.
09:59:37@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle Hi so dumb question, do I have to setup the bot myself or can I just invite it to a room on matrix
10:09:25@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle Ok well its sort of working
10:10:50@vimacs:matrixim.cc@vimacs:matrixim.cc left the room.
10:12:09@ellietheoracle:matrix.orgThe OracleOh its late
10:13:25@ellietheoracle:matrix.orgThe OracleTest
10:12:52@telegram_636181871:t2bot.io joined the room.
21:48:18@lpki_ramen:matrix.orglpki_ramen joined the room.
10:13:13@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle Test
10:20:04@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle Ok so I read the logs and solved my own issue I guess
10:20:14@_discord_440411323944140802:t2bot.ioThe Oracle I'll look into hosting
11:16:57@telegram_697615369:t2bot.ioꍟꁒ꒓ꐟꌚ changed their profile picture.
25 Jan 2020
00:21:46@kuzai:matrix.kuzaikami.comkuzai Hey guys if I could ask for some help. I originally had my discord using the t2bot instead of self hosting. I switched to self hosting and ever since I can't get one of my channels to work
00:22:16@kuzai:matrix.kuzaikami.comkuzaiMessages will go matrix to discord but not discord to matrix. Logs usually say something about guests being forbidden, but all of my other rooms work??
00:22:47@travis:t2l.ioTravisR #discord:half-shot.uk is probably a better place to troubleshoot that
00:23:03@kuzai:matrix.kuzaikami.comkuzaioh thanks I had been looking for that!
02:15:05@alienpirate5:matrix.orgdkudriavtsevDiscord bridge seems to be misbehaving/very slow, is this just server load or do I have something misconfigured?
02:20:36@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari [c]telegram bridge seems to be working very fast for me
03:25:21@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThe Discord bridge crashed again, will try restarting it
04:38:48@Lexi:matrix.orgLexi left the room.
10:26:51@alirezamohy:matrix.orgalirezamohy joined the room.
10:28:01@alirezamohy:matrix.orgalirezamohyhi, would u guys plz help me, I want to add t2bot to our self host but I cant :-?
13:14:41@11dr__m:matrix.org@11dr__m:matrix.org joined the room.
13:15:12@11dr__m:matrix.org@11dr__m:matrix.orgt2bot doesn't seem to react to my messages :'(
13:23:40@lpki_ramen:matrix.orglpki_ramenBot is die

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