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9 Jun 2024
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)
In reply to @wsdjeg:mozilla.org
fixed, plase update SpaceVim, you can use git pull in ~/.SpaceVim
Hey, nvim and telescope works, however, deleting the current buffer no longer works. If I got to conf file I have to :q and quit all together. SPC b dno longer works.
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong SPC b d is to delete buffer, it does not close tab, but SPC f v d is to open conf in new tab 14:44:16
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong you can use SPC q t to close current tab 14:45:42
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong but SPC q t only close tab, it does not delete any buffer, so after SPC q t, you also see init.toml in the buffer list. 14:46:41
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar) I mean, these are just my observations from vim to nevim, if that makes sense. Also, SPC b h took me to the home screen, now I'm stuck at the current buffer as it says SPC-b-his not defined. 14:48:54
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong * 96fe87f84 - revert(mapping)!: remove SPC b h, duplicate with SPC a s (Eric Wong 3 months ago) 14:50:35
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar) Also, SPC q tdoesn't respond, i.e. it does nothing. Again, sorry for wasting your time, it must be on my side. 14:50:42
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong *
* 96fe87f84 - revert(mapping)!: remove `SPC b h`, duplicate with `SPC a s` (Eric Wong 3 months ago)
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong SPC b h is removed, use SPC a s instead 14:51:06
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)
In reply to @wsdjeg:mozilla.org
SPC b h is removed, use SPC a s instead
works, thank you!
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong hmm, SPC q t does not respons, how does :tabclose? 14:52:12
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wongthis works only when tabs more than 114:52:44
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong if there are more than one tab, you can see Tabs on top of the tabline 14:53:06
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wongimage.png
Download image.png
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong if there is only one tab, buffers will be displayed, and it is Buffers 14:53:50
@telegram_7102276167:t2bot.ioBrave Corvus
In reply to @kendra_990:matrix.org
Wdym current setup
sorry. I mean how do I do "reproduce step".
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong
In reply to @telegram_7102276167:t2bot.io
sorry. I mean how do I do "reproduce step".
If you think it is a bug, you need to show me the reproduce step, that means how do you do from start vim. and what is the error.
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)
In reply to @wsdjeg:mozilla.org
if there is only one tab, buffers will be displayed, and it is Buffers
I misunderstood the workflow. Everything works. If I have more buffers, I can close all but the last one, and SPC a stakes me home. Btw, telescope blew my mind! :D
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)Thank you for your help!14:59:45
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong:)15:01:04
10 Jun 2024
@_discord_1207564900935798796:t2bot.iotwsebv_71548 joined the room.05:04:51
@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)image.png
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@sebastjan-hribar-55adee4d37f2ad22587e9caf:gitter.imsebastjan-hribar (Sebastjan Hribar)One more thing, why do I no longer see language specific icons? I see strange placeholders: 06:08:00
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wongyou need to install nerdfont06:25:30
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wonghttps://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts06:25:55
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@_discord_234975212754567170:t2bot.iomixman68 Hi, 10:02:03
@_discord_234975212754567170:t2bot.iomixman68 spacevim don't want to run, do you have an idea please ? 10:02:41
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