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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
@telegram_296546367:t2bot.iowsdjegno, sorry00:43:16
@telegram_296546367:t2bot.iowsdjegall bridge only has the promotion for bridged side.00:44:18
@telegram_296546367:t2bot.iowsdjegBTW can not see libera irc bridge on element sidebar00:45:58
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgwsdjegchanged room power levels.00:48:52
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgwsdjegchanged room power levels.00:49:07
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgwsdjegchanged room power levels.00:49:12
In reply to @Half-Shot:half-shot.uk
wsdjeg: Hi, the IRC bridge is unable to cope with the 2612 users in this room
and in #neovim, the bridge also works well
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@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shotokay, in that case we'll need to remove the bridge. it's too expensive to run in a 2617 room with the majority of your users being inactive.08:57:35
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@telegram_296546367:t2bot.iowsdjegwhy it works in other group, the users are more than here.09:50:30
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@wsdjeg:matrix.orgwsdjegI just remove the irc bridged bot.15:06:22
@wsdjeg:matrix.orgwsdjegand will use the new one.15:06:30
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29 Mar 2023
@_discord_1068573793376804904:t2bot.ioLinuxRant joined the room.00:53:53
@_discord_1068573793376804904:t2bot.ioLinuxRant Hi everybody, Can anyone advice me on changing spacevim colorscheme? no matter what I type in options of init.toml I cannot change from the default gruvbox(or whatever it is) theme... 00:56:14

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