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10 Jun 2024
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wong
In reply to @_discord_234975212754567170:t2bot.io
sent an image.
Ok, I can reproduce it.
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wongfixed, please update spacevim.10:51:10
@wsdjeg:mozilla.orgEric Wongimage.png
Download image.png
@_discord_234975212754567170:t2bot.iomixman68 Yeah it is working 11:22:29
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@_discord_234975212754567170:t2bot.iomixman68 Many thanks 11:30:16
11 Jun 2024
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12 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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16 Jun 2024
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17 Jun 2024
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@_slack_spacevim_U078W7Q4Y01:matrix.orgPatrick Tao im trying to add a custom keybind to the leader key and basically following the same idea for adding a keybind to the space bar but im getting a big error. Could anyone help with the proper syntax for function SpaceVim#custom#leader() (edited) [4:23 PM] Patrick Tao
function! myspacevim#before() abort
    call SpaceVim#custom#SPCGroupName(['G'], '+TestGroup')
    call SpaceVim#custom#SPC('nore', ['G', 't'], 'echom 1', 'echomessage 1', 1)
    call SpaceVim#custom#LeaderGroupName(['Z', 'some label')
    call SpaceVim#custom#leader('nore', ['Z','z'], ':vsplit CR ')
(edited) Patrick Tao [4:34 PM] the call to SpaceVim#custom#LeaderGroupName is working as expected. That is hitting the leader key (backslash) will pull up the leader menu and i can see [Z] with the label ‘some label’ [4:35 PM] Patrick Tao but the error i get is: Error detected while processing VimEnter Autocommands for “*”..function SpaceVim#autocmds#VimEnter[3].. SNR 91_apply_custom_leader_keybindings[19]..SpaceVim#mapping#def line 21: E730: Using a List as a String (edited) *Patrick Tao* [4:42 PM] i feel like its a syntax issue with the call to SpaceVim#custom#leader() below is snippit from .SpaceVim/autoload/SpaceVim/custome.vim ```" The first parameter sets the type of shortcut key, " which can be `nnoremap` or `nmap`, the second parameter is a list of keys, " and the third parameter is an ex command or key binding, " depending on whether the last parameter is true. " The fourth parameter is a short description of this custom key binding. function! SpaceVim#custom#SPC(m, keys, cmd, desc, is_cmd) abort call add(g:_spacevim_mappings_space_custom, \ [a:m, a:keys, a:cmd, a:desc, a:is_cmd]) endfunction "" " Set the group name of custom SPC key bindings. function! SpaceVim#custom#SPCGroupName(keys, name) abort call add(g:_spacevim_mappings_space_custom_group_name, [a:keys, a:name]) endfunction "" " function for adding custom leader key bindings function! SpaceVim#custom#leader(type, key, value, ...) abort call add(g:_spacevim_mappings_leader_custom, \ [a:type, a:key, a:value] + a:000) endfunction "" " Set the group name of custom Leader key bindings. function! SpaceVim#custom#LeaderGroupName(keys, name) abort call add(g:_spacevim_mappings_leader_custom_group_name, [a:keys, a:name]) endfunction```
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18 Jun 2024
@_discord_815855531838406666:t2bot.ionux_r joined the room.15:13:11
@_discord_815855531838406666:t2bot.ionux_r welp! 15:13:28
@_discord_815855531838406666:t2bot.ionux_r enter and tab is not working in neovim after installing spacevim
OS: windows 11
(Windows Terminal)
@_discord_815855531838406666:t2bot.ionux_r but ctrl + enter does make a new line 15:15:55
@modin:modin.iomodin nux_r: I found the same thing. You can change 'autocomplete' layer in the config file. auto_completion_return_key_behavior I set it to "smart" 16:31:25
@modin:modin.iomodin * nux_r: I found the same thing recenty. You can change 'autocomplete' layer in the config file. auto_completion_return_key_behavior I set it to "smart" 16:33:23
@modin:modin.iomodinYou get to the init file with "space f v d"16:35:13
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19 Jun 2024
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