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2 Dec 2022
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Ma
json hahahah
In reply to Alan Ma
oh.. telegrame text is rich text?
some of them))
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mactrl \. ctrl n doesn;t work08:07:43
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mahow do u use normal mode in terminal08:08:06
@telegram_134044077:t2bot.ioСёма sooo... wsdjeg need your help )) 08:08:15
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Macan i use vim in terminal?08:08:15
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Ma
In reply to Сёма
or next next line )))
this one works actually
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mathanks bro08:51:47
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mabut it's too long ~~~~08:52:08
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mahow to map it to something else08:53:14
In reply to Alan Ma
how to map it to something else
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mathanks bro08:56:08
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mahow can I survive without u!!!08:56:20
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Mahey guys11:03:32
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan MaIt seems that I can't find my SpaceVim.vim file11:03:51
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Maimage.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_5194832775:t2bot.ioAlan Ma.SpaceVim is a git repo and where is the SpaceVim.vim on ur mac?11:05:19
@fxdgear-529c6ae9ed5ab0b3bf04d4af:gitter.imfxdgear (Nick Lang) joined the room.14:48:33
@fxdgear-529c6ae9ed5ab0b3bf04d4af:gitter.imfxdgear (Nick Lang)

I'm trying to understand something and I don't know if there's something magical that's supposed to happen that I just can't figure out.

When I setup a virtualenv for spacevim python support and in that virtualenv I install the neovim package. THEN I deactivate that venv. Then I move to my project where my code is and I activate the venv there.

When I open spacevim (neovim) the autocomplete for my project does not work 😟

Is there something I'm supposed to do. When I run echo $VIRTUAL_ENV I can see my venv is activated...

@fxdgear-529c6ae9ed5ab0b3bf04d4af:gitter.imfxdgear (Nick Lang) the thing I'm wondering is do I need to have all the dependancies of my projects installed into my neovim venv in order to have auto complete work? or should it detect my venv and then pick up the site packages for each venv that I'm active in? 14:49:37
@fxdgear-529c6ae9ed5ab0b3bf04d4af:gitter.imfxdgear (Nick Lang) also for the record I've alsot set my env var PYTHON3_HOST_PROG 14:51:11
@gitter-badger:gitter.imgitter-badger (The Gitter Badger) joined the room.23:03:01
3 Dec 2022
@telegram_5192030616:t2bot.iomins 01 /id@matrix_t2bot 11:08:27
4 Dec 2022
@_discord_755637507927834734:t2bot.ioDrix#6033 joined the room.05:05:29
Download image.png
Download image.png
@_discord_755637507927834734:t2bot.ioDrix#6033 I have this problem in the autocomplete. What could be the solution? 05:05:30
Download image.png
@_discord_829540733286481951:t2bot.ioVipr#5376 changed their profile picture.05:34:19
5 Dec 2022
@shougo-550c1bc415522ed4b3dd8cdc:gitter.imShougo (Shougo) node is needed for coc. 09:23:11

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