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26 Feb 2024
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf PB9 for I2C1_SDA, PA13 I2C1_SCL should work 20:30:45
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Unless there's some weird pin grouping where I can only set a specific pair of pins... Never used I2C on an STM32 ^^' 20:31:29
@_discord_710531555734454393:t2bot.ioredman_iu2kwo No, you can use whatever you want 20:31:46
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf * PB9 for I2C1_SDA, PA15 I2C1_SCL should work 20:31:54
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Show us some screenshots 😄 20:43:03
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Teaser 😄 20:43:06
Download image.png
Download image.png
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Not much to show tbh, I just finished up the filters section and swapped the µC at this point 20:44:46
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf * Not much to show tbh, I just finished up the filters section (baseband_in which is literally a copy/paste) and swapped the µC at this point 20:48:01
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 drooling intensifies 20:54:23
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 on6rf 22k and 12k for 5V to 3.3V divider? 20:56:09
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Where? On the baseband input? 20:57:23
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Ptt in 20:57:36
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Ah yes 20:57:40
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Fred ON4PFD can you remember the values we used? 20:57:50
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf I mean it doesn't matter much 20:57:55
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 2.7k for both 20:57:58
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 That's the value from the wiki article 20:58:05
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Correct 20:58:13
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 12/22 gives 3.24V 20:58:29
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf I'm glad I wrote that article, already forgot all details 🤣 20:58:30
@_discord_412359063662231562:t2bot.ioFred ON4PFD A random pair of resistors 20:58:31
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf I'd start with 5 at first ^^' 21:00:43
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf Prob gonna be some mistakes along the way 21:00:49
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf And rework on such small boards... Yikes 21:00:51
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Ye. Lol 21:01:16
@_discord_375568698859323396:t2bot.ioon6rf That's it for today, imported the ICOM-specific connector on the Pins page, still need to add the divider and finish the wiring. All is on my fork for now: https://github.com/ManoDaSilva/Micro17/tree/ICOM_Board 21:24:33
27 Feb 2024
@_discord_598674410429480964:t2bot.ioonemikedelta If you are planning a general module(not spesific for a radio brand/model) it is good idea to put some kind of output for switching audio amplifier/audio channels and bypassing analog audio. 05:30:14
@_discord_598674410429480964:t2bot.ioonemikedelta also small pad for vbat connection, rtc is needed in the future for replay attack prevention and probable authentication mechanisms 05:34:23

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