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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_1155265080896790558:t2bot.ioTediCross joined the room.22:24:33
24 Sep 2023
@_discord_625397837785595942:t2bot.ioBastien ON4BCYDownload 20230924_174327.mp415:48:28
@_discord_625397837785595942:t2bot.ioBastien ON4BCY Officially working for FTM-400 15:48:29
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Tres bien 16:08:31
@_discord_642407997435543563:t2bot.iomkpapp joined the room.16:38:22
@_discord_625397837785595942:t2bot.ioBastien ON4BCY Haven't tuned the pot yet 21:54:03
25 Sep 2023
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Tune the 07:01:56
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT Doot! 14:45:52
@_discord_1065356682642849963:t2bot.iodh5aav#0 changed their display name from DH5AAV to dh5aav#0.18:11:20
@_discord_235422841862881290:t2bot.ioMorgan ON4MOD Ok, so from what I see, it looks like replacing the MCP6002s might not bring much as it looks like a lot of rail-to-rail I/O opamps have the same kind of 2-pairs construct for the rail-to-rail functionality which might degrade linearity when VCM changes. Otherwise, by cross-checking both TI's website and LCSCs stocks, it looks like the TLV9051/9052/9054 op amp might be a good alternative reference. They list the OPA310 as a similar product that also is a drop-in replacement (in case the TLV9051 can not be found or is NRND). 20:33:22
@_discord_235422841862881290:t2bot.ioMorgan ON4MOD So now is to design a lpf for the dc-dc converter (: 20:33:39
26 Sep 2023
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Yea, with real coils 06:05:09
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT Why do we need to replace the mcp6002? 11:43:35
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 I'd go with mcp6002 12:09:58
@_discord_799772827145732137:t2bot.iojpucheu78 Hi guys, the in-working schematic is in the github? 12:14:13
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Everything is on github 🙂 12:20:15
@_discord_799772827145732137:t2bot.iojpucheu78 Can we measure di/dt of the DC-DC converter load in 0.1e board ? 12:31:35
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 What for? 12:53:57
@_discord_799772827145732137:t2bot.iojpucheu78 To put a constraint in the maximum value of the L in a series damped LC filter 13:17:33
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Can't measure it myself rn 😦 13:20:41
27 Sep 2023
@_discord_724927141971492884:t2bot.iophiln2edx joined the room.12:01:24
@_discord_1102752278949134336:t2bot.ioDemba joined the room.12:33:32
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Episode 4 when 16:35:24
@_discord_235422841862881290:t2bot.ioMorgan ON4MOD I'm spending a bit of time trying to add support for my scope in libsigrok, I have been wanting to do that for a very long time ^^' 17:14:01
@k78naf7a:c1.uba.beBastien ON4BCY adf7021: Morgan told me 🔜 17:36:23
@_discord_235422841862881290:t2bot.ioMorgan ON4MOD Did I? 🙃 21:38:44
28 Sep 2023
@_discord_1155582707615666276:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas_45507 joined the room.08:12:18
@_discord_346864576731545600:t2bot.iodarthshrek. joined the room.17:11:59
29 Sep 2023
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