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7 Dec 2017
02:18:32@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.org anyone know why it might die and complain with Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory ?
02:18:52@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.orgi've never seen that, so i don't think it's some new dependancy
02:19:53@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.orgjust figured i'd ask, because it's killing me
02:59:06@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.orgweird, looks like it's strictly related to systemd, because keybase ctl watchdog2 actually works
02:59:17@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.org er, keybase ctl watchdog2, rather
15 Dec 2017
12:45:03@mienaikage:matrix.orgMitarashi Dango joined the room.
21 Dec 2017
06:02:06@saintromuald:matrix.orgAristotle Cajetan joined the room.
5 Jan 2018
17:58:49@redlegion:matrix.org@redlegion:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
23 Jan 2018
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29 Jan 2018
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13 Feb 2018
16:02:51@marius_k:matrix.orgmarius_k joined the room.
16:23:21@marius_k:matrix.orgmarius_khello, I got DNS proof succeed email before I edited the required DNS TXT record. Is it supposed to behave this way?
15 Feb 2018
23:11:31@dametenshi:matrix.org@dametenshi:matrix.org marius_k: I don't know how that would've happened, but (AFAIK) none of us are keybase employees and don't have any idea how the DNS validation bot would work. Maybe worth opening an issue on the keybase-issues github repo?
17 Mar 2018
03:46:56@jrswab:matrix.org@jrswab:matrix.org changed their display name from J. R. Swab to J. R..
4 Apr 2018
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8 Apr 2018
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2 May 2018
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9 May 2018
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18 May 2018
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6 Jun 2018
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18 Jul 2018
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21 Jul 2018
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4 Aug 2018
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7 Sep 2018
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4 Oct 2018
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10 Jan 2019
22:52:34@kodo:matrix.orgVera changed their display name from kodo to Vera.
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18 Jan 2019
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28 Jan 2019
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