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Restaurant owned by President Ake~ Hotel owend by Suga~ Pls take a seat~ No table without ordering~ Ask for a room if you want~ Sneezing gets you free breadsticks~ <3 Be nice now~ :) Rules~ 1. Be nice, slander is not allowed 4 Servers

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17 May 2021
Download movie-guy-KRG6XGnCYB0L6
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~THERE HE IS!!!00:27:26
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~!giphy gurren lagann00:27:37
Download funimation-10zPp3MS5JkAdW
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~Thats not hwat I wanted but okay~ 00:27:51
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐 left the room.00:28:09
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐 joined the room.00:37:43
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~*dabs~00:42:36
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐get with the times boomer00:43:23
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐no one dabs anymore00:43:29
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~dabbing is my thing now~ I dab like the cool kids~ :300:43:53
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐Cool kids don't dab00:45:39
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~I am a cool kid and I dab so~ v_v00:46:11
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐The fact that you day you are a cool kid tells me you are in fact not a cool kid00:46:42
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~I am just built diff so~ v_v00:47:00
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐Pff ok 00:47:19
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~dab sonic.jpg
Download dab sonic.jpg
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐sorry old men can't be cool kids00:47:28
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~Thats what you think my child~ 00:47:47
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~😎00:47:49
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~dab deluxe.jpg
Download dab deluxe.jpg
In reply to @ameme:matrix.org
Thats what you think my child~
You are creepy 😔
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~creepy? I am creepy cool~00:52:50
@ameme:matrix.orgMary's Husband Ameen~😎00:52:52
@president_ake:nerdsin.space🏐~Oikawa~🏐 left the room.00:54:49

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