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11 Jul 2020
@mistergibson:matrix.orgG. GibsonI usually start my configs with that, but it is just the first step I do.03:57:37
@cairn:matrix.orgCairnAnd even still, I'm gonna stick to free software when we set up extra precautions and start running more than a few services.03:57:39
@mistergibson:matrix.orgG. Gibsonbrute-force auth hacks would be my next guess 03:57:58
@mistergibson:matrix.orgG. Gibsonvia web services03:58:05
@mistergibson:matrix.orgG. Gibsonok03:58:17
@cairn:matrix.orgCairn Mike @ Collapse Network: Wow, that sounds wild. 03:58:36
@cairn:matrix.orgCairnWhat a terrible decision on the administration's part...03:58:59
In reply to @mistergibson:matrix.org
plus run fail2ban and psad
Yeah, I don't think it'd hurt for us to run fail2ban
In reply to @cairn:matrix.org
What a terrible decision on the administration's part...
One of many!
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM I just discovered that the UK government has apparently sunk £10bn into our test & trace app that no one wants to use because it's shit and privacy-invading 14:30:16
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyThat sucks17:15:36
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyI'm pretty sure ours in the US is open source17:16:01
In reply to @poperigby:feneas.org
I'm pretty sure ours in the US is open source
Ours is too, kind of. They release updates to the repository whenever they release an update to the app.
@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyOh. That's kind of strange.19:39:48
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM Yeah, the development itself isn't out in the open. I think they're just doing it so it's easier to have it peer reviewed. I don't think they even give you all the tools to build it yourself. 19:54:17
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM It's the kind of half-arsed attempt at coherency and transparency I've come to expect from the Conservatives. 19:54:44
12 Jul 2020
Download Screenshot_20200712-125727_Ungoogled_Chromium.png
@jm0804:matrix.orgJMWhat a mess11:57:44
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM For anyone who's confused: what you're seeing there is the destabilisation of the jet stream. It should form a nice neat gently meandering circle but instead it's completely severed in multiple places. Here in the UK we've experienced the seasons backwards - a warm, dry spring followed by a wet, windy and cool summer (so far, at least). 11:59:33
@jm0804:matrix.orgJMMy understanding is that the jet stream is held in place by the difference between the cold polar air and the hot temperate equatorial air. But with the north pole warming at a concerning rate, the temperature difference is reducing, and the jet stream is rapidly destabilising.12:00:47
@jm0804:matrix.orgJMThis also has the knock-on effect of producing blocking events, where certain weather systems get locked in place for multiple weeks. This has led to record rain in the UK this year.12:02:55
13 Jul 2020
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM https://www.theonion.com/yeah-yeah-nation-gets-it-we-rapidly-approaching-end-1844279789 15:32:27
14 Jul 2020
@natalie:tchncs.denatalie 06:51:32
@robert:nerdsin.spacerobert 07:00:13
@jm0804:matrix.orgJM"I don't agree with face masks. I don't agree with Covid" turns out we have our fair share of idiots too!22:18:06
@polydad:matrix.orgpolydadCan I disagree with gravity, and fly as a result?23:42:59
15 Jul 2020
In reply to @polydad:matrix.org
Can I disagree with gravity, and fly as a result?

Yes, actually!



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