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17 Dec 2018
15:41:41@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter) https://manual.os-js.org/v3/api/osjs-client/ this is what you need to look at
15:42:02@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter) there's a source button at the top of each class's page
15:42:23@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) @aherreraGH
When I said I was looking at the 3 classes I listed, I was looking at their APIs
and source codes. <-------------
15:42:32@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) I'll review them again.
15:42:35@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter)PackageServiceProvider is not a thing
15:42:56@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) https://manual.os-js.org/v3/api/osjs-server/file/src/providers/packages.js.html#lineNumber40
15:42:56@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter)
15:43:12@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter) that's for the server not client
15:44:46@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) gotcha, so, the client is able to determine if a package was installed successfully? like a simple "T/F" response, for example, isPackageAvailable(packageName). I'll review the client stuff as well. Thanks
15:45:10@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter)yeah
15:45:34@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) this may work:
loaded: String[]

A list of cached preloads
15:45:42@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)from Packages on client
15:46:03@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)oops, that was members.
15:46:25@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)
getPackages(filter: Function): PackageMetadata[]

Gets a list of packages (metadata)
15:46:28@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)that one?
15:46:48@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter)i think
15:46:55@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)will try it, thanks
15:59:02@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)that worked, thanks :thumbsup:
16:40:30@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) @aherreraGH FYI. Packages are "installed" when you run the package discovery command.
16:40:46@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)Which creates a metadata.json containaining all metadata from packages found.
16:40:58@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) Which then you can get in getPackages() as Spaceboy just said :)
16:41:10@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) yep. that's all done. thanks :)
16:42:29@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter):+1:
17:33:57@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)

Now looking at prompts...

    core.make('osjs/dialog', 'prompt', {
      message: `Create new directory`,
      value: 'New directory'
    }, done(value => {
      if (value) {
        const newPath = item.path.replace(/\/?$/, '/') + value;
          .mkdir({path: newPath})
          .then(() => cb());

the above is from your filemanager example: https://github.com/os-js/osjs-filemanager-application/blob/master/index.js

I see value is a single item. Does it accept an array of values? I'm looking to prompt the user for two values. For example, one field for first name, second field for last name. Just doing a simple "hello world" type of thing with the prompt.

17:34:41@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)Sorry, only one field atm -- but now I want that feature ;)
17:34:43@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) Was looking at this API doc here as well: https://manual.os-js.org/v3/api/osjs-dialogs/class/src/dialogs/prompt.js~PromptDialog.html
17:34:54@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter) I'll create a ticket for you then lol
17:39:43@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter)thanks, saw you assigned it to yourself
17:39:46@gitter_aherreragh:matrix.orgaherrera (Gitter):thumbsup:
17:40:42@gitter_spaceboyross01:matrix.orgSpaceboyRoss01 (Gitter)im installing os.js linux in a vm manually without the installer so i can make changes to the rootfs without the issues of read only, this should speed up development so i could change my installation and then add stuff to the actual builder

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