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7 Jul 2020
@noise:bau-ha.usnoise 21:12:12
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8 Jul 2020
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) Hi @andersevenrud, hoping you could share your brilliant viking thoughts on something. Since working remote our vfs fetching is taking a while, regularly 20 - 30 seconds, sometimes even a couple minutes (files can be 5mb - 100mb, maybe more). During this time there's no indicator to the user that a file is loading, it seems like nothing is happening. To fix this I'm adding a progress cursor for each application during a load and just wondering if you know a better option, maybe systemwide? 15:12:11
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-oM3xKAiSyJcOXJ4eUvWwPOWob50rPf/view?usp=sharing 15:13:37
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) The benefit of each application doing it's own progress cursor is the cursor is normal outside of that application. But maybe that can still be achieved another way? 15:15:34
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) Hey @josephjeno . It's also possible to "gray out" a window with .setState('loading', true). 16:18:07
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) Another thing that's possible is to hook into the VFS events and maybe create a tray icon ? 16:18:26
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)(to make a global indicator that is)16:19:52
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) What's the best way to hook into the VFS events? Using this adapter guide? https://manual.os-js.org/v3/guide/filesystem/ 17:43:37
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) @josephjeno There's internal events for that. 18:11:13
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) https://manual.os-js.org/v3/tutorial/core/#client-events 18:11:39
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) But I now see that this only is emitted when a VFS method is called. There's no events when a request is finished (either resolved or rejected). 18:12:25
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) So I'll need to add that in in order for that to work properly. 18:12:36
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)Could you maybe open an issue about this ?18:12:47
10 Jul 2020
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) Hey @andersevenrud, after updating @osjs/client from 3.1.39 -> 3.1.40 I'm having some weird login issues. I confirmed my auth login method is returning:Promise.resolve({groups:["admin"], id: "jjeno", name: "jjeno", username: "jjeno"}), but when I call core.getUser() I get the following: {groups: [], id: null, user: {groups: ["admin"], id: "jjeno", name: "jjeno", username: "jjeno"}, username: "osjs"} 17:39:16
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) It looks like this was the breaking change: os-js/osjs-client@5a82a34 17:47:20
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter)Might need an Object.assign()?17:48:38
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) Hey @josephjeno . The spread syntax just a shorthand for Object.assign. 18:08:14
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) But I see the problem. I should have spread the user as well. 18:08:53
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)A bit of a facepalm, because this is the most common problem when going from using the object method to a spread, heh.18:09:22
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) @josephjeno os-js/osjs-client#125 18:13:23
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter) ah neat, didn't realize spreading would override too 18:13:32
@gitter_josephjeno:matrix.orgjosephjeno (Gitter)thanks my dude18:13:36
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter)Fix coming now :)18:13:50
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) It's out! 18:15:04
13 Jul 2020
@msjavan:matrix.orgmsjavanis there any s3 adapter for vfs ?10:18:35
@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) @msjavan Not that I know of. 11:59:05
14 Jul 2020

After I used npm update command,
I execute npm audit fix that was related to Run npm update lodash --depth 12 to resolve 332 vulnerabilities

Then in OSJS Desktop rightClick didn't work anymore.

@gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.orgAnders Evenrud (Gitter) @seyedmiladhashemi If you run npm update again and rebuild the client, it should be fixed. 09:26:30
In reply to @gitter_andersevenrud:matrix.org
@seyedmiladhashemi If you run npm update again and rebuild the client, it should be fixed.
Now everything is OK.

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