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6 May 2021
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝20210506_170148.jpg
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@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaha, wow … thats a bunch21:51:49
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezatea wine = sweetened tea, throw in yeast, waait?21:52:00
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝Yeah, it was a 5 gallon batch. Iced tea + sugar and lemon21:52:24
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝It's been going since December 22. It got stuck along the way and didn't recover until I added Fermaid21:55:08
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaoh, birthday teawine ^_^21:55:34
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaiced = cold extraction in this case?21:55:39
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝No, I boiled tea bags but it's an "iced tea" blend21:56:01
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝Mostly orange pekoe I think21:56:10
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝It hit 1.005 about a month ago, but I let it sit to see if it would clear. It's not. The tea I used tends to be cloudy normally, so I think that's just how it is.21:57:03
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaah, ok21:57:27
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezais there a oil layer on top?21:57:46
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝Nope21:57:49
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaif the tea was high quality (=oily) at least?21:57:55
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezamh interesting21:57:59
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezahow’s it taste-wise?21:58:05
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝It tastes like weak iced tea, with some of that white wine/booze flavor. It's not bad.21:58:32
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝A month ago it was pretty harsh, but it seems to have mellowed. It probably just needed to de-gas.21:58:57
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezainteresting …21:59:17
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezawonder if it’d make a good base for mixed drinks21:59:31
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezalike, if carbonated … with fresh peach puree and a mottled wedge of lime21:59:55
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝I'm drinking the last of it that wouldn't make a full bottle right now. It will probably be better in 6 months but it's pretty good now.21:59:59
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝
In reply to @Nebukadneza:ghostdub.de
like, if carbonated … with fresh peach puree and a mottled wedge of lime
I think it would be good mixed 50/50 with regular iced tea for sure
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝It's 14% so that would make more of a beer-strength drink22:00:51
@captain_grossbeard:pancrypticon.netBrian Γ“ 🐝I assume the caffeine survived the fermentation22:01:08
8 May 2021
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaYeah, no reason It'd not...15:26:42
@Nebukadneza:ghostdub.deNebukadnezaCool project15:26:48
11 May 2021
@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot) set a profile picture.12:45:48

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