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7 Feb 2020
15:47:47@jeff:casavant.orgjeffcasavant changed their profile picture.
8 Feb 2020
14:37:01@peri:perify.euPeri left the room.
10 Feb 2020
13:08:21@viccuad:matrix.orgviccuad left the room.
18 Feb 2020
16:43:08@baptistegelez:disroot.orgAna (elle / she) left the room.
21 Feb 2020
13:53:21@tesseractcat:matrix.orgtesseractcat left the room.
24 Feb 2020
14:15:42@mat:tout.imMatMaul changed their profile picture.
26 Feb 2020
15:30:22@ataul443:matrix.orgataul443 set a profile picture.
15:30:41@ataul443:matrix.orgataul443 changed their profile picture.
17:48:19@ataul443:matrix.orgataul443 left the room.
28 Feb 2020
13:01:00@cjd:matrix.orgSee: https://t.me/cjdelisle changed their display name from Try @cjdelisle:m.trnsz.com instead to See: https://t.me/cjdelisle.
1 Mar 2020
17:19:53@coenern:matrix.orgcoenern left the room.
6 Mar 2020
14:05:09@thepanz:matrix.orgthepanz left the room.
8 Mar 2020
15:44:27@tamwile:matrix.orgtamwile changed their display name from @tamwile:matrix.org (@tamwile:matrix.org) to tamwile.
10 Mar 2020
16:34:22@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘 changed their display name from jo to 𝚓𝚘.
11 Mar 2020
00:03:13@tom:lant.uktoml changed their profile picture.
19:00:39@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelen changed their profile picture.
12 Mar 2020
17:48:25@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari changed their display name from Yan Minari [c] to Yan Minari.
13 Mar 2020
03:03:06@Lockyc:matrix.orgLockyc left the room.
15 Mar 2020
12:35:29@promethea:matrix.orgpromethea changed their profile picture.
17 Mar 2020
10:34:27@kegan:matrix.orgKegan set a profile picture.
18 Mar 2020
23:14:17@daurnimator:matrix.orgdaurnimator changed their display name from daurnimator to ..
23:15:21@daurnimator:matrix.orgdaurnimator changed their display name from . to daurnimator.
20 Mar 2020
12:41:02@tinloaf:matrix.orgtinloaf left the room.
28 Mar 2020
21:52:38@albakham:matrix.drycat.frAlbakham left the room.
29 Mar 2020
01:06:46@jeff:casavant.orgjeffcasavant left the room.
1 Apr 2020
14:38:32@richvdh:matrix.orgpoorvdh changed their display name from othervdh to poorvdh.
6 Apr 2020
18:52:39@tmak:vinix.imTee Mak left the room.
9 Apr 2020
02:40:32@stonewareslord:matrix.orgmux changed their display name from Austen to mux.
15 Apr 2020
22:23:01@anastiel:matrix.orgⒶ anastiel ✪  left the room.
2 May 2020
03:28:13@Ekho:matrix.orgEkho changed their profile picture.

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