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23 Sep 2021
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenBut tbh13:07:38
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenI fully intend on replacing this sopn13:07:45
@_discord_809777055990415371:t2bot.ioVega Do it anyways. It's always better to not be cursed by the next person taking it apart 13:09:07
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenWell that will be me so13:39:46
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenI really don't cear to do it tbh13:40:01
@_discord_769523996160950332:t2bot.ioshubhamarora joined the room.14:36:04
@_discord_278216664984584192:t2bot.ioGene changed their display name from Gene (They/Them) to Gene#9662.15:01:23
@_discord_278216664984584192:t2bot.ioGene changed their display name from Gene#9662 to Gene.15:01:24
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenWelp, i was planing o trying resolve, but then i realiced how much personal info they want16:23:07
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenSo no thanks16:23:09
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f just use the AUR if you're on something arch based maybe 16:28:23
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f also they won't care if you use your real data or fake stuffs 16:28:40
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f they'll let you download 16:28:44
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenI wilø try just tp type in some random stuff, if not i can try just do a quickanjaro install16:45:28
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f just type it in the correct format and you'll escape it 16:48:51
@_discord_592384053953560753:t2bot.io04ELY#9373 Lol I write AA bb cc abc abc@cba.com
It works everytime :p
@_discord_592384053953560753:t2bot.io04ELY#9373 No discord it is not real xD 17:52:17
@_discord_135893147069841408:t2bot.ioBarracuda joined the room.19:14:10
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenWelp, that didn't happen as i got vusy trying to trobble shoot my video setup21:00:41
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenI did find the issue21:00:50
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve Seven But smart tvs also just terrible 21:01:00
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenØeast mine pretty bad i feel21:01:07
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenAnd my crt not working ether21:01:17
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenSo i need to trobble shoot for sure21:01:23
@twelve:matrix.vending-machine.xyzTwelve SevenSo i guess i have tp pull everything out again, i wiøl mabye try set resolve to download and mabye do a render while i work on all that21:01:57
@_discord_193886151948369923:t2bot.ioDairuggerXVIII joined the room.22:50:02
@_discord_470383714619228171:t2bot.ioCaffeine changed their display name from Caffeine to Caffeine#2001.23:10:59
@_discord_470383714619228171:t2bot.ioCaffeine changed their display name from Caffeine#2001 to Caffeine.23:11:01
24 Sep 2021
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f yeah just need to enter it in the correct format 03:36:18
@_discord_198305562125926401:t2bot.iomys31f names as strings, email as an email 03:36:47

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