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16 Jan 2019
13:17:26@guardthebananas:matrix.orgguardthebananas joined the room.
13:17:46@guardthebananas:matrix.orgguardthebananashey all
13:47:29@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxEh up, me duck
14:03:32@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxHey Cocoron is the Open Collective stuff linked to your personal bank account?
14:11:25@f0x:lain.hausFoksiirc it's all held by opencollective
14:11:43@f0x:lain.hausFoksand then reimbursed for individual transactions
14:14:48@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux I'm a little disheartened because Cambridge XR rebels have not followed any of my suggestions. When they were trying to set up some kind of donation / treasury system, I recommended Open Collective but they thought you needed a bank account to use it. And as an organisation rather than an individual, that meant creating a bank account for the organisation etc and it started getting more complicated than it was worth. They went with PayPal in the end.
14:15:25@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxSo I was just wondering, as we use the same service and also are a group rather than an individual.
14:15:29@f0x:lain.hausFoksow PayPal is like the worst possible option
14:18:12@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxThey make all their docs with Google docs too, which is incredibly frustrating.
14:18:53@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxI guess they see the environment / aims of XR as completely separate from other stuff like using open source or free software.
14:19:28@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux I've tried to talk to them about it but I just get radio silence, so I'm not sure what to do.
14:19:44@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxMaybe I should try again... maybe speak to them in person.
In reply to @puffinux:matrix.org
I guess they see the environment / aims of XR as completely separate from other stuff like using open source or free software.
it's about their security too...
14:24:38@sunbeam-cocoron:matrix.orgCocoron yeah XR doesn't seem to be very intersectional (I consider software freedom and accessility a part of intersectionality)
14:25:35@sunbeam-cocoron:matrix.orgCocoron Which isn't entirely surprising. It seems to be largely white, affluent and (Southern) English.
14:26:23@sunbeam-cocoron:matrix.orgCocoronTheir reaction is very disappointing given the whole controversy surrounding Facebook, PRISM, CA, etc
17 Jan 2019
12:39:10@guardthebananas:matrix.orgguardthebananasRedacted or Malformed Event
12:40:01@guardthebananas:matrix.orgguardthebananas Puffinux: I ran into this with the Earth Strike folks as well. Very unorganized and lots of people making lots of the same thing but no communications.
13:01:00@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux Right now they're focusing on making a website. I appreciate that if they're looking to be in it for the long haul they need proper organisation and a platform to promote themselves, but it seems as there are a number of web developers in the group, they're doing web design because it's easy.
13:02:12@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux I'm a hypocrite in all this as I mostly promote action online but have only been down to London a few times for XR stuff and haven't stayed overnight for early morning protests etc, but still.
13:04:35@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux I also wonder if running cooperatively is better than holocratically. I don't know enough about organisation structure to say either way, but the people currently organising stuff are complaining that they have so much to do, but when I try to suggest stuff to them that would reduce their workload and that I would be happy to set to and run / admin for, I get nothing! 😢
13:18:40@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxSorry for being off topic, all.
13:21:31@makeworld:tomesh.netmakeworld I'm with Earth Strike and it seems pretty good actually
13:21:43@makeworld:tomesh.netmakeworld They're on discord unfortunately, but they are moving eventually
In reply to @makeworld:tomesh.net
They're on discord unfortunately, but they are moving eventually
that's gonna take a while, if it ever happens
13:37:13@makeworld:tomesh.netmakeworldIt sure is, but i understand why they used discord in the first place
18 Jan 2019
02:06:38@guardthebananas:matrix.orgguardthebananasIt might be better now. I tried to get on and help them build their sites but there was no oversite of any part of the process and everyone was just buying up domains and throwing content onto them.
04:00:56@test11112211:matrix.orgtest11112211 joined the room.

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