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13 Apr 2021
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Wait isn't that midnight for me?17:31:48
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)12:00am is 00:0017:32:15
@wakest:matrix.orgwakestis the website not working for you? 17:54:13
Download image.png
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them) Yeah it's not working so well eek. I'm on Graphene OS and the browser is super locked down 19:25:19
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Sorry 😅😅19:25:34
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Cool, I can make that!19:25:54
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Shall we choose a Jitsi link and then post it in the server announcements?19:26:14
@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakes(They/Them)
In reply to @kawaiipunk:autonomic.zone
Shall we choose a Jitsi link and then post it in the server announcements?
That works
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)

Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 278690499#

Click this link to see the dial in phone numbers for this meeting

14 Apr 2021
@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org joined the room.15:10:55
@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event15:10:55
@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org left the room.15:12:09
@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakes(They/Them)Getting to test out my mod powers here on a spammer. :315:13:16
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Heck yeh15:39:16
@wakest:matrix.orgwakestKawaii can you find a timezone converter website that works for you? then we can just use it each time and post it in the announcement 15:51:03
@wakest:matrix.orgwakestI got scared the meeting was today when I saw your link earlier lol15:51:21
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Yeah sure! 20:15:00
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)It was just my weird browser 20:15:09
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Being strict 20:15:14
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)On the privacys20:15:20
15 Apr 2021
@radioangel:matrix.orgradioangel10:30 CST right? I'll try to be there.16:13:29
16 Apr 2021
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)Meeting on 15 mins folks!!15:15:25
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them) radioangel wakest Squeaky Pancakes(They/Them) especially 15:15:50
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)https://meet.jit.si/YellowMelodiesDisturbOff15:16:00
@wakest:matrix.orgwakest Brt 15:34:46
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)💕16:38:03
@kawaiipunk:autonomic.zonekawaiipunk (they/them)great to chat to you all x16:38:12
@radioangel:matrix.orgradioangelSame, it's been a while.16:40:02
17 Apr 2021
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.orgNausiyan Nyan joined the room.06:02:08

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