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19 Jan 2020
11:12:45@gwenfarsgarden:matrix.orggwenfarsgardenRe the poll's feature not working. Shall I report this to Gargron?
14:37:03@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux My notifications aren't loading. The web UI gives me a 500 internal server error
14:42:21@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesI'm gonna eat and see what I can do about these bugs
14:45:48@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxExcellent, thanks Squeaks
14:54:31@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux OK even notifications from after the update aren't loading.
14:58:47@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux OK tusky notified me of new notifications, but can't load them in-app. Not sure what that means.
15:46:28@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesI'm actually really tired I might not get to this today
16:00:04@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux Thanks for what you've done so far
18:36:58@0ptr:matrix.orglasselmao am I missing out on something?
21:25:48@arr0w_root:matrix.orgArr0w_root (they/iel)The Last one is because of France, the first one could be too, Idk about the second one though lol
21:30:03@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxProbably myasstodon.xyz messing around again lol
21:30:05@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxRedacted or Malformed Event
23:20:30@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux My notifications are now working, ad of a few hours ago. Some people are still having issues but others are not, so it's possible the is resolving itself. Polls still don't work for me, or anyone else so far
23:21:03@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux I can't type lol
23:30:40@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesPolls still dont work for me I it says it cant find a function when I look at the logs but nothing should have been removed
23:31:20@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesI had to modify one file when I did the upgrade and it isn't even a file that the server cares about
23:35:36@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux Are you going to be able to find the time to keep working on the server soon? Cause if you'd prefer we could leave it in the current state and pass it over to autonomic.zone? Provided the co-op approves
23:39:25@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesthere are still things I can do on it
23:40:10@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesI'll see what I can do this week. Ill try to rebuild mastodon to see if that fixes the poll issue.
23:41:20@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxPossibly it will be easier now that the transition has happened?
23:51:20@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesThe database migration was what took so long rebuilding app shouldn't hurt anything
23:56:30@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxGreat, hopefully that will help then!
20 Jan 2020
18:43:09@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesThink I found the issue with the server I just need to work out how to do it
20:29:39@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesGonna try to apply the fix later tonight
20:32:23@0ptr:matrix.orglasseThanks a lot :)

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