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22 Mar 2019
In reply to @puffinux:matrix.org
I'm not aware of one. I believe there's some info on the wiki but it's fairly minimal. Provided you're co-operatively run or run by a single user instance run by someone in a co-op, then you're free to join. That's my understanding of it at least, there may be more to it.
ah kk thank you :)
23:50:18@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxI think Coco mostly dealt with that stuff.
23 Mar 2019
10:29:28@sunbeam-cocoron:matrix.orgCocoronNot myself, I believe @greenandblack:matrix.org maintains the list.
10:39:32@greenandblack:matrix.orggreenandblack If you're cooperatively run and/or have some form of democratic decision making, I can add you to the list
10:40:00@greenandblack:matrix.orggreenandblack If you intend to democratize but haven't yet done so, I can add you to the associate list
In reply to @sunbeam-cocoron:matrix.org
Not myself, I believe @greenandblack:matrix.org maintains the list.
I thought you were looking for instances to add to the list? You brought it up in a proposal I made.
16:43:12@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesquinnwolf: I just did a thing to the server it looks like it worked to me if you want to test it
In reply to @puffinux:matrix.org
I thought you were looking for instances to add to the list? You brought it up in a proposal I made.
@puffinux:matrix.org: No, I was just contacting admins who would like to use our Loomio. The FeDI list was spawned independently of that.
16:57:18@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinuxOh okay, that makes sense.
18:54:27@quinnwolf:matrix.orgquinnwolfgetting a bunch of "We're sorry, but something went wrong on our end." trying to access sbc masto atm
18:58:39@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesIts working on my end its just being slow
19:11:09@quinnwolf:matrix.orgquinnwolfsorry if this is unwelcome, but have you checked that from multiple ips/setups and stuff? cause the site is basically unusable for me whilst on the same connection I am able to access other masto instances and use them okay.
19:20:21@quinnwolf:matrix.orgquinnwolfand now it's just straight up We're sorry, but something went wrong on our end.
19:34:15@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesyeah its done while I fix whatever is filling up root partition again
19:35:05@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesdown*
19:35:13@quinnwolf:matrix.orgquinnwolfah, okay, some sort of verbose logging?
19:40:04@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesour server came set up really badly so we only have a 20G / and var is on it also. So everything has to be installed in /home which is on a different partition. I think one of the services has its db on /
19:45:56@quinnwolf:matrix.orgquinnwolfoh I see, that sounds less than idea, maybe we could plan for migrating it to a less convoluted structure? (offering to help, if wanted)
20:50:30@puffinux:matrix.orgPuffinux changed the room name to "Sunbeam City" from "sunbeam city".
23:23:44@greenandblack:matrix.orggreenandblackUploading pictures seems to give errors
23:23:54@greenandblack:matrix.orggreenandblackHave had error 500 and 504
23:39:40@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky PancakesI had to take a break from fixing the server I haven't had time to clear space yet
23:39:49@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesbut Im working on
24 Mar 2019
02:21:12@cosmochemistry:tchncs.de@cosmochemistry:tchncs.de joined the room.
25 Mar 2019
01:36:01@cosmochemistry:tchncs.de@cosmochemistry:tchncs.de left the room.
02:03:05@f0x:lain.hausFoks Since Loomio completely messes up links... Here's the two things I tried to link in my reply https://lamp.institute/@dankwraith/101803126790241545 https://nutt.church/@Crescensia/101806539642016289
10:24:57@wu-lee:matrix.orgwu-lee Squeaky Pancakes: I infer that SBC stores media on its own storage? Whatever, here's two things I could mention: a) social.coop store it on an S3-equivalent, digital ocean "spaces", it's fairly cheap at ~$5/month, for gigabytes. We also put our DB backups there. b) there's a Mastodon rake task which deletes old cached media, we run that regularly (it takes ages otherwise)
12:32:48@squeakypancakes:matrix.orgSqueaky Pancakesits an issue of how the server was set up. we actually have enough space its just not getting used correctly
12:37:57@f0x:lain.hausFoksyou could just move the postgres directory, then add a symlink in the old location
12:38:12@f0x:lain.hausFoks that's what I do for cyberia.social lol

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