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25 Sep 2023
@_snoonet_gonzobot:matrix.orggonzobot (ed_) Today: Clouds; High: 71F/22C; Low: 59F/15C; Humidity: 55%; Wind: 15MPH/25KPH SSW | Tomorrow: Clouds; High: 71F/22C; Low: 57F/14C; Humidity: 60%; Wind: 15MPH/23KPH SW -- Heathrow Airport (LHR), Hounslow TW6 1QG, UK 15:05:26
@_snoonet_aboftybot:matrix.orgaboftybotThere were 751 lines said on 2023-09-25.15:05:31
@_snoonet_jetjaguar:matrix.orgjetjaguarinsufficient lines for you, ed_ ?15:05:46
@_snoonet_ed_:matrix.orged_lack of weekdays15:05:55
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_MuskratI have a better chance of marrying Michelle Obama than you do becoming an oper snoopoutine 15:18:42
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_MuskratCry about it15:18:43
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_MuskratHey jetjaguar how you?15:25:32
@_snoonet_gonzobot:matrix.orggonzobot ・゜゜・。 ​ 。・゜゜\_ö<​ FL​AP FLAP! 15:32:37
@_snoonet_gonzobot:matrix.orggonzobotSBL you befriended a duck in 1.500 seconds! You have made friends with 4,382 ducks in #linuxmasterrace.15:32:41
@_snoonet_SBL:matrix.orgSBLMoni good15:32:58
@_snoonet_SBL:matrix.orgSBL Why am I in everyone's last seens 15:37:35
@_snoonet_SBL:matrix.orgSBL.fr average15:39:07
@_snoonet_gonzobot:matrix.orggonzobot (SBL) Duck friend scores across the network: d​ropkickninja: 4,272 • s​aladzzz: 3,548 • m​b44: 3,000 • f​reshguac: 2,688 • s​kas: 2,490 • m​elubcookies: 2,478 • k​uro_nya: 2,174 • s​ourboysam: 1,727 • f​rostysauce: 1,652 • d​urithill: 1,631 • s​bl: 1,543 • n​etweaver: 1,365 • d​orxz: 1,337... 15:39:09
@_snoonet_ed_:matrix.orged_Elongated_Muskrat, do you think about spooning with michelle a lot?15:48:27
@_snoonet_ed_:matrix.orged_Elongated_Muskrat: just wondered, because, when you do, are you the big or the little spoon?15:48:50
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_Muskrat ed_ no not really but she's better looking then Melania and The Biden one. 15:49:24
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_Muskrat SBL you're back 15:49:30
@_snoonet_SBL:matrix.orgSBLElongated_Muskrat: sup daddyboi15:49:45
@_snoonet_Elongated_Muskrat:matrix.orgElongated_Muskrat SBL I'm good how you? Did the cartel kidnap you? 15:51:40

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