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15 Dec 2017
06:08:12@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC)wtf
06:08:28@_snoonet_rpifan:matrix.orgrpifan (IRC) joined the room.
06:09:05@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)i did a multigb rsync from one house to another. 2Mb/s sucks
06:09:59@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)sti
06:10:36@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)still easier than lugging around drives
06:10:36@_snoonet_hailey27:matrix.orghailey27 (IRC) joined the room.
06:11:35@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC) nik282000: Was about to say I'd rather do it the sneaker way with a connection like that.
06:12:11@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)both the source and destination are on 24/7
06:12:47@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)otherwise sneakernet was my fallback
06:14:00@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)ive been ripping my dvd collection and my GF wanted to be able to watch at her place. rsync to the rescue
06:14:41@_snoonet_hailey27:matrix.orghailey27 (IRC) left the room.
06:15:10@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)did you read about the russia redirection thing?
06:15:42@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch (IRC) Self post: "[Discussion] When MS finally drops support for Windows 7, do you think Linux will see a sudden influx of users?" posted in /r/linuxmasterrace by soup_specialist. http://redd.it/7jxxi1
06:16:12@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC) Yeah, saw it but didn't read into it. Filed it under things that happened a few times already.
06:16:58@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)heh, thats what it sounded like. im curious what theu were after to do something so blatent
06:17:11@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC)Looked like a testrun.
06:17:29@_snoonet_Makefile_dot_in:matrix.orgMakefile_dot_in (IRC) joined the room.
06:17:49@_snoonet_Makefile_dot_in:matrix.orgMakefile_dot_in (IRC) left the room.
06:18:04@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)can it be prevented a secomd time or will there just be a blacklist
06:18:15@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC)oh boy
06:18:33@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC)the weebs in discord are arguing about net neutrality
06:18:36@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC)in australia :/
06:19:21@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC) nik282000: Can't really prevent that type of attack, you close one hole in the sieve, but it's still a sieve.
06:19:23@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)it will have international effects but itnwill take a while. like years
06:20:47@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC) AWindowsKrill: I've stopped having any opinion about this until the fallout starts raining down.
06:20:50@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)crystalmett: the way it sounded there would have to be human intervention to catch it
06:21:16@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC) crystalmett: Yeah but I like pissing of the one kid who's arguing
06:21:42@_snoonet_nik282000:matrix.orgnik282000 (IRC)tell him that net neutrality was a comunist plot
06:21:50@_snoonet_crystalmett:matrix.orgcrystalmett (IRC) nik282000: This has been done before and iirc it wasn't caught at all until some time after the fact.
06:22:11@_snoonet_AWindowsKrill:matrix.orgAWindowsKrill (IRC)nik282000: nah this guy is a little bitch, he stopped talking when more than one person said he was wrong

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