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20 Oct 2021
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy 70 complete 07:00:38
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet Bailey had 80 started and 4 completed on 10k when he hit 191 wpm. 07:00:50
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy maybe i just am bad at anything that isn't eng 200 07:01:09
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy cause 4 hours seems like plenty of time 07:01:16
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet A ratio of 1 to 61.3. 07:01:48
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet I think I know the answer, but what is your accuracy on your PB for 200? 07:02:13
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy 91.92% 07:02:27
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy and my eng 1k pb has an acc of 92.07 07:03:38
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet That is certainly not going to help. Look at the accuracy of every above you on that leaderboard. I bet that nobody is lower than 95% (there might have been one person on 93%) but the top people are all going to be no worse than 97.50%. 07:03:47
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy wired tho..... 07:04:05
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy ok so right above me is a 94.39 07:04:26
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet For these PBs, did you steamroll straight over the errors and keep charging onward, or did you correct them? 07:04:46
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy correct errors 07:05:06
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet If we are talking about (and I assume we are) cumulative time actually spent pressing the keys on 1k, then yes, that is enough time to get to 160 wpm for someone in the 190s on 200. You already know 1 out of every 5 words and my ight example above shows that you will also be fine with many of the words that aren't in 200. 07:07:20
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy let me check how much time i have on eng 200 07:07:48
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy just 60 second test 07:07:51
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy i have almost 9 hours 07:08:06
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy just on the 60 second test 07:08:09
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet If you can get your accuracy to 96% at worst, and then do a test on 200 and not correct any errors that you do make, you will break 200 wpm. 07:08:10
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy i can't get 96% acc tho 07:08:33
@_discord_441991873771470848:t2bot.ioCTGAP waiting on the handcam to prove it's not just stop on letter 07:08:37
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy it is currently too hard for me 07:08:38
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy you got a handcam 07:08:47
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy https://tenor.com/view/troll-pilled-gif-19289988 07:08:51
@_discord_441991873771470848:t2bot.ioCTGAP bruh 07:08:53
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet But correcting all your errors when your accuracy is 91% is going to slow you down MASSIVELY. 07:09:04
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet * But correcting all your errors when your accuracy is 91% is going to slow you down MASSIVELY. 07:09:21
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy be grateful child 07:09:47
@_discord_437486974173970453:t2bot.iogary_internet Yes you can. You can get 99% accuracy right now if you go slow enough. But your ego won't let you go slowly in the short term (the next couple of months) because you like knowing that you're a "fast typist". 07:11:02
@_discord_603104594465259520:t2bot.iokathy sorry, i was going to add to that "without losing too much speed" but COLBY BUTTED IN and i forgot, also i feel like going at a faster pace rather than a slower pace will be more beneficial to my acc but idk if it is actually detrimental, also "fast typist" 🤔 🤔 07:13:23

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