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27 Sep 2022
In reply to @chrispsn:matrix.org
there's a callback to when Conor asked in this room about the state of the k ecosystem
@eris:the-apothecary.cluberisi remember someone asking11:48:28

Is there like a "State of K" article? I have read:

  • https://k.miraheze.org/wiki/History
  • https://aplwiki.com/wiki/K
    I kind of want to understands how K folks feel about K3 vs K4 vs K7 vs K9? What do most k-users choose to write in when do hobby stuff? What is the most popular one, etc

^ here, from code_report#8896

@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsntbh if someone asked me why i like k, "i like where and dicts" is like 80% of the answer12:15:22
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsnthat and the constant struggle to do more with less, and finding there's always room to improve, it's just that it hasn't been thought of yet12:16:14
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsnback to the summary: some discussion/speculation of why k is fast12:23:41
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsnthe importance of being bundled with a DB to its success12:25:45

2 valence and projections making k special in the apl world

@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsn * more than 2 valence and projections making k special in the apl world12:27:54
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsn mentions b (may be worth putting bcc in the shownotes) 12:31:54
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsn and for APL?, ktye's zoo has it as an option 12:32:53
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsn * and for "APL?", ktye's zoo has it as an option 12:33:01
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsn * and for "APL?\", ktye's zoo has it as an option 12:33:07
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsnand that's a wrap12:37:13
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 I guess something that trips me up a lot is the lack (and questionable nature of) publicly available information on K/Q/Kx/etc. 13:09:36
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 my analogy is that it's like going to a corporate headquarters and asking people standing around outside what the company does 13:10:02
@ngn:matrix.orgngnfor me the major problem is the lack of a free implementation. in other respects k is superior to other array langs.14:00:02
@ngn:matrix.orgngni think documentation is not so important. the primary concern should be to get the design right. if it picks up users and (more importantly) commercial users, someone will eventually document it. look at shakti - there are even several competing documentation sets.14:03:00
@ngn:matrix.orgngn ColTim#5847: don't you think q's docs are ok? 14:08:32
@ngn:matrix.orgngnwell mostly..14:09:05
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 I'm referring more to things around the language 14:09:13
28 Sep 2022
@ngn:matrix.orgngndoes anyone have or can anyone think of an arrayful solution to https://adventofcode.com/2018/day/1 part2?13:43:14
@ngn:matrix.orgngn summary: least n such that +\n#inputs has a duplicate 13:44:53
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 would BQN's "progressive index of" do most of the heavy lifting? 13:56:15
@ngn:matrix.orgngn ColTim#5847: is that about the aoc problem or something unrelated? 13:57:48
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 the AoC one 13:58:12
@ngn:matrix.orgngnok. what is "progressive index of"?13:58:35
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 https://mlochbaum.github.io/BQN/doc/search.html 14:01:08
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.ioColTim#5847 it's like x?y find except that duplicates map to other instances in the array being looked up from 14:01:51
@ngn:matrix.orgngn ColTim#5847: how does that help? 14:15:38

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