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2 Oct 2023
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug * That last digit effectively is just a place holder to let you know you want three digits. 23:52:27
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 i suppose if the limit is 99 hours then 100 would work or something? 23:52:41
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug But I would think of it as (24 hours) (60 minutes) (60 seconds). 23:52:50
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 hm yeah but then if it was like 75 hours for the duration 23:52:58
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 it would break int o days 23:53:00
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 * it would break into days 23:53:03
 100 60 60\359999
99 59 59
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 i think this isn't times of day 23:53:20
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug You can use 0, to have the left over... 23:53:24
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 just represntation of durations 23:53:26
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 oh that makes sense 23:53:29
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 thanks! 23:53:34
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug No worries. 23:53:50
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug Sorry. I didn't grok that you were going up to 99 hours... 23:56:34
3 Oct 2023
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 np np 00:01:33
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 in that case yeah the remainder makes sense, 0 00:01:36
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.iocoltim I never quite understood why the encode/decode doesn't work for pennies/nickels/dimes/quarters 00:07:59
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.iocoltim something about a quarter not being an integer multiple of the dime or something 00:08:16
@_discord_209725348768776192:t2bot.iogluttonousporcupine hmmm you can't use fractional values? 00:16:33
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug The place values of a base a b c d number are 1_|*\1,|a b c d. 00:20:09
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug I learned this neat trick from Kamila : {x/x}1 0 1 0 1 1 1 counts the number of trailing ones. (More impressive as just two glyphs in APL) 00:23:12
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug (Here a b c d is meant to represent a list of integers and not successive application.) 00:25:04
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.iocoltim (I was thinking of this code golf: https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/70847/this-challenge-makes-cents) 00:26:27
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.iocoltim * (I was thinking of this code golf: https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/70847/this-challenge-makes-cents) 00:26:59
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 i had the same exact thought a while ago 02:38:32
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 what's the non-golfed way to do this 02:39:05
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioshad.ow#0 +/&\|: ? 02:39:09
@_discord_166910808305958914:t2bot.iorazetime#0 yeah that seems correct 02:55:57
@hermetian:matrix.orghermetian [WIP] Factored out the references to characters and can now add larger numbers. 07:11:05
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.iodiscodoug FWIW, relative to seconds this is absolutely right, but the encode base is simply 24 60 60. Just like we call it the hundreds place even though the encode base is 10 10 10. 07:33:00

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