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3 May 2019
15:27:12@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
15:46:34@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerland changed their display name from johanna_switzerland to Johanna_Switzerland.
15:46:52@johanna_switzerland:matrix.orgJohanna_Switzerland set a profile picture.
21 Jul 2019
11:03:20@..zik_:matrix.orgzik joined the room.
26 Jul 2019
23:07:11@..zik_:matrix.orgzik left the room.
1 Aug 2019
08:58:56@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid changed their display name from psydroid to psydrоid.
17:05:29@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid changed their display name from psydrоid to psydroid.
7 Aug 2019
06:42:08@stgtfw:matrix.orgstgtfw joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
14:19:57@tytsadesme8:matrix.orgtytsadesme8 joined the room.
14:20:05@tytsadesme8:matrix.orgtytsadesme8 left the room.
18 Sep 2019
16:28:55@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok joined the room.
16:30:03@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-okДобрий вечір.
20 Sep 2019
24 Nov 2019
15:45:02@..zik_.:matrix.orgzik joined the room.
28 Nov 2019
21:17:15@..zik_.:matrix.orgzik left the room.
14 Dec 2019
11:38:46@pisar:matrix.orgpisar joined the room.
15 Dec 2019
10:26:45@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from chick-chirik to sin-ok.
17:15:37@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from sin-ok to pisar.
17:25:59@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from pisar to sin-ok.
31 Dec 2019
15:28:48@pisar:matrix.orgpisar set a profile picture.
3 Jan 2020
07:40:13@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from sin-ok to Святой Януарий.
18:55:55@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from Святой Януарий to Святий Януарій.
5 Jan 2020
06:06:57@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from Святий Януарій to sin-ok.
7 Jan 2020
18:58:38@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from sin-ok to Shovel Knight.
11 Jan 2020
16:10:54@sin-ok:matrix.orgsin-ok changed their display name from Shovel Knight to sin-ok.
22 Jan 2020
09:42:50@bruno_moutier_belgium:matrix.orgbruno_moutier_belgium joined the room.
23 Jan 2020
21:19:29@sigmaister:matrix.orgsigmaister joined the room.
20 Mar 2020
01:10:59@pisar:matrix.orgpisar changed their profile picture.
18 May 2020
19:17:32@elis123:matrix.orgelis123 joined the room.
24 May 2020
22:12:43@elis123:matrix.orgelis123 set a profile picture.

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