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30 Dec 2022
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their display name from Sarah Hansen to Friction.03:28:29
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@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their display name from Friction to Flip.03:36:46
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their display name from Flip to Sarah Axel Hansen.03:44:20
5 Jan 2023
@prathtest:matrix.orgPrathamesh Bhosale joined the room.10:20:36
10 Jan 2023
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their display name from Sarah Axel Hansen to Axel Torvalds.02:00:06
18 Jan 2023
@chepyrka:nitro.chat@chepyrka:nitro.chat removed their profile picture.20:47:32
@chepyrka:nitro.chat@chepyrka:nitro.chat removed their display name chepyrka.20:47:43
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19 Jan 2023
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28 Jan 2023
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15 Feb 2023
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21 Mar 2023
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their profile picture.01:55:23
@axeltorvalds:matrix.orgPhpinjected changed their display name from Axel Torvalds to Phpinjected.01:56:04
28 Mar 2023
@regina_hallad:matrix.org@regina_hallad:matrix.org left the room.14:45:45
11 Apr 2023
@evie_kurt001:matrix.orgevie_kurt001 joined the room.21:40:39
22 Apr 2023
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23 Apr 2023
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29 Apr 2023
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2 May 2023
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4 May 2023
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5 May 2023
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6 May 2023
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7 May 2023
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10 May 2023
@oshibobo697:matrix.orgKadar joined the room.00:39:10
11 May 2023
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20 May 2023
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