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26 Aug 2019
19:22:52@telegram_8551001:tchncs.deJulian (Telegram)Freebsd on crypted zfs. Crypto keys are removed at runtime
19:23:07@telegram_8551001:tchncs.deJulian (Telegram)Can be re-installed
19:23:38@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460Huh, that sounds good.
19:24:11@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460Just googled that tbh, but ty
19:26:59@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460Since FreeBSD on crypted ZFS is basically what I prefer to use for a desktop machine...
19:28:49@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460FWIW this tapedeck I recorded all camp tapes with, the TC-K770ES, if anyone of you has one, you now know a 2nd person who has one.
19:29:01@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460I love this tapedeck.
19:30:28@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460Basically, as long as I have hardware that's supported (and I don't need the actual hardware I have in place for anything that does NOT do properly under FreeBSD), chances are very high I would choose FreeBSD over anything other for a desktop machine.
19:30:58@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460It's just the most beer-compatible OS to me.
2 Sep 2019
05:55:50@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrights changed their profile picture.
11 Sep 2019
05:12:24@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot joined the room.
08:46:14@telegram_950461682:tchncs.de贾智暖 (Telegram) joined the room.
18:36:37@telegram_889069825:tchncs.deRon Cook(e) (Telegram) joined the room.
12 Sep 2019
05:08:01@telegram_902858947:tchncs.de郭淮婷 (Telegram) joined the room.
05:08:03@telegram_902858947:tchncs.de郭淮婷 (Telegram) changed their display name from telegram_902858947 to 郭淮婷 (Telegram).
15 Sep 2019
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16 Sep 2019
05:46:03@telegram_417393496:tchncs.deShawn Webb (Telegram) status update on our infrastructure: https://groups.google.com/a/hardenedbsd.org/d/msg/users/ASqk28NqJ1k/kfGK3mztAAAJ
17 Sep 2019
07:49:36@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460What Stallman just wanted to point out is that it's pretty insane to go to jail just because you didn't wait the 3 days until her 18th birthday I guess?
07:49:55@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460 changed their profile picture.
07:57:42@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelanitelegram_177479460: hi no political or fsf discussion would be great :)
11:45:18@interpretierer:matrix.orgE1HCJaypatelani: +1
11:46:47@interpretierer:matrix.orgE1HCShawn Webb (Telegram): excellent job ... As on 13-CURRENT, HardenedBSD users will be able to choose at runtime which implementation to use: FreeBSD's ASR or HardenedBSD's ASLR. The default will be HardenedBSD's ASLR.
19 Sep 2019
21:13:20@telegram_891473611:tchncs.deHouse (Telegram) joined the room.
21:34:53@telegram_918593307:tchncs.de匡楚涯 (Telegram) joined the room.
20 Sep 2019
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21 Sep 2019
02:09:53@telegram_891473611:tchncs.deHouse (Telegram)image.jpg
02:09:53@telegram_891473611:tchncs.deHouse (Telegram) Forwarded message from 飞翔 梦 (Telegram)
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08:18:44@telegram_177479460:tchncs.detelegram_177479460Also the post shown on top says it's from 2015

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