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2 Apr 2020
13:45:16@telegram_698921630:tchncs.de#HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram)
In reply to @magomeddd:matrix.org

magomeddd: Is not that simple, to support nvidia drivers nvidia would have to release documentation so it can be supproted th only reason freebsd supports it is not actually because freebsd did the work of reverse engeneering it but because they use the closed binaries from nvidia. And that is exactly my point a security focused person will not want a closed piece of software in their machine because they dont know wether they can trust it. So they abdicate having a fancy GPU and just use a alernative that has been opened already,

But I do want a fancy GPU because I need a fancy GPU, and I will continue using daily drivers with support. This is why people don't use security minded distros as daily drivers, they get comfortable and lose OPSEC.

So HardenedBSD needs to get Nouveau (NVidia’s libre drivers) working with simply running xconfig, most of the Linux distro have got this working, why not for HBSD?
13:45:59@magomeddd:matrix.orgmagomedddI don't know.
13:46:59@flacodmtea:matrix.orgflacodmtea magomeddd: huh
13:54:29@telegram_698921630:tchncs.de#HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram)
In reply to @magomeddd:matrix.org
sent an image
Well, that’s why I need to work for everything desktop on HBSD, in fact HBSD needs my project for their project
Fully set up securities in HBSD is speedy, then getting desktop stuff set up needs to speed up too
A certain distro with cutting edged and speedy securities but also with easy desktop setups would always be attracted to political activists
HBSD would also start an F-droid subproject too, even though custom ROM’s always welcome
13:55:48@magomeddd:matrix.orgmagomedddInteresting, F-droid subproject.
13:59:46@telegram_177651338:tchncs.deTommi P (Telegram)Nouveau was dropped from FreeBSD many years (like 5?) ago for being not stable enough
14:00:27@telegram_177651338:tchncs.deTommi P (Telegram)If you get it working and maintaining the port your contribution would be more than welcomed
14:01:44@telegram_177651338:tchncs.deTommi P (Telegram) maintanance was stopped in 2009


and port removed in 2014
14:02:09@telegram_698921630:tchncs.de#HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram)
In reply to @magomeddd:matrix.org
Interesting, F-droid subproject.
The @GhostBSD founder, @EricBSD, which he ditches Android for iOS, but his reasons are that ridiculous, just for ‘‘uncomfortable’’ with Linux
On the other hand, the HBSD master, @lattera, which he is correct on using Linux with fake Google monsters
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3 Apr 2020
13:01:15@telegram_698921630:tchncs.de#HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram)image.jpeg
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@HardenedBSD sourcing for syncing to CURRENT😁
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4 Apr 2020
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5 Apr 2020
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7 Apr 2020
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8 Apr 2020
09:35:44@telegram_698921630:tchncs.de#HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram) Forwarded message from #HDスカニアです 🇯🇵✝ (Telegram)
Does sudo hbsd-update -Bvos still run buildworld but just not run installworld?🧐🤔
The following options are supported:
-B Do not update world (base.txz).
-s If src.txz exists in the update archive, extract src.txz into
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9 Apr 2020
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10 Apr 2020
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@_neb_rssbot_=40_jaypatelani=3amatrix.org:matrix.org: New discussions in UnitedBSD:
[HBSD] Should mergemaster really be automated as for installing the worlds?
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