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25 Jul 2018
03:29:42@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304Kinda like crowd funding irl :P I'm curious to see what kind of traction we could get from having a success at Bow st., but yeah I feel like more or less crowd funding in some fashion is the way to go. Either people funding their own install and then some or collecting voluntary monthly donations to expand the network
03:59:18@padpad:matrix.orgPeter Exactly like crowdfunding. Even better — once we have specific buildings in mind, we go to the people first. But we don’t even ask for donations. We ask for a commitment of $1, and if we raise enough money for the hardware and go to the owner with a list of 100 people around them that committed to paying for a node and the building owner is on board — then we collect the funds
04:00:42@padpad:matrix.orgPeter so when I knock on doors and talk to them about this, they don’t have to pay anything unless we get enough signatures/commitments + building owner is on board. We just have a list of names of people in the community that we present to the building owner
04:05:43@padpad:matrix.orgPeter But yeah - this is kind of post Bow St. thinking. For any hardware relating for that location I’d be more than happy to help chip in for the cost of it so William doesn’t have to buy it all
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26 Jul 2018
16:42:36@padpad:matrix.orgPeter have a bit of an add question
16:42:54@padpad:matrix.orgPeter does anyone know what it means to be an “Official Sponsor”
16:44:32@padpad:matrix.orgPeterit says online an Official Sponsor has to make certain part of funds raised (20-25%). Do you know if we have taken any external money at all in Mass Mesh?
16:46:10@igel:matrix.orgigel ping: Stephen304: tomwaits
16:46:43@padpad:matrix.orgPeter I am asking because I have been talking to Karl Floersch of Ethereum. He’s one of the core developers and is leading the Casper project they are implementing. And in our community, Vitalik Buterin is also a part of the group. (it’s an Ethereum cryptoeconomics study where we are doing an open source book). And Karl and Vitalik have been talking about mesh networks for years
16:48:06@padpad:matrix.orgPeterAnd I’ve already talked to Karl. And I was wondering if they like our project and donate $1 to my Ethereum address —- that would be 100% of funds we’ve raised. And I was wondering if that would allow us to call Ethereum an official sponsor of Mass Mesh
16:48:49@padpad:matrix.orgPeter and over the blockchain the $1 donation sent by them would be cryptographic evidence of the donation
16:50:02@padpad:matrix.orgPeter I’ve already showed Karl (Karl Floersch) the site and told him about the project and he loves it. I’m afraid to ask about grants though lol
16:52:37@padpad:matrix.orgPeter also I know we aren’t implementing Blockchains or anything. But just saying we have the support from a group like that could help us out I think
17:18:19@padpad:matrix.orgPeter That idea is kind of out there. Probably won’t happen but I’ll give it a shot if u guys want me to. I’m also going to be reaching out to these guys
31 Jul 2018
10:37:53@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeNYCMesh relies on people purchasing their own nodes, though for key links they probably pay for those nodes
10:38:19@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeFreifunk too
1 Aug 2018
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2 Aug 2018
19:51:11@igel:matrix.orgigel Peter: re: bow market way -- looks like we can prepare a quote of some sort, detailing out hardware/plan and/or maintenence involved behalf of massmesh
3 Aug 2018
01:53:20@igel:matrix.orgigelRedacted or Malformed Event
01:54:44@igel:matrix.orgigelline of sight to backhaul
24 Aug 2018
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14 Nov 2018
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10 Dec 2018
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