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18 May 2020
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19 May 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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11 Jul 2020
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25 Aug 2020
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23 Dec 2020
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeShould we put the donation link (https://opencollective.com/mass-mesh) on the website?01:50:20
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerThat sounds smart, ya... I think it's on there now but obviously not prominently enough :P 03:04:54
10 Jan 2021
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker jokeefe: Did you get some usable video from the install on Friday? 21:33:28
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefe I did lurker 22:04:11
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeThough I haven't looked at it yet22:04:27
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerVery cool! Let me know if you end up setting up a shared Youtube channel. I think it would be a good idea to do that since there is no group channels functionality in Peertube as of yet... https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues/69922:53:02
17 Jan 2021
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28 Feb 2021
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefe I gave Peter the videos I took of the SPL install. He offered to edit them. 21:40:27
20 Mar 2021
@cure:matrix.orgcurelibreplanet today/tomorrow => see https://libreplanet.org/2021/ (registration free)14:46:38
@cure:matrix.orgcure(and fully online, obviously)14:46:46
@cure:matrix.orgcureoh, even a mesh talk about Turkey15:59:15
@cure:matrix.orgcurehmm, maybe we should talk to these guys16:04:47
@cure:matrix.orgcurehttps://oyd.org.tr/freifunkistanbul.mp4 (music is a bit loud)16:18:00
@cure:matrix.orgcurehttps://oyd.org.tr/LP2021.pdf is their slide deck16:52:38
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeUpdate on SPL popup wifi net we setup. They had to move the location due to construction nearby and so connectivity became spotty. I went by yesterday and realigned the antenna so it better pointed at the building wifi point inside the children's room. Unfortunately, there is a thick brick wall in direct line of sight to the wifi point, so the antenna is pointed more at the closest window.  Download speed improved from 22mb to 30mb so hopefully better aligning the wifi improved things.  I have to go by with better zip ties so the antenna is more secure.17:18:10
@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeIf connectivity is still spotty, I will move the antenna to a different place that has direct line of sight to the interior wifi point.  It looks like there is enough rolled up ethernet cable to do that.17:18:18
@cure:matrix.orgcureoh, yeah!18:05:26
@cure:matrix.orgcure thanks jokeefe 18:05:33
20 Apr 2021
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