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24 Jan 2019
20:21:27@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o set a profile picture.
25 Jan 2019
03:54:48@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oOur notes from this Tuesday: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/MeshNet_22-JAN-2019
03:58:30@igel:matrix.orgigeladded a few more things, looking back, Chris did have a point re: future, applying for grants and if attained, what we would work full time on in return
03:59:21@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oyep, I agree.. thanks for adding on :)
11 Feb 2019
19:35:23@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o Yo... apparently Ujima Boston is trying to host 4 workshops with an eye toward backing a community internet ownership project in Roxbury/JP next month. I think we should seriously consider participating in these.. Stephen304 igel Peter BostonEnginerd anyone else in Boston, what do your Wednesday nights look like?
21:52:06@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304Not sure what the investment thing is but that sounds great, we should totally attend
12 Feb 2019
15:37:53@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oI'll explain more about Ujima tonight, but there's also a 5 min video here that basically explains their goals/plans https://youtu.be/jcN5kZllqEY
15:38:35@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oCommunity owned internet is their #2 priority next to establishing community land trusts
19:18:07@padpad:matrix.orgPeterIm down, should be there tonight barring my car makes the snowy trek
13 Feb 2019
00:42:50@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oGrab the pitch deck and add on here: https://box.bip44.email/cloud/index.php/s/7r3G223Dqr9edZz
00:47:43@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oAnd some bullet points about... us https://box.bip44.email/cloud/index.php/s/gNAcwtR8DW6cNx8
05:21:18@padpad:matrix.orgPeter thanks
13:13:45@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o Peter: if you want to share notes as we go.. https://pad.riseup.net/p/MassMeshUjimaPrep
21:01:56@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o I am drafting an email to Ujima right now, and will be committing to dates. Stephen304 igel Peter , I know we don't want to do 4 workshops. Would it be alright with you all if I commit to 2? I think we will need them both. One to explain what a mesh net is and why they would want to implement one, and another to hash out some of the specifics of getting it set up Re: cost, installation work, rooftops, fiber connection, etc. Honestly, I think we could fill up 4 workshops completely, but idk how everyone feels about giving up that many wednesday nights. thoughts?
21:12:47@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304I could do that, though I would like to really specifically outline what we want to discuss / find out so we can have a well documented event that can serve as a resource going forward
21:15:56@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oI agree. We can keep working on that, I think our agenda will come together fairly quickly now that the ball is rolling. Same with the presentation explaining what a mesh is/ why you would want it, etc.
21:16:15@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42othe nice thing about having something ready-made is that we'd be ready for this next time lol
21:18:36@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o6th and 13th work for everyone?
22:21:58@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304That works
22:22:12@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42okk cool!
14 Feb 2019
05:13:13@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42ofound a game for explaining mesh networks here: https://github.com/dcwalk/performingmesh
05:13:19@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42ocould be fun
19:45:23@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42odoes anyone have pics from the Hemp Fest setup?
19:46:14@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeYes. They should be in the images attached to this chat. Just scroll back
17 Feb 2019
21:43:26@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oCheck the updated slides here if you have an interest: https://box.bip44.email/cloud/index.php/s/zDDoxpQfGGM5NJL
21:44:43@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42o Right now, I'm just getting a lot of info onto these slides. Will pare down to something more appropriate for a presentation tonight. I think we ought to have a couple of different resources anyway 🤓
22:26:30@padpad:matrix.orgPeter Thanks James! Going to take a look hopefully later tonight. If not tomorrow

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