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24 Oct 2017
18:48:11@riot-bot:matrix.org@riot-bot:matrix.orgm.video Event
18:48:13@haiku:t2bot.ioHaiku BotLet's start with a quick video that shows you how to start a 1:1 chat
18:48:17@riot-bot:matrix.org@riot-bot:matrix.orgWould you like another tip?
18:48:19@riot-bot:matrix.org@riot-bot:matrix.org left the room.
18:48:38@TheGreatNi:matrix.orgTheGreatNi!alarm 61m more ripple
18:53:39@TheGreatNi:matrix.orgTheGreatNi!help alarm
18:53:39@ivarbot:hveem.noivar alarm patterns: [>!]alarm (.*), [>!]timer (.*)
18:53:55@mijris:chat.weho.stmijrisalarm patterns: !alarm (.*), !timer (.*)
18:53:48@TheGreatNi:matrix.orgTheGreatNi!alarm clear
18:53:49@ivarbot:hveem.noivarTheGreatNi: Example: !alarm 5m drink a glass of water
18:53:57@mijris:chat.weho.stmijrisTheGreatNi: Example: !alarm 5m drink a glass of water
25 Oct 2017
5 Nov 2017
22:52:37@JigmeDatse:openpsychology.netJigmeDatse (OPP) joined the room.
3 Dec 2017
21:11:51@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm joined the room.
21:13:32@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm!g test
21:13:58@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm left the room.
21:19:19@mijris:chat.weho.stmijrisModules: wikipedia urbandict google note trigger exchange complete lua redditjoke substitute translate tls wordnik stats rottentomatoes excuse youtube dict karma gay giphy 8ball insult when weatherunderground roll alias twitter title rss textutils thanks motivate chopra goodreads ping btc duckduckgo emoji gcalc imdb wolframalpha admin alarm anagram netutils list
21:16:08@ivarbot:hveem.noivarModules: wikipedia thank-you dokpro markov ipa complete mannen dota lua redditjoke changelog translate tls when title unicode streamtitle scale karma rroulette tvmaze roll alias spotify textutils amatyr twitter btc svada clue urbandict list twitch utf8 omdb navnedag tollpost explosm-rcg more logger fortune googleapi goodreads substitute airs lastfm illness stats benis insult netutils casino charstat shipment bobross charset dict choose ircsnap weatherunderground gay rss 8ball giphy alot aunesand note msbot location yr ermahgerd betayr alarm motivate sylfest emoji ping thanks k cubesensors gcalc chopra wolframalpha admin excuse anagram datemisc exchange
31 Jan 2018
19:07:27@alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot changed their profile picture.
3 Dec 2017
21:16:09@ivarbot:hveem.noivar [1] Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test http://www.speedtest.net/
23 Mar 2018
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5 Feb 2019
05:36:17@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, @bookworm:retobrunner.ch. You were last active a year ago.
05:36:17@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, @bookworm:retobrunner.ch. You were last active a year ago.
30 Apr 2019
17:46:17@JigmeDatse:openpsychology.netJigmeDatse (OPP) changed their profile picture.
25 Aug 2019
07:28:32@bantacofca4:matrix.org@bantacofca4:matrix.org joined the room.
07:28:45@bantacofca4:matrix.org@bantacofca4:matrix.org left the room.
13 Sep 2019
20:11:19@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
04:08:32@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im left the room.

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