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2 Apr 2020
09:26:51@jeelimm:matrix.orgjeelim l A-team rhuairahrighairidh: so we can join the network anytime after the launch?
14:25:54@shuaiyuan:matrix.orgshuaiyuanIs there any explorer of kava-testnet-5000?
15:25:42@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidh jeelim l A-team yes
15:28:05@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidh shuaiyuan not yet, but we're working on it
3 Apr 2020
01:53:18@shuaiyuan:matrix.orgshuaiyuan rhuairahrighairidh: Thanks.
10:24:16@alexdcrypto:matrix.orgalexdcryptoRedacted or Malformed Event
6 Apr 2020
08:13:36@pi-int:matrix.orgpi-int joined the room.
08:15:00@pi-int:matrix.orgpi-intHi!! I'm having some issues installing Kava. Anybody can help?
7 Apr 2020
08:17:25@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebody | Polkawallet & Acala changed their display name from 0xthreebody | Polkawallet to 0xthreebody | Polkawallet & Acala.
In reply to @pi-int:matrix.org
Hi!! I'm having some issues installing Kava. Anybody can help?
This guide is very essential https://medium.com/kava-labs/validating-kava-mainnet-72fa1b6ea579
8 Apr 2020
14:26:08@amir59:matrix.orgamir59 joined the room.
9 Apr 2020
08:17:47@sun_shine:matrix.orgsun_shineIs there a way to get the node id from config file instead of a 'kvd tendermint show-node-id' ?
13:02:50@novy4:matrix.orgnovy4Guys,any news about update of the binaries?
13:03:49@novy4:matrix.orgnovy4In terms of a critical vulnerability of the all cosmos networks
In reply to @novy4:matrix.org
In terms of a critical vulnerability of the all cosmos networks
In context*
16:10:49@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleaUpdate ok 0.3.5
16:11:04@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea
name: kava
server_name: kvd
client_name: kvcli
version: 0.3.5
commit: 19c4edc1d977fd8a830426683fe27c853dbe9f72
build_tags: netgo,ledger
go: go version go1.13 linux/amd64

16:11:19@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleaoke
16:12:40@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea
cd kava && git pull && git checkout v0.3.5 && make install

stop, and start

16:12:54@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | meleao/

Please update your mainnet validator nodes to v0.3.5.
A new version of kava has been released to account for the recent cosmos security advisory "lavender". The new version is backwards compatible with the current version.

Example update steps:

  • fetch the latest update
    • (change into your kava folder, ie cd ~/kava)
    • git fetch --all --tags
    • git checkout v0.3.5
  • stop your validator
    • sudo systemctl stop kvd
  • install the update
    • make install
  • start your validator again
    • sudo systemctl start kvd
19:29:07@jaygaga:matrix.orgjaygagaupdated to v0.3.5 successfully
19:54:41@tb272:matrix.orgtb272 joined the room.
10 Apr 2020
07:02:34@wlsaud619:matrix.orgJ | ATEAMATEAM also completed the upgrade.
07:51:58@chainode:matrix.org@chainode:matrix.orgChainodeTech updated successfully to 0.3.5
08:49:29@m4dbi7:matrix.orgkrisnodes upgraded here.
08:54:38@mr.k.:matrix.orgmr.kUpdated +1
08:56:51@mr.k.:matrix.orgmr.khttps://github.com/Kava-Labs/kava/blob/master/docs/REWARDS.md When can we get a reward for "Founder PLUS"?
09:08:47@novy4:matrix.orgnovy4 good point, mr.k it's almost 6 months from mainnet launch
09:09:50@novy4:matrix.orgnovy4 Kevin | Kava: any comments?

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