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8 Jan 2020
20:13:22@mohakagr:matrix.orgMohak | wolfedge.capital changed their display name from mohakagr to Mohak | wolfedge.capital.
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9 Jan 2020
02:36:19@bitbitbitcool:matrix.orgJK | stakefish changed their display name from JK | stake.fish | bitfish to JK | stakefish.
10 Jan 2020
10:01:43@cryptojoon:matrix.orgcryptojoon joined the room.
12 Jan 2020
00:15:40@harry:hackerspaces.beharry joined the room.
13 Jan 2020
11:39:45@mahlix07:matrix.orgmahlix07 set a profile picture.
18 Jan 2020
01:21:08@csmith_75:matrix.orgcsmith_75 joined the room.
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20 Jan 2020
09:01:54@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINE joined the room.
09:04:32@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINEIs it too late to start as as validator and earn those founder badges?
In reply to @codengine:matrix.org
Is it too late to start as as validator and earn those founder badges?
Long long gone
09:14:14@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINEOkay thanks, I had kvd running last night in docker, and it was downloading the blockchain fine (chain kava-2), came back to it this morning and the process was dead with just this in the logs, any idea what's wrong? starting ABCI with Tendermint failed to load Store: wanted to load target 38064 but only found up to 0
09:16:26@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINERedacted or Malformed Event
09:16:40@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINE *

I have .kvd mapped to the host storage

Also do I have to run:
kvd init --chain-id kava-2 <Moniker> every time it starts? seems to me like it should only run one to initialize then only kvd start after that to start the node?

20:42:33@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINEthis also happened when I moved the config and data to another node, it's like db get's corrupted, how do I recover it?
21:01:39@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINEAlso is this the latest testnet for us to test setting up a mainnet node on? https://github.com/Kava-Labs/kava-testnets/tree/master/3000
21 Jan 2020
01:15:51@leopoldjoy:matrix.orgLeopold Joy | Stake CapitalWe're seeing some intermittent missed blocks. The percentage of missed blocks will increase as high as 20-40%, however after a restart of the kvd process it goes back to 100%. Anyone else have experience with this?
13:23:26@codengine:matrix.orgCODENGINE changed their display name from codengine to CODENGINE.
19:10:00@jaygaga:matrix.orgjaygaga@CODENGINE i dont think testnet 3 is functional, we await testnet 4
19:10:23@jaygaga:matrix.orgjaygaga * @codengine i dot thik testnet 3 is functional, we await testnet 4
19:11:36@jaygaga:matrix.orgjaygaga * @CODENGINE i dont think testnet 3 is functional, we await testnet 4
19:12:03@jaygaga:matrix.orgjaygaga CODENGINE:
In reply to @jaygaga:matrix.org
@CODENGINE i dont think testnet 3 is functional, we await testnet 4
23 Jan 2020
17:20:08@mariposa1000:matrix.orgshaiIs there some public node with the rpc api exposed to allow querying the network?
17:43:04@derfredy:matrix.orgDerFredy | DragonStake Try this one:
24 Jan 2020
16:56:29@anaconda1988:matrix.organaconda1988 joined the room.
16:56:44@anaconda1988:matrix.organaconda1988i'm interested in KAVA
16:57:16@anaconda1988:matrix.organaconda1988if i have another digital asset can i leverage that on KAVA?
16:57:30@anaconda1988:matrix.organaconda1988can someone explain kava to me like i'm 5?

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