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8 Oct 2018
14:48:50@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidh .kvd stores the blockchain data so deleting will require syncing the blockchain again. I fixed the url for the block height.
14:51:43@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidhFor the testnets, each version is a new blockchain. So syncing an old testnet doesn't carry over to a new one.
9 Oct 2018
05:14:07@toks:matrix.orgtoksI had already tried that. Still doesn't work. Ciphertext decryption failed
05:14:25@toks:matrix.orgtoksIm going to try and create a new user.
05:14:35@toks:matrix.orgtoks(linux user..)
05:14:57@toks:matrix.orgtoksotherwise - I'm definitely typing the correct key, I've made 5 accounts so far
05:22:32@toks:matrix.orgtoksRedacted or Malformed Event
05:22:36@toks:matrix.orgtoksRedacted or Malformed Event
06:09:32@toks:matrix.orgtoksRedacted or Malformed Event
06:43:53@toks:matrix.orgtoksIt worked after I did a fresh install of a linux instance. Not sure where else the keystore is being refrerenced otherwise. I had delete .kvd and .kvcli folders in their entirety
06:44:01@toks:matrix.orgtokshopefully wont have the same issue on the next update
06:44:06@toks:matrix.orgtoksCommitted at block 87165 (tx hash: 7539E22955C4DAFB5291243446A60D477235E986)
21:10:28@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidhOk, glad it worked eventually. The issue didn’t come up in our internal testing. Could you tell me more about the OS and go version you’re using, I’ll look into it.
10 Oct 2018
02:53:26@toks:matrix.orgtoksUbuntu 18.04 && go1.10.3.linux-amd6
17 Oct 2018
00:23:42@mattharrop:matrix.orgMatt Harrop / figment.network joined the room.
16:19:08@mattharrop:matrix.orgMatt Harrop / figment.networkHi guys. Just wanted to introduce myself. figment has joined the testnet and started to validate with the moniker <figment>.
17:11:01@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidhHey Matt, glad to have you on board
19 Oct 2018
20:37:54@nuevax:matrix.orgnuevax joined the room.
7 Nov 2018
18:28:22@ansonlau:matrix.organsonlau joined the room.
27 Nov 2018
03:08:58@toks:matrix.orgtokshey guys how is the testnet going?
03:09:00@toks:matrix.orgtoksnot seeing much activity
28 Nov 2018
00:35:51@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidh Hey @toks,
You are right that there hasn’t been much in terms of development for the blockchain in the past few weeks as we’ve prioritized some areas of development on ILP integrations. We made a strategic choice to dedicate our engineering resources on building out areas of ILP, including the Switch API that will function as the first interface for Interledger. Our blockchain is designed to exist in the ILP ecosystem, so we believe its prudent to put our resources on building out the ecosystem for the time being, but we will be back to developing the blockchain soon. We have an announcement with Cosmos in the pipeline that will help us promote the blockchain to Cosmos validators.
17 Dec 2018
08:01:09@patchkez:matrix.orgpatchkez joined the room.
21 Jan 2019
08:36:26@jeelimm:matrix.orgjeelim l A-team joined the room.
23 Jan 2019
08:42:16@nyle_oz:matrix.orgnyle_ozanyone here?
25 Jan 2019
23:04:38@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidhyep we're still here
1 Feb 2019
03:01:40@jeelimm:matrix.orgjeelim l A-team changed their display name from jeelim_ateam to jeelim l A-team.
19 Feb 2019
09:13:40@nyle_oz:matrix.orgnyle_ozhello there, any updates for the validators/investors?
20 Feb 2019
02:28:43@rhuairahrighairidh:matrix.orgrhuairahrighairidhYeah we’ve been busy. Recently, various essential external dependencies in our codebase have bogging us down a bit. They aren’t written well and it’s been a bit of a pain to work round them. But our end to end tests are passing more and more reliably as we squash the bugs. We’ve also been working with quantstamp on a security audit. Prempting any problems in the erc20 paychan contracts before that gets underway. We’ve been in a bunch of talks with other big projects about ilp, putting in place plans for when we get there. We also improved our dev process. Got ourselves more agile, been seeing some nice increase in eficiency since then. In cosmos land, they completed their adverserial testnets (aka game of stakes) and are now on the final run down to launch which should be exciting. Though it will be a while after launch before txs and ibc are enabled/built (ideally we want both live on the hub). And the interledger community is growing. They recently launched a new forum which has been pretty active.
08:21:48@dlliuyisheng:matrix.orgdlliuyisheng joined the room.

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