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2 Jul 2020
@freenode_LordRyan_:matrix.orgLordRyan_ It's hardcoded for ircd-seven and doesn't even run on that well. 19:56:39
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvicksetting up a bridge seems fine to me19:57:09
@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan I'll look into it later, then. 19:57:23
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickthat would allow these communities to bridge so people can use whatever open privacy respecting client they like19:57:58
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickI don't think there should be any problems leaving the freenode appservice running in addition to our own bridge so freenode, matrix, and our ircd are all merged.19:58:59
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickthe appservice won't work with custom ircds anyway19:59:15
@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan There is no such thing as a custom IRCd. IRC isn't just one implementation, like Matrix pretends it is. 20:00:14
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickHere by custom I meant, our own deployment that is not in their whitelist20:00:53
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickcustom domain/instance20:00:56
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickmatrix also has had multiple implementations in the past, but they slowed down so E2E and P2P could roll out which are major protocol changes20:01:41
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvicknow that those have landed we will likely see dendrite and other implementations stabilize20:01:56
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickfirst class e2e, cross signing, and p2p are things IRC can't do by design, but IRC is a much simpler RFC protocol. There is room in the world for both IMO. 20:02:37
@dgrove:matrix.orgdgroveMore DCSM swag has dropped https://www.ebay.com/str/defconcommunications20:03:46
@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanCan you report a company to the Google Play Store for not letting you turn off advertising notifications without turning off all notifications?20:05:05
@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanI remember that being a thing.20:05:11
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@appservice-irc:matrix.org@appservice-irc:matrix.orgchanged room power levels.22:28:29
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@freenode_lrvick:matrix.orglrvick I think your better bet is just uninstalling apps that don't respect your rights 23:49:40
@freenode_lrvick:matrix.orglrvick google does not care about protecting user privacy beyond the extend they are forced to. They have an entire anti-malware team dedicated only to making sure no one is cheating adsense but they could care less about other forms of abuse beyond big name people they can put in "play protect" 23:51:01
3 Jul 2020
@freenode_slepyx4:matrix.orgslepyx4 joined the room.01:26:42
@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafnd did y'all see the tiktok dissassembly tweet 01:36:52
@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndor, reddit thread01:37:07
@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndor, youtube video01:37:26
@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndgoddammit things getting reposted01:37:32
@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndhere https://old.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/fxgi06/not_new_news_but_tbh_if_you_have_tiktiok_just_get/fmuko1m/?context=101:38:05
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4 Jul 2020
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvick"TikTok is a data collection service that is thinly-veiled as a social network"06:04:37
@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickThat is true of all centralized social networks06:04:48
@freenode_brendantcc:matrix.orgbrendantcc lrvick: reckon you could give me a hand blocking tiktok on my home net? :p 10:28:14

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