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31 Mar 2020
01:02:18@freenode_dgrove:matrix.org@freenode_dgrove:matrix.org left the room.
01:02:18@freenode_riff_IRC:matrix.org@freenode_riff_IRC:matrix.org left the room.
01:02:18@freenode_JesusIsJehovah:matrix.org@freenode_JesusIsJehovah:matrix.org left the room.
17:58:36@david:pflug.emailDavid joined the room.
4 Apr 2020
01:27:45@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndde1 is down?
02:00:46@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafnd uh, i don't suppose anyone responded to my question
02:00:50@freenode_Agafnd:matrix.orgAgafndmy internet is a bit spotty
04:34:24@wnereiz:matrix.orgwnereizI got it
04:34:51@wnereiz:matrix.orgwnereiz Agafnd: I can not visit de1 now.
08:28:30@ryansquared:matrix.orgLordRyanCan confirm it is down here as well
08:28:39@ryansquared:matrix.orgLordRyan I'll look into it in a bit
08:40:49@ryansquared:matrix.orgLordRyan It's up now wnereiz Agafnd
10:19:35@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynir Agafnd: it's back up now if it was down
10:20:00@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynir 12:19:41 up 1:41, 44 users, load average: 0.04, 0.06, 0.08
16:54:14@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreyniris the irc server down?
16:54:15@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanyes we know IRC is down, working on it
16:54:32@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynirfixit fixit fixit :D
16:54:46@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynir <3
16:55:57@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan reynir: it's not up for you, right?
16:56:15@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynirNo, still down
16:56:27@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanjust making sure before i power cycle
16:57:41@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanreynir: /reconnect ?
17:00:59@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreyniror whatever
21:56:06@wnereiz:matrix.orgwnereiz It is interesting that when de1 down, people come here to chat. If we have our own matrix server it would be great.
9 Apr 2020
01:19:50@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickMost of us want one too.
01:20:02@lrvick:matrix.orglrvickI have a lot of plans after I get over this whole moving-during-a-pandemic thing
02:13:22@logicwax:matrix.orgLogicwax ҉͔̯̳̯̝͇ ̗̻̝ ̧͓͔̲͉͇ set a profile picture.

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