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25 Feb 2024
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> god why can't it just tell me _all_ the packages i need to fix20:53:12
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<hex4[h]> hello! i'm trying to update my default shell to fish with ssh hashbang.sh, but i get "kex_exchange_identification: read: connection reset by peer". my internet has been a bit spotty, so it may be a problem on my end.20:56:01
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> nope that's a borken thing on our side, hashbanctl isn't yet working20:56:32
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<hex4[h]> ah, ok. thanks20:56:49
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> gonna go add it manually20:57:10
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> lol we have more load balancers down than we do up. someone should fix that.20:57:29
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> done20:58:47
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> you'll have to log back in and probably restart tmux20:58:54
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<tech_exorcist[h]> ncat disappeared, and when i tried to run it, command-not-found said this before saying it couldn't find ncat: "Could not find command-not-found database. Run 'sudo apt update' to populate it."21:39:04
@ryansquared:beeper.comryansquaredoh how annoying, i forgot what caused that the last time21:51:01
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<tech_exorcist[h]> oh and there's also a weird error message on login21:52:06
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<tech_exorcist[h]> what's luarocks and why does it complain about the unrecognized '--bin' option three times before the motd21:52:43
@ryansquared:beeper.comryansquareddarn, i thought that was fixed22:42:03
@ryansquared:beeper.comryansquaredone sec22:42:04
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> it'll clean itself up eventually, i think.23:07:04
26 Feb 2024
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<hex4[h]> Should there be two mail directories, "Mail" and "mail" in my home?00:41:35
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> hm. no.01:43:57
@hashbot:matrix.orghashbot<ryan[h]> I'll take a look in a few.01:44:05
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx man, i'm doing this kodekloud CKA course and their module on cluster management is fucked03:14:03
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx the material before the practice tests cover practically nothing on their practice tests, one of the practice tests just doesn't work cause it requires upgrading the cluster but the questions are out of date03:14:45
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx the rest of it has been really good but this module was like soooooo bad03:15:01
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx thanks for coming to my ted talk03:17:20
@panekj:matrix.orgpjmeanwhile me unfucking terraform03:18:58
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx ono03:19:57
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx pain03:19:59
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx y no opentofu03:20:03
@panekj:matrix.orgpjbecause it doesn't matter03:20:16
@xyhhx:arcticfoxes.netxyhhx too much estrogen03:20:23
@panekj:matrix.orgpjthose are exactly same tools03:20:25
@panekj:matrix.orgpjdoing exactly same thing03:20:31

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