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13 Sep 2019
17:06:34@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan it detected the "national-security.agency"
17:06:34@freenode_[[]]:matrix.org[[]] L‚ÄčordRyan: Shortened < https://is.gd/OT5HDM >
17:06:44@freenode_tilde2:matrix.orgtilde2did i just find a bug in your interface ?
17:07:10@freenode_tilde2:matrix.orgtilde2or what i s the size limit in here now ?
17:07:27@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeoh lol
17:07:31@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeneat lol
17:07:34@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildei guess
17:10:37@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildei dont think i want to click on that link tho ;) i dont have a surfing proxy and the real nsa would get my ip ;)
17:12:22@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeso um .. did you see my message ? asking for +V on access autovoice ? guessing the text is in the link web page ?
17:13:27@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeno rush .. or need i guess .. just going to be annoying next time i loose voice again ;) tia
17:14:52@freenode_kyuss:matrix.org@freenode_kyuss:matrix.org left the room.
17:15:18@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan I did but I don't have ACL modification permission
17:15:22@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanso someone else might d so
17:16:19@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeok thanks .. daurn maybe ? idk
17:16:34@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeoh and while i can still speak
17:18:46@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildecan yall please remove the bans on the two devtwo patterns ? or would that be too scarey to do on friday the 13th ;)
17:19:08@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanthose are ACL set as well IIRC
17:19:19@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan can remove the channel mode but they'd be set right back
17:20:10@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildesure just adding in in here now so the power ops can do that too if they add my hostmask
17:20:13@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildethanks again
23:33:41@freenode_riff-IRC:matrix.orgriff-IRC left the room.
14 Sep 2019
01:04:57@freenode_tilde:matrix.orgtildeLordRyan .. hmm .. you have all the flags .. +ARSVefiorstv [modified 1y 3w 0d ago] .. maybe you just need to op yourself to do those things ? what is ACL ?
13:09:22@freenode_riff-IRC:matrix.orgriff-IRC joined the room.
17 Sep 2019
04:08:15@freenode_MassDebates:matrix.orgMassDebates left the room.
04:08:17@freenode_riff-IRC:matrix.orgriff-IRC left the room.
21:35:33@freenode_riff-IRC:matrix.orgriff-IRC joined the room.
18 Sep 2019
13:21:26@freenode_MassDebates:matrix.orgMassDebates joined the room.

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