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14 Jan 2020
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20:28:58@freenode_fossy:matrix.orgfossyIf you are cofuz about what is happening its pretty much this https://ben.fuckup.club/blog/november-13-post-mortem.html but not in a container and easier to debug
20:33:57@freenode_reynir:matrix.orgreynirfossy: is that your blog?
20:34:05@freenode_fossy:matrix.orgfossyno its benharris
22:14:21@freenode_benharri:matrix.orgbenharri it's mine
15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
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22 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
17:18:20@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3nI put this together for a lightning talk I'm doing -- maybe useful to someone here? https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bGSWwbFheaxgs35gh3wAOzR1g1Us8U-_Ix_Om1KAXWI/edit#slide=id.p
18:28:24@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan jonf3n: hope you don't mind if I repost on our IRC server
18:29:48@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3n LordRyan: Not at all! WTFPL :-)
18:32:14@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3nFeedback welcome... It is meant for an audience of devs who work on cryptocurrency, so I assume some familiarity with PGP, public key crypto, etc
18:34:22@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3nSome slides like this one would just be me talking / explaining colored parts of a PGP key: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bGSWwbFheaxgs35gh3wAOzR1g1Us8U-_Ix_Om1KAXWI/edit#slide=id.g6e0dcd43b6_0_23
18:44:58@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanI think you can add notes to slides
18:45:07@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanMight be useful to detail what you would talk about
18:45:24@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyan Or you already did and I'm a big dumb who didn't actually look
18:45:44@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3nI just started on some of that :-)
18:48:43@jonf3n:matrix.orgjonf3nBTW: Is anyone else here going to FOSDEM?
18:49:31@dgrove:matrix.orgdgroveSadly no :(
22:48:10@freenode_LordRyan:matrix.orgLordRyanNot sure, we just had a bunch of people go to c3 so maybe not

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