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19 Oct 2021
@telegram_624993757:t2bot.iokisekinopureya3. or 4. was bricking devices19:48:01
@kspatlas:tchncs.deKSP AtlasAndroid 12 moment19:50:28
@kspatlas:tchncs.deKSP AtlasRedacted or Malformed Event19:50:46
@kspatlas:tchncs.deKSP Atlasscaled_screenshot_20211019-205023.jpg
Download scaled_screenshot_20211019-205023.jpg
@kspatlas:tchncs.deKSP Atlasscaled_screenshot_20211019-205023.jpg
Download scaled_screenshot_20211019-205023.jpg
@kspatlas:tchncs.deKSP AtlasAlso switched to librechair launcher19:52:05
@telegram_624993757:t2bot.iokisekinopureyadoes it needs quickswitch ?19:53:08
@telegram_2023824490:t2bot.ioFenne joined the room.19:59:07
@telegram_1885179300:t2bot.ioLokNplayNice username19:59:41
@telegram_1885179300:t2bot.ioLokNplayDownload mp4.mp419:59:44
@telegram_850283311:t2bot.ioAyush Singh
In reply to Bʜᴀʀᴀᴛʜ 𐪒𑀣𐪒
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_1498589244:t2bot.ioJuan M ⛥yeah, no doubt21:42:39
@telegram_1498589244:t2bot.ioJuan M ⛥* yeah, no doubt21:42:44
@telegram_208431400:t2bot.ioYourGreatness | | RABi
In reply to Ashish
Apple fanbois are gonna use this point whenever they about to lose a debate
Bruh the 6s has 6 updates!
@telegram_83962751:t2bot.ioHannesBtw you guys saw the Apple Music Voice plan?22:23:18
@telegram_83962751:t2bot.ioHannesIt's a normal subscription for half of the price but you have to use Siri instead of a normal GUI22:23:49
@telegram_83962751:t2bot.ioHannesThey are almost formally asking people to abuse this with third party clients22:24:22
@telegram_83962751:t2bot.ioHannes* It's a normal subscription for half of the price but you have to use Siri instead of a normal GUI22:31:02
@telegram_1802705860:t2bot.io심자윤 changed their display name from 스윗 to 심자윤.22:31:49
@telegram_1969918419:t2bot.ioEnNKAY joined the room.22:58:15
@telegram_1969918419:t2bot.ioEnNKAY https://youtu.be/fsuiCAISCnM 22:58:45
@telegram_2082305303:t2bot.ioWisdom Kinsley More of a Dream come true creating multiple sources of incomes. Truly proud of the decision of getting started with Mr Nelson Roland trading team, so far they have proven to be the best. You can also be part of this opportunity by connecting with him directly.
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20 Oct 2021
@telegram_2071024392:t2bot.ioShannon Ballard Are you still doubting? The journey to your success begins now by clicking this Mr Nelson Roland he has done a lot for me and my colleagues, he made the poor rich, he made those who have lost their money to recovered their Lost.
Contact him via the links below
@telegram_2071024392:t2bot.ioShannon Ballard changed their display name from Mia to Shannon Ballard.00:13:50
In reply to dsudarik
sent an image
But that's ghey
@telegram_1256101359:t2bot.ioArk Zck joined the room.04:40:16
@telegram_1256101359:t2bot.ioArk Zckyes you make it for meme lol04:39:26
@telegram_628569703:t2bot.ioAshishAndroid One and Mi A series were the only hope for a good affordable stock pixel experience Coz Google won't fooking launch Pixel in India04:40:03
@telegram_1256101359:t2bot.ioArk Zck
In reply to @telegram:t2bot.io
sent an image
I'm not saying mi series will continue and whatever like that

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