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26 Mar 2020
01:38:17@_discord_681711821975191573:t2bot.iofama Hi everyone i am fama, I really like the wasm project concept, which is implemented in parity Ethereum(open-ethereum).
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Hi everyone i am fama, I really like the wasm project concept, which is implemented in parity Ethereum(open-ethereum).
fama That's great to know, thank you for chiming in. If I may, what do you use it for (or plan using it for)?
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It is not decided yet, if you or anyone else have any opinons on it please attend on the next weekly call.
niklasad1 Thank you, I will try my best to. I am the co-founder and lead developer of a cryptocurrency payment service that relies on Parity and uses said feature, so any change will be a big deal for us and will require us to make some changes to our service.
27 Mar 2020
02:53:37@_discord_681711821975191573:t2bot.iofama dvdplm i am learning the wasm, i like you open ethereum implementation, i am studying on it.
08:50:09@_discord_446967354375798804:t2bot.iokoeppelmann hey guys, my machine ran out of disk and when I cleaned up disk space and made my node re-sync I saw this (block syncked: 96xxxxx/100xxxxx) This is suspicious since the main chain is only at 97xxxxx
This information comes from the parity/open ethereum node. Any idea why it is wrong? Could that mean someone in the network is trying to trick nodes into the wrong chain?
08:51:57@_discord_446967354375798804:t2bot.iokoeppelmann this was my node log at the time.
Restarted the node again today and now it has the correct "max block number".
09:11:08@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93 eduadiez what call do you use to get the max known block in the network?
09:11:16@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93Redacted or Malformed Event
09:11:20@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93Redacted or Malformed Event
09:11:29@_discord_437235496071069698:t2bot.ioeduadiez eth_syncing
09:11:32@_discord_437235496071069698:t2bot.ioeduadiez on this case
09:11:43@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93 right
09:13:04@_discord_437235496071069698:t2bot.ioeduadiez with eth_syncing we get something like this:
// Request
curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_syncing","params":[],"id":1}'

// Result
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    startingBlock: '0x384',
    currentBlock: '0x386',
    highestBlock: '0x454'
// Or when not syncing
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": false
09:13:25@_discord_437235496071069698:t2bot.ioeduadiezRedacted or Malformed Event
09:13:32@_discord_437235496071069698:t2bot.ioeduadiez we use the highestBlock to show the value on the UI
09:15:37@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93Redacted or Malformed Event
09:16:35@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.iovorot93Redacted or Malformed Event
28 Mar 2020
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27 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
19:35:58@sorpaas:matrix.parity.ioWei Tang (back on Wed!) changed their display name from Wei Tang to Wei Tang (back on Wed!).
30 Mar 2020
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