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1 Dec 2020
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp top shows memory slowly climbing after a restart, it's at 40% now of 32G and slowly increasing.. definitely a leak 01:50:58
@_discord_612535920742236161:t2bot.ioweiwu Very helpful. Thanks! 01:51:13
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote weiwu
you are welcome
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote we use the same google, do we? 01:53:25
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp At 66% now 02:07:28
@_discord_612535920742236161:t2bot.ioweiwu Whatever search keyword you used, it mustn't have been the error message I posted:) 02:13:19
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote eskp would wait 02:22:29
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp at 82% now 02:23:48
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp What are we waiting for? 02:23:53
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote peak 02:29:56
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp I think the peak would be a 100% 😅 Sitting on 96% atm 03:37:20
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp Sure enough the instance stopped responding to SSH 04:01:59
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp I think this value was misconfigured eating all the mem --tx-queue-size=32768 06:18:10
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote ja 08:32:24
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote indeed! 08:32:27
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote try to lower 50% per test 08:32:42
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote eskp 08:35:18
@_discord_213199879525105664:t2bot.ioeskp Apologies for the noise 🙂 08:52:37
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote i am fine with the incoming feedbacks 09:24:16
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote you are welcome eskp 09:24:29
@_discord_533496829921198081:t2bot.io[6E/OM]Liner Prime I have a problem. it fails to fully download warp and starting Syncing from #10212460 is there any way to disable normal sync and activate warp again? 16:34:18
@_discord_219015859182632960:t2bot.ioYorickDowne (he/him) If you stop/start the service it might do that. You are running 3.1? 17:22:57
@_discord_219015859182632960:t2bot.ioYorickDowne (he/him) draganrakita I'll try your latest atomic db branch on two machines, from scratch. Any idea on the BlockGasLimitReached crash? 17:23:44
@_discord_219015859182632960:t2bot.ioYorickDowne (he/him) Oh I know what BlockGasLimit is. Okay. Ignore that in #69 but tell me whether you want it in another issue 17:24:34
@_discord_219015859182632960:t2bot.ioYorickDowne (he/him) That's a DoS caused by the fact that 8545 is open to Internet. Now, one, seriously bad idea (this is a test VPS); two, shouldn't cause a crash, should it? 17:25:17
@_discord_429719902363058177:t2bot.iodraganrakita it shouldn't 🙂 18:16:47
@_discord_777856634663862272:t2bot.iompoloq joined the room.20:56:34
@_discord_777856634663862272:t2bot.iompoloq Hi all, is there any recommended start command for Linux ? i can see in most of the guides it is just an execution of /openethereum - it cannot be that simple 🙂 20:56:34
@_discord_777856634663862272:t2bot.iompoloq it probably means that all recommended default settings are set - but just want to confirm, thanks 20:56:56
@_discord_626146507485085737:t2bot.ioronin.remote mpoloq
./openethereum --cache-size 2048 might be a good starting point

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