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12 Jul 2020
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov just FYI light client is deprecated and will soon be removed 12:37:39
@kairo:mozilla.orgKaiRolight client definitely has issues - while I like it myself for some cases, I understand its code may have a high cost/benefit rate for the developers and therefore will go away12:40:14
@kairo:mozilla.orgKaiRothere's also an issue where non-light configs can get stuck sometimes, but that is being investigated12:41:43
@_discord_712950575741796383:t2bot.iohjk so the light client will not be maintained anymore and I have to use a full client? 😂 12:42:31
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov hjk yes 12:42:57
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Unfortunately, light client is very much a different codebase with tons of glue to make it work 12:44:04
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Removing it will allow us to simplify the full client which is the primary use case 12:44:35
@_discord_712950575741796383:t2bot.iohjk may be a separate light client will be created? 12:45:04
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Feel free to create if you’d like 12:45:35
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov We have enough tasks on our issues tracker as is 12:45:56
@_discord_712950575741796383:t2bot.iohjk oh, thank you🤣 12:46:27
@norbert:chat.weho.stnorbert 21:35:22
@_discord_501013996334219265:t2bot.iossh changed their display name from ssh to ssh#4098.22:19:04
@_discord_501013996334219265:t2bot.iossh changed their display name from ssh#4098 to ssh.22:19:05
13 Jul 2020
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_700822183668088923:t2bot.io@_discord_700822183668088923:t2bot.io.09:01:34
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@_discord_429787454652809216:t2bot.ioOfficer Lee LAPD joined the room.14:48:27
@_discord_429787454652809216:t2bot.ioOfficer Lee LAPD I am currently running it on AWS r5.xlarge so it has 4 core cpu, 32gb ram, and 10 Gbps network 14:53:14
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem VorotnikovRedacted or Malformed Event14:57:30
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem VorotnikovRedacted or Malformed Event15:09:10
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Officer Lee LAPD did you disable warp sync? what is your configuration? 15:10:42
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Otherwise, 1-2 blk/s is to be expected

@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem VorotnikovRedacted or Malformed Event17:04:20
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov Officer Lee LAPD I'm at a loss as to why one would want to manually disable warp 🤷‍♂️ fatdb and trace API are of course incompatible with it but they force warp off themselves 17:05:47
@_discord_429787454652809216:t2bot.ioOfficer Lee LAPD Artem Vorotnikov we are using tracing so that is why warp is set to false. I will turn that back on. Thanks for the help! 17:15:46
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov better even remove it from config 17:16:04
@_discord_329594653097721856:t2bot.ioArtem Vorotnikov who knows, maybe one day we will cook up background trace creation for warp synced blocks 😉 17:17:03
14 Jul 2020
@_discord_128125170509545472:t2bot.io2075 | ZERO.IO changed their display name from marco · gamedao.co to 2075 | ZERO.IO#2450.06:52:20
@_discord_128125170509545472:t2bot.io2075 | ZERO.IO changed their display name from 2075 | ZERO.IO#2450 to 2075 | ZERO.IO.06:52:21
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_732603770466467961:t2bot.io@_discord_732603770466467961:t2bot.io.14:26:05

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