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21 Dec 2018
19:10:24@jon:terracrypt.netjfred changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
22 Dec 2018
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27 Dec 2018
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28 Dec 2018
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29 Dec 2018
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30 Dec 2018
00:08:16@sibyl:matrix.orgsibylErrors during startup: (startup.config) Unknown config option "admins", (startup.config) Unknown config option "restricted"
31 Dec 2018
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00:39:24@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] nixy: testing
In reply to @sibyl:matrix.org
[ schwa ] nixy: testing
shcwa: boo
03:36:33@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] ?
3 Jan 2019
18:06:11@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ jfred ] test test
18:21:36@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] test test
18:30:51@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ jfred ] check out my JID :P
18:35:09@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] oh boy
18:51:15@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] !real jfred
18:51:20@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ Sibyl ] _jon_terracrypt.net@bridge.xmpp.matrix.org
18:51:42@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ jfred ] ;)
5 Jan 2019
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11 Jan 2019
22:16:58@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] !real _purple_bot
22:16:59@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ Sibyl ] __purple_bot_matrix.org@bridge.xmpp.matrix.org
22:18:41@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ schwa ] aha https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-bifrost
22:18:41@sibyl:matrix.orgsibyl[ Sibyl ] [1] GitHub - matrix-org/matrix-bifrost: General purpose bridging with a variety of backends including libpurple and xmpp.js
12 Jan 2019
04:09:58@jon:terracrypt.netjfredoh lol he renamed it, makes sense
16 Jan 2019
16:56:16@nixy:nixy.moenixy set a profile picture.
16:56:25@nixy:nixy.moenixy changed their profile picture.

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