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24 Jun 2020
@gitter_borriej:matrix.orgRob (Gitter) joined the room.09:48:03
@gitter_borriej:matrix.orgRob (Gitter)

hi guys :wave:

I've created a scrum agile retrospective app for your team!


hope this can help your team during the corona. It support remote sessions with socket.

@gitter_maximedupre:matrix.orgMaxime Dupré (Gitter) joined the room.15:09:16
@gitter_maximedupre:matrix.orgMaxime Dupré (Gitter) Hey is there a way to see all branches in vscode? My teammate created a branch (local and remote), but I can't seem to find a way to checkout his remote branch on my machine using vscode... 15:09:19
@gitter_maximedupre:matrix.orgMaxime Dupré (Gitter)Ah nvm, I had filtered branches to only show local branches ^^15:21:54
@gitter_mbreslav:matrix.orgMikhail Breslav (Gitter) joined the room.22:55:00
@gitter_mbreslav:matrix.orgMikhail Breslav (Gitter) I am creating a VS code extension and learning typescript in parallel. Does anyone have a reference that explains the relationship between a document and editor in VS code. I looked at some examples where vscode.workspace.openTextDocument() creates a document which is then passed to vscode.window.showTextDocument(). It's unclear to me as to when should we modify the document directly vs asking the editor to make edits to the document? 22:55:00
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25 Jun 2020
@gitter_henrikholmit:matrix.orgHenrikHolmIT (Gitter) @mbreslav I dont know if there is any recommended way but I would say that if you need to make changes to a file in code the distinction is excatlly that. If the file is open you change via editor. If it is not open you change the file directly and save it. The reason is that if you change a file in disc that is open user will be prompted that there are changes to file and they need to merge or overwrite changes on disc.
Alternatively you can prompt the user to save the file before making changes on disc. Then your changes will automatically be visible in the editor of the file.
@gitter_cariboujohn:matrix.orgJohn Heath (Gitter) 12:40:08
@gitter_cariboujohn:matrix.orgJohn Heath (Gitter) 12:40:09
@gitter_cariboujohn:matrix.orgJohn Heath (Gitter) Hi all, I have a general question about extension development: When I am debugging I get the situation sometimes where a breakpoint is "unbound" even when I start the extension and set breakpoints after it is up an running. 12:40:13
@gitter_cariboujohn:matrix.orgJohn Heath (Gitter) can someone give me any pointers as to what may be my problem or misunderstanding here. I have read that it is something due to the mapping of TS to the output dir but I can't see what the actual cause is and how to stop it happening 12:41:36
26 Jun 2020
@gitter_cmario92:matrix.orgcmario (Gitter) guys, anyone is aware of any updates for the Floating Windows microsoft/vscode#10121 ? is it on the roadmap? 07:56:14
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@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) joined the room.20:18:04
@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) 20:18:05
@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) set a profile picture.20:20:04
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@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) changed their profile picture.20:20:06
@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) Hi, I was wondering if there's a built in vscode command for hiding and revealing an icon on the activity bar (the vscode command for the button in the photo below). Something similar to workbench.activityBar.visible but for specific view containers (eg explorer, search, or your own custom view container). Thank you! 20:20:09
@gitter_hannahzhu2001:matrix.orgHannahZhu2001 (Gitter) 20:20:10
27 Jun 2020
@andre:riotchat.deandre joined the room.22:51:19
@gitter_boundstate_twitter:matrix.orgEvan (Gitter) joined the room.23:01:51
@gitter_boundstate_twitter:matrix.orgEvan (Gitter)Hey are there any VS devs here? I’d really like to understand how to structure an SPA or electron app in a sensible way without react or angular or what have you. Basically I’m curious how VS code avoids becoming a ball of jquery-esque spaghetti23:01:52
28 Jun 2020
@gitter_tirthyme:matrix.orgTirth Mehta (Gitter) joined the room.07:34:08
@gitter_tirthyme:matrix.orgTirth Mehta (Gitter) Hey, I'm new to open source contributions. can anyone guide me towards how to effectively contribute to vscode? 07:34:08
@gitter_arangan__twitter:matrix.orgarangan (Gitter) joined the room.16:31:33

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