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3 Apr 2020
21:50:07@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) set a profile picture.
21:50:10@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) can't test before commit, but can test after build completes.
22:38:47@gitter_intheclouddan:matrix.orgDan O'Brien (Gitter) treeitem iconPath should work in debug mode right? There's no magic involved with packaging? I'm adding a path but icons aren't showing up on the treeitem
22:50:49@gitter_dcermak:matrix.orgDan Čermák (Gitter) @InTheCloudDan use path.join() in conjunction with __dirname, that should work
23:02:04@gitter_intheclouddan:matrix.orgDan O'Brien (Gitter)hmm ok, I was trying exactly what the examples have and not having any luck with it
23:07:33@gitter_brucegithub:matrix.orgBruceGitHub (Gitter) joined the room.
23:07:34@gitter_brucegithub:matrix.orgBruceGitHub (Gitter)hello how to move the file in folder from UI but that internally to use git mv ?
4 Apr 2020
00:02:52@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) commit rights means I can work faster. I'll try again -> yes or no.
00:25:32@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) contact me on https://github.com/ret394/jubilant-broccoli/issues to notify me of the change. I might forget. revoking access to gitter soon.
00:28:09@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter)this project needs me the most.
20:45:39@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) left the room.
5 Apr 2020
00:10:21@gitter_josh.ag_gitlab:matrix.orgJoshua Silver (Gitter) joined the room.
00:10:21@gitter_josh.ag_gitlab:matrix.orgJoshua Silver (Gitter)Hey, is this the right channel for asking for support/advice for a vscode issue?
06:36:30@gitter_dcermak:matrix.orgDan Čermák (Gitter) @josh.ag_gitlab you can try, wouldn't get my hopes up to get an answer though
17:30:58@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration astuffedtiger That’s reassuring haha, why wouldn’t he be able to get an answer?
22:44:21@gitter_kerbrose:matrix.orgKhaled Said (Gitter) joined the room.
22:44:21@gitter_kerbrose:matrix.orgKhaled Said (Gitter)hello folks... I dream of faceted search in vscode search. I know that someone could go with regular expression.
7 Apr 2020
00:13:55@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration --uismojvkinbist6t-w/5tfq76uy_fdo6w_3d4m_sk4-t46qg94r8dunoxa/ubu Anyone use code runner here? running into an issue
00:38:29@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration --uismojvkinbist6t-w/5tfq76uy_fdo6w_3d4m_sk4-t46qg94r8dunoxa/ubu figured it out with this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41986507/unable-to-set-default-python-version-to-python3-in-ubuntu
00:38:48@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration --uismojvkinbist6t-w/5tfq76uy_fdo6w_3d4m_sk4-t46qg94r8dunoxa/ubu Pardhu's answer in particular
16:59:50@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) joined the room.
16:59:54@gitter_ret394:matrix.orgTarun (Gitter) 1 example -> this is weird code in bundled php extension. https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/blob/master/extensions/php-language-features/src/features/phpGlobalFunctions.ts#L2686
8 Apr 2020
00:21:06@gitter_samusstrike:matrix.orgMatthew Norman (Gitter) joined the room.
00:21:07@gitter_samusstrike:matrix.orgMatthew Norman (Gitter) I was thinking of making creating an issue but thought I'd throw this to the chat first. I'm debugging an extension I created. The result of Array.reduce(handler,{}) sometimes results in an object with the prototype properties getClassName, getErrorPrefix, and inheritFrom. The handler is not adding these. It is unclear why these are being added to the object. They are added only in some cases (unidentified pattern) when doing other async concurrent actions. Basically, I have a loop which processes up to N elements at a time. Part of the processing includes making web requests, processing XML, file IO, and other stuff. I can't fathom why in some cases Array.reduce would add additional prototype properties to a brand new basic object (i.e. {}). Any thoughts before I create an issue?
15:10:50@gitter_panoukos41:matrix.org@gitter_panoukos41:matrix.org left the room.
22:22:28@gitter_zoredache:matrix.orgChris Francy (Gitter) joined the room.
22:22:29@gitter_zoredache:matrix.orgChris Francy (Gitter) is there a way to configure where the # is placed when doing a block comment? Specifically in yaml I want the # to be inserted at the start of the line.
22:24:11@gitter_zoredache:matrix.orgChris Francy (Gitter) There are times I am working on a block sclalar (key: |\n) and a block comment doesn't actually comment things out since the # is basically inserted inline
10 Apr 2020
13:25:52@gitter_anwarchakhar:matrix.orgAnwar Chakhar (Gitter) joined the room.
13:25:55@gitter_anwarchakhar:matrix.orgAnwar Chakhar (Gitter)Hi everyone, maybe a dumb question, but anyone can point me to where I can found an example of a json scheme validation in Code source code ? many thanks

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