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18 May 2022
In reply to @kalli0815:matrix.org
didnt do any research on that topic, but its quite unlikely i guess.
simply due to the fact that this would mean a more or less rewrite i guess
This would probably mean, that most extensions have to be rewritten and https://vscode.dev would no longer be possible the way that is currently.
In reply to @antariksh17-620e8c4b6da0373984908974:gitter.im
as a newbie dev?
I think the core is pretty complex. Maybe you might want to start with contributing to isolated extensions, like the JavaScript debugger. Some of which have external repos, some are included in the vscode code base .
@tim.vah:matrix.orgtim.vahTo the vscode extension devs: how are you using the mocha test setup included in the extension template? I'm unsure wether to use it more like end to end tests, so using the actual installed extension or like integration tests, testing multiple extension components together. I would prefer the later, but a lot of functionality comes from the API that vscode provides to the extension. But stubbing that is often hard, because most vscode API components are readonly and Dependcy injection doesn't make sense in most cases.04:49:19
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19 May 2022
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@coldspark29:matrix.orgjclsnRedacted or Malformed Event11:24:32
20 May 2022
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@aftix:matrix.orgaftixI'm using vscode for rust, when I type < for a comparison vscode closes it with >, how do i stop this08:34:43
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@aftix:matrix.orgaftixI figured it out, I was putting the language specific setting in the wrong place to disable 09:59:58
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22 May 2022
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@cleomenezesjr:matrix.orgCleo Menezes Jr.image.png
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@cleomenezesjr:matrix.orgCleo Menezes Jr.python devs that use Black for formatting, when I format with VSCode's black, it ignores the problem of very long lines and formats this way. Does it happen to anyone else?21:03:07
24 May 2022
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