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16 Jan 2020
03:45:14@gitter_wulex:matrix.org无限风灵 (Gitter)国外.net 流行吗
03:45:29@gitter_wulex:matrix.org无限风灵 (Gitter)国外.net 和JAVA 哪个工作多??
08:24:37@gitter_henrikholmit:matrix.orgHenrikHolmIT (Gitter) @WuLex Not many people understand that language here I think...
15:42:02@gitter_pkruk2:matrix.orgpkruk2 (Gitter)Hi, how easy is it to create multiple extensions from one repository?
21:47:30@spektrum:matrix.amspectrumWell very easy if you have a separate branch for each extension
21:47:35@spektrum:matrix.amspectrumcan you clarify?
21:48:16@spektrum:matrix.amspectrum * Well very easy if you have a separate branch for each extension
22:27:36@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosor separate directories
17 Jan 2020
00:59:23@gitter_w-lianfu:matrix.orglianfu (Gitter) joined the room.
00:59:24@gitter_w-lianfu:matrix.orglianfu (Gitter)
01:00:15@gitter_w-lianfu:matrix.orglianfu (Gitter)Hi, that’s why ?
16:35:01@gitter_pkruk2:matrix.orgpkruk2 (Gitter)Hi, do you know if vscode supports several extensions in 1 vsix files? (several vsix packages in one vsix file)
16:51:24@gitter_hezkore:matrix.orgRob C. (Gitter) joined the room.
16:51:27@gitter_hezkore:matrix.orgRob C. (Gitter) I'd really appreciate if people voted for my issue - microsoft/vscode#85702
21:01:12@gitter_webstermath:matrix.orgChristopher Webster (Gitter) joined the room.
21:01:13@gitter_webstermath:matrix.orgChristopher Webster (Gitter) Trying to run a development build of a react app created through create-react-app in a visual studio online enviroment. It compiles successfully and says I can view it in the 3000 port, but when I go there it times out. I tried to add a .devcontainer.json file with "appPort": 3000, but this did nothing. Any suggestions?
18 Jan 2020
15:01:24@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration jserio42 hi
19:08:47@gitter_realtalhameer_twitter:matrix.orgTalha Meer 🇵🇰 (Gitter) joined the room.
19:09:12@gitter_realtalhameer_twitter:matrix.orgTalha Meer 🇵🇰 (Gitter) Hi there, I'm a student of BS-IT from Pakistan. I'm working on my final project. the idea is to predict performance of ML algo. I want to use VS code as IDE, can you please guide me about VS Code's source code. Thanks
22:12:47@mil1i:matrix.org@mil1i:matrix.org left the room.
19 Jan 2020
17:34:52@gitter_mmahalea19:matrix.orgmmahalea19 (Gitter) Hello, I am looking for a way to pass environment and configuration variables to a integrated terminal I create in a VsCode extension(e.g. when I use terminal.SendText("gcc ${config.my_config_parameter}") the variable is not expanded). Thank you !
21 Jan 2020
02:48:25@gitter_ganeshgore:matrix.orgganeshgore (Gitter) joined the room.
02:48:26@gitter_ganeshgore:matrix.orgganeshgore (Gitter) Hello guys, I am not able to get this working on my setup microsoft/vscode-remote-release#766
02:48:49@gitter_ganeshgore:matrix.orgganeshgore (Gitter)I am connecting to Linux machine through windows
05:48:51@gitter_arunkumar413:matrix.orgArun Kumar (Gitter) joined the room.
05:48:52@gitter_arunkumar413:matrix.orgArun Kumar (Gitter)Hi All
05:49:45@gitter_arunkumar413:matrix.orgArun Kumar (Gitter) I'm using vs code for react native project and I would the props of a component to be suggested as I type. Is there an extension for this use case?
07:46:46@gitter_arunkumar413:matrix.orgArun Kumar (Gitter) The intellisense isn't working as expected. It doesn't suggest the variables from the imported files
12:15:36@gitter_henrikholmit:matrix.orgHenrikHolmIT (Gitter) If inside object 'A' I need to send the instance to another object how do I do that?
B.inspect(this); does not work.
Do I need to create an 'instance' variable and set it in constructor and pass the instance variable to do this?
12:15:44@gitter_henrikholmit:matrix.orgHenrikHolmIT (Gitter) (edited) ... this? B.Inspect(this.instance); => ... this? B.inspect(this.instance);

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