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AQW Mafia is a room that's bridged to discord, the main topic is Adventure Quest Worlds private servers, also known as AQW PS, AQWorlds pirata, or simply AQW servers. We host a variety of resources pertaining to Adventure Quest Worlds and gaming in general, online browser games are our specialty. AQWorlds was and is a flash game so since flash died servers now distribute AQW launchers to their users (remember to always scan the launcher for malware before playing). There are plenty of AQW servers available to play, all of them based on the original game by Artix Entertainment. You can view a list of AQW private servers here: https://aqwlist.top/ Our discord servers are: https://discord.gg/h45EUVE5BW And: https://discord.gg/Q3yWRGKyNw We hope you enjoy our community and happy gaming!10 Servers

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9 Jan 2024
@_discord_755335988640743534:t2bot.ioharsh.b19 joined the room.02:10:03
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@_discord_755335988640743534:t2bot.ioharsh.b19 free nudes ❤️
@_discord_942361123276062761:t2bot.ioDenial_2 im just tryna touch your boobs go get those nudes 😲 02:27:54
@_discord_351131599552774146:t2bot.ioim just tryna touch your boobs i dont need no trash nudes 04:08:47
@_discord_351131599552774146:t2bot.ioim just tryna touch your boobs changed their profile picture.04:08:48
@_discord_351131599552774146:t2bot.ioim just tryna touch your boobs 🗣️ 04:08:56
@_discord_755335988640743534:t2bot.ioharsh.b19Redacted or Malformed Event07:15:51
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. I have an AQW account from about 2008 18:13:02
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. I'm like old as shit now 18:13:08
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. Not really my thing anymore 18:13:16
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. But I don't want it going to waste 18:13:24
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. https://account.aq.com/CharPage?id=Sithblaze 18:13:27
@_discord_259697124323753994:t2bot.iofinnthehuman. Dm me 18:14:37
@_discord_694396857471729695:t2bot.iopellye for free nigga ? finnthehuman. 19:33:00
@_discord_694396857471729695:t2bot.iopellye send it to me in my dms 19:34:57
@_discord_351131599552774146:t2bot.ioim just tryna touch your boobs Can give u like 6$ 20:46:15
10 Jan 2024
@_discord_434455870735384586:t2bot.ioChadlord Thundercock ⛈ @everyone

new aqw chat, join for hot sexy aqw art
@_discord_434455870735384586:t2bot.ioChadlord Thundercock ⛈ https://discord.gg/Wr3dwvvBw3 14:36:22
@_discord_434455870735384586:t2bot.ioChadlord Thundercock ⛈ new aqw chat 14:36:28
@_discord_942361123276062761:t2bot.ioDenial_2 Did ninja get hacked? 21:06:30
@_discord_738827842032369847:t2bot.ionotaboredguy no lmao 22:28:20
21 Jan 2024
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3 Feb 2024
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13 Feb 2024
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18 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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