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Some free stuff I found and thought I should tell others. They will be mainly things that are temporarialy free, I will find somewhere else to add permanently free stuff.2 Servers

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21 Nov 2017
16:52:33@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaCurrently there is around 1 day and 1 hour remaining to claim the game.
16:58:16@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaSome Android apps and games are temporarily free too, so give it a look here: http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/11/20/app-sales-nov-20-2017/
17:05:13@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCosta changed the room topic to "Some free stuff I found and thought I should tell others. They will be mainly things that are temporarialy free, I will find somewhere else to add permanently free stuff." from "Some free stuff I found and though I should tell others.".
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22 Nov 2017
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23 Nov 2017
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25 Nov 2017
15:23:12@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaFirst of all, sorry
15:23:26@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaThe Humble Store was giving away another free game
15:23:45@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaThis time it is Sanctum 2, available here: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sanctum-2
15:24:31@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaUnfortunately, I forgot to post it here, so you have only ~ 2 hour and 30 minutes to claim it
15:25:10@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaThe game was/is available for 48 hours fore free there
15:25:21@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaSo, sorry again for my lateness
15:38:36@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaWell, you can also check this Steam curator if you want free content on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/7180204-Free-As-Free-Can-Be-%28Free%29/
29 Nov 2017
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21 Dec 2017
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1 Jan 2018
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2 Jan 2018
15:35:14@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaMonument Valley is free for a limited amount of time on Google Play.
16 Jan 2018
23:05:42@MateusRodCosta:matrix.orgMateusRodCostaThe Humble Bundle is giving away a Steam key for The Red Solstice on Windows for FREE: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-red-solstice You have 19 hours before the promotion ends.
17 Jan 2018
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18 Jan 2018
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19 Jan 2018
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5 Jun 2018
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