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28 Jun 2022
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse https://twitter.com/IGNSEA/status/1541723105122459650?s=20&t=mfcjkLySSzIqorII3k-gpw 20:19:46
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse 👀 20:19:50
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse rip me lol 20:21:23
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJes Right changed their display name from Jes Right to Jes Right#2222.20:31:27
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJes Right changed their display name from Jes Right#2222 to Jes Right.20:31:39
@_discord_182284106300784641:t2bot.ioSubsonicBeatz154 Neat. 21:41:31
@_discord_100303399316111360:t2bot.ioLetsPlayNintendoITA i hope they fix the text in MBN 22:12:31
29 Jun 2022
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You 10 more days until you can find out 03:37:55
@_discord_370717538079866881:t2bot.iojaydenb1999#9975 changed their display name from jaydenb1999 to jaydenb1999#9975.05:42:18
@_discord_100303399316111360:t2bot.ioLetsPlayNintendoITA [Nintendo Switch Firmware Update] Nintendo has released a “rebootless” update for 14.1.2.

The only changes are to the bad words list. A large amount of swears, racial slurs, words of a sexual nature, references to terrorist organizations, and more were added to all languages.
@_discord_100303399316111360:t2bot.ioLetsPlayNintendoITA wow worth updating 💯 10:23:00
@_discord_442281595840233482:t2bot.ioPrimo Kiggron joined the room.10:58:46
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Literally 1984 11:06:38
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Did some EU law pass enforcing chat moderation or do game publishers just suddenly just have the urge to implement more chat moderation 11:28:41
@_discord_865307492641013790:t2bot.ioThe Ethereal One#3814 idfk 11:37:10
@_discord_865307492641013790:t2bot.ioThe Ethereal One#3814 maybe they finally thought of the children :^) 11:37:33
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp pff, as if 11:37:45
@_discord_865307492641013790:t2bot.ioThe Ethereal One#3814 I'm waiting for the first wave of backfiring that will be a step back but still not a complete moderation deletion, until people forget about it like everything else 11:38:48
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp wait 11:39:31
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp maybe it's related to that recent shooting that occurred like a week ago 11:40:05
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You What was that one mod tool for voice chat where you can choose the amount of hate speech you want to hear 11:41:04
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee https://youtu.be/97Qhj299zRM 11:47:44
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee its called "Bleep" 11:48:39
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You That one seems like the only good one, I'm not a toddler and can handle some big boy words and stuff 11:50:54
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Kinda meh moderation is why this server cannot talk about certain avionics words because the bit doesn't like them 11:52:01
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You * That one seems like the only good one, I'm not a toddler and can handle some big boy words and stuff, most of them suck anyway and wind up being more annoying than helpful 11:55:20
@_discord_128247718962266113:t2bot.ioSamario pour one out for that one British town that keeps getting censored 14:00:00
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You No no tjats fine, nobody even likes the Br*tish 14:11:02
@_discord_128247718962266113:t2bot.ioSamario I am British 14:44:48
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Oh, not sure how you got past dyno 🤔 14:59:04

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