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28 Mar 2023
In reply to @_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.io
i'm sorry i've offended you with a dumb joke?
I'm not offended lmao
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepeeI'm just saying that joking around like that made it seem like you werent really serious about finding the song22:35:12
@_discord_871638081831329822:t2bot.ioJuan 3M3R changed their display name from Juan 3M3R to Juan 3M3R#7015.22:35:16
@_discord_871638081831329822:t2bot.ioJuan 3M3R changed their display name from Juan 3M3R#7015 to Juan 3M3R.22:35:19
@_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.ioripshins ? not in the slightest. i don't remember approaching something with humor or attempts at it = a lack of sincerity? 22:36:46
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp it makes it feel like you're not serious about it 22:37:02
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp not that you're not sincere 22:37:05
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepeeBtw, i suppose you have tried at whatever's the subreddit for it called?22:37:35
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp what subreddit? 22:37:58
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepeeA sec22:38:03
@_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.ioripshins noted. that has not come across as an issue thus far, and inclines me to believe this is a more individual viewpoint. i'm just making a silly bit that has no bearing on the request itself, sorry that came across differently to you i guess? 22:38:30
@_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.ioripshins i've posted in one subreddit so far, but not this one 22:38:50
@_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.ioripshins i'll take a look here, thanks 22:38:57
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepeeThey have a bot to automatically recognize songs22:39:11
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp thing is, the song is kinda obscured by fit's constant talking 22:39:30
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp i tried a quick shazam search and it got nothing coz of that 22:39:38
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Oh I know what it is actually 22:42:35
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepeeInb4 darude sandstorm22:43:00
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Darude - Sandstorm 22:43:02
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp gg 22:43:18
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You Gg 22:43:35
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L researching controls is so fun loƱ 22:55:39
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L * researching controls is so fun lol 22:55:41
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L * researching controllerss is so fun lol 22:58:00
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L * researching controllers is so fun lol 22:58:03
@_discord_339839506314166275:t2bot.ioripshins * ATTENTION GAMERS:

if you or anyone you know know the identity of the llama song in this video (song that plays at 12:12), please dm ripshins

we NEED to find this song. a $10 bounty will be rewarded upon locating this song. please share this message with your local 7-eleven or discord servers

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@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 anyone know sutff about minecraft mods? 23:42:28
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 i am trying to find out one that can sort of expands the weapons adn combat withot adding guns 23:43:06
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L it could be any mod 23:49:24

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