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18 Oct 2018
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4 Nov 2018
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8 Nov 2018
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Hi, I am starting to read about the CAN bus for space use and was wondering if anyone here has any experience or words of wisdom?

I am just breaking into the space realm of business and still looking for my niche to be employed in the industry. My embedded skills are a work in progress, and ideally looking for a promotional project to help aid my employment status within the cubesat arena.

CAN bus knowledge is at the top of my agenda to master, any guides/ demo project ideas etc would be appreciated.

21:20:47@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz kerosene98: Great to hear about your interest in CAN! We are working on a prototype to demonstrate a mix of ECSS-CAN (for redundancy managemnt) and ISO-TP (for large messages)
21:21:03@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzDocuments are here: https://vault.dediserve.com/s/r2yM6NWfQLa9Dtj
21:21:40@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzThe micropython code is here: https://gitlab.com/librecube/prototypes/micropython-space-can
21:23:51@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzFeel free to post to the forum for detailed questions: https://community.libre.space/t/ecss-can-bus-protocol-for-cubesats/1086/5
9 Nov 2018
16:59:31@kerosene98:matrix.orgkerosene98@artur.librecube:matrix.org: thanks for the reply. The resources you provided are very good and at a level that can be digested comfortably.
16 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018
22:23:10@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz kerosene98: More technical details about the LibreCube CAN bus implementation will be available here (still in progress): https://wiki.librecube.org/index.php?title=CAN_System_Bus
20 Nov 2018
08:32:21@kerosene98:matrix.orgkerosene98Thank you 👍
21 Nov 2018
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