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30 Apr 2021
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1 May 2021
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6 May 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz
In reply to @skylin008:matrix.org
ok .I will delayed-enhancement between two CAN port switch.
Hi sky lin ! Any updates on this?
11 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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19 May 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz@room Open Source in Space Event tomorrow (times are British Summer Time): https://ossg.bcs.org/blog/event/open-source-in-space-2/19:30:13
30 May 2021
@juanjorojash:matrix.orgJuan J. RojasHi everyone! One question: in your experience which one is the best assembly workbench for FreeCad?01:51:54
31 May 2021
In reply to @juanjorojash:matrix.org
Hi everyone! One question: in your experience which one is the best assembly workbench for FreeCad?
@papamat:matrix.orgManthosI think that the most complete and mature is A2+15:27:17
@papamat:matrix.orgManthosor A2Plus15:27:21
@papamat:matrix.orgManthoscant remember the righr name15:27:32
@papamat:matrix.orgManthosbut now A4 and A3 are becoming better 15:28:04
@papamat:matrix.orgManthosI like a lot A3, I prefer the logic that everything is a assembly container15:28:57
@papamat:matrix.orgManthosplus the developer of A3 is really active lately 15:29:21
@juanjorojash:matrix.orgJuan J. Rojas Thanks Manthos 17:28:41
1 Jun 2021
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2 Jun 2021
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3 Jun 2021
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15 Jun 2021
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16 Jun 2021
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18 Jun 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz The Python CFDP project is now on PyPI and can be installed via pip install cfdp: https://gitlab.com/librecube/lib/python-cfdp 11:32:06
21 Jun 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzWe recently launched a new prototype project to develop an SMP2 conform simulator. Have a look: https://gitlab.com/librecube/prototypes/python-satsim19:45:25
30 Jun 2021
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1 Jul 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz Sidharth Shambu: Regarding your question to put SPP on pip: Generally yes, as it looks stable, but still I would wait a bit - maybe we missed something in the logic. Either way, you can alsways test it with CFDP as I mentioned above, either clone it and then install pip -e <pathtorepo> or install directly from git repo: pip install git+https://gitlab.com/librecube/prototypes/python-spp 07:47:49
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzHave a look at the SPP routing example. In the examples folder start entity b (the destination), then the waypoint, then entity a (the sender). And see the space packet arriving at B.07:49:07
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz(oh, this was message was supposed to go in the librecube-cfdp thread - well, nevermind 🙂 ) 07:52:36
23 Jul 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur Scholz Sidharth Shambu: Thanks with the hint on how to auto-publish to PyPi. This is now implemented for sle and cfdp packages. 15:13:58
26 Jul 2021
@artur.librecube:matrix.orgArtur ScholzFYI: VisionSpace (https://www.visionspace.com/0 is currently searching for a Space Operations Engineer to assist the Astronomy Division in the area of Thermal and Power onboard subsystems for the upcoming EUCLID mission at ESOC Darmstadt. Final Application date is 2nd of August. 13:33:47

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