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18 Sep 2019
00:00:12@zedjones:matrix.traphouse.usZedjonesWow, that is like... Incredible haha. Would it work if you installed it on top of a different DE that did have those libraries?
00:01:04@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinNo idea
00:04:07@zedjones:matrix.traphouse.usZedjonesHuh, reminds me of the Ubuntu 18.04 bug where you can just bypass GNOME's locker by switching TTYs. I think they may have fixed that, though? Not sure
00:05:01@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinStack overflow and forums make it looks like mint is easy to fix, but having talked first-hand to people who have gotten it to work they all said it was hell. 🤷‍♂️ YMMV I guess
00:05:22@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin Zedjones : I would hope so, that's a security issue there
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14:59:00@freenode_m33k:matrix.orgm33kmint also had their whole security fiasco not that long ago
14:59:21@freenode_m33k:matrix.orgm33kwhatever distro you choose, just verify pgp first
15:00:08@freenode_m33k:matrix.orgm33k i've had good experiences with mint though, i can't relate to ctmartin on this. but i had stopped using it before all that happened
15:01:24@freenode_m33k:matrix.orgm33k and i probably wouldn't pick it up again as a result of it all
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22:48:43@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <j​wf> that feeling when you find a former co-worker's handle while reading an LWN article comments
23:13:51@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby It's crazy who you run into in open source land
23:14:04@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby I've found a few PRs by coworkers for business-related stuff
19 Sep 2019
04:01:46@freenode_xbot1313:matrix.orgxbot1313 RIT Linux Users Group: 'Week #4: Guest Speaker: Linux Distributions' https://ritlug.com/announcements/2019/09/20/w04-distributions-guest-speaker/
04:01:47@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Week #4: Guest Speaker: Linux Distributions | RITlug (at ritlug.com)
04:52:40@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​witter> Week #4: Guest Speaker: Linux Distributions https://ift.tt/34S2xmx #RITClubs
04:52:42@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Week #4: Guest Speaker: Linux Distributions | RITlug (at ift.tt)
05:10:15@freenode_tg-ritlug2:matrix.orgtg-ritlug2 <S​wift110> Hey all
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13:49:00@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibbythere's something beautiful about 4 bot notifications for a ritlug.com announcement
17:10:01@tjzabel:matrix.orgtjzabelIt's a bit verbose :P
17:10:23@tjzabel:matrix.orgtjzabelEmail announcement -- website announcement -- twitter announcement
17:15:37@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin Don't forget Google mailing list announcement
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18:51:31@tjzabel:matrix.orgtjzabelHeh, I thought I forgot one :P

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