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9 Apr 2020
16:52:23@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> Ubuntu 20.whatever
16:52:29@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> I use the package manager, but GUI should work just fine
16:52:41@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> since GNOME Software hooks into `apt`
16:52:51@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> I will do that soon, thank you guys?
16:52:54@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> *!
16:53:11@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> It's slightly annoying I can't ftp into Serenity without it
18:02:23@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> <@U7L3NFY2X>: https://files.slack.com/files-pri/T7GT0LJ3X-F011TN731UZ/download/image.png
18:02:27@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Slack (at files.slack.com)
18:02:43@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> besides installing openconnect, is there any config I have to do before connecting?
18:36:35@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> Try installing with the linux client link here: https://www.rit.edu/its/services/network-communication/vpn
18:36:36@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_bot Title: Virtual Private Network | Information & Technology Services (at www.rit.edu)
19:07:49@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> I tried that, unfortunately I think something is wrong with the .sh file they use as an installer, it gets about halfway before saying the character encoding can't be read
19:08:03@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> And I don't think they care for our systems very much,: https://files.slack.com/files-pri/T7GT0LJ3X-F011U1AA9CH/download/image.png
19:08:09@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Slack (at files.slack.com)
19:47:44@freenode_tg-ritlug:matrix.orgtg-ritlug <S​wift110> Sup all please feel free to pm me at anytime
19:50:07@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfHi folks! Friendly reminder for the third Virtual FOSS Hours tonight from 5pm-6pm US EDT. Come join us and hang out on video with the FOSS fam for an hour tonight! Connection details are found here: https://fossrit.github.io/announcements/2020/03/18/virtual-foss-hours/
19:50:09@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Virtual FOSS Hours: Thursdays 5pm-6pm US EDT | FOSS@MAGIC (at fossrit.github.io)
19:50:20@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> @Aidan LeMay hmm, very odd. I'm not sure then
23:19:27@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <j​rtechs> whoa, the new Slack UI is pretty cool
10 Apr 2020
00:10:07@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> Alright folks, I have a 64 bit Dell Inspiron 15 with a decent size hdd, whats a good OS for me to install, something good-looking and smooth, but not impossible to install
00:10:14@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> Maybe something midway between, like, Ubuntu and Manjaro?
00:16:09@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> Oh also I recently discovered ZorinOS for my ancient Dell D630's (some of my favorite PC's to ever exist) and I think it is my new second-favorite distro
00:16:23@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> And its so lightweight and clean
00:47:42@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <A​idan LeMay> Alright I think I'm going to give Fedora Workstation a spin, the screencaps from its website look nice and I've only used Fedora once or twice for work, and that was RHEL which i think is technically something else?
04:23:37@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <j​rd4665> Linux help needed: is there a way to have two drivers (namely GPU drivers) installed, and effectively tell the computer "if this application needs a GPU driver, give it X. To any other program, give Y. I should never ever see X running unless that specific application is using it"
04:23:47@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <j​rd4665> (if you can answer, please ping me; I don't have notifs on)
05:22:59@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> @Aidan LeMay I'll always recommend Fedora 🙃
05:23:29@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug <T​jzabel> @jrd4665 soz, GPU driver things are my area of least expertise 😕
13:03:52@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby@jrd4665 that sounds similar to bumblebee (dedicated graphics for some applications, integrated graphics for others)
13:04:37@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibbyor do you mean different GPU drivers for the same hardware? proprietary NVIDIA & nouveau, for instance?

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