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14 Dec 2018
21:54:46@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> Nope it's not octagonal. It takes up a decent portion of a laptop corner I think
21:54:59@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> that sounds ignorant then
21:55:05@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> Like almost 1/4 possibly? I need to actually check
21:55:11@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> I wouldn't put it on my laptop anyway
21:55:13@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> and mostly promo worthy not daily user worthy
21:55:38@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> yeah it wouldn't even make it onto my laptop. It's mostly chilling with all my other stickers that haven't made the cut
21:56:00@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> like: what is that insanely large sticker all about? ah, funny you should ask that is RHEL 8 which is in beta, would you like a demo ? 😛
21:56:14@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> heh
21:56:16@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> how many of them you have?
21:56:21@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> and what are they of?
21:57:21@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> I just have the one RHEL8 sticker. All the other stickers are in an envelope (manilla, whatever those pick, yellow packaging envelope things are)
21:57:31@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> The others are just random ones I've gotten over the years
21:58:50@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> @Tjzabel btw that address from my last delivery of RIT stickers has changed, and I'm back in the DC Metro cc: @axk4545
21:59:17@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> Ah, figured. How'd the move back go?
21:59:29@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> I'll pm you the new address if it's needed but just in case you planned on sending any promo stuff or similar so it was not lost to postal pergatory
21:59:41@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> long 16 hours on 3 buses in all
22:00:27@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> Dang, you took the bus route
22:00:52@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> yeah it was $150 less to go that route over plane and still $75-80 less than the accella
22:01:00@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> True
22:01:40@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> even the acella would have been at least a 3 hour bus ride to the nearest train station they service
22:01:58@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> I was literally 18.5 Miles from the Canadian border
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15 Dec 2018
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16 Dec 2018
04:53:01@freenode_tg-ritlug1:matrix.org@freenode_tg-ritlug1:matrix.org joined the room.
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13:44:18@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <linuxmodder> got quiet here the last few days
14:04:15@freenode_slack-ritlug:matrix.orgslack-ritlug [slack] <Tjzabel> Finals
17 Dec 2018
08:03:18@freenode_tg-ritlug:matrix.orgtg-ritlug <Swift110> Sup

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