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30 Jun 2019
11:50:15@desertrold:pirateriot.netdesertrold_ppAT joined the room.
4 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019
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14 Jul 2019
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21 Jul 2019
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31 Jul 2019
07:32:14@p.o.s.e.i.d.o.n.:matrix.orgp.o.s.e.i.d.o.n. joined the room.
5 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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29 Sep 2019
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5 Oct 2019
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6 Oct 2019
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16 Oct 2019
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20 Oct 2019
07:14:02@zzzz_o_0_iiii:matrix.orgzzzz_o_0_iiii joined the room.
07:17:04@zzzz_o_0_iiii:matrix.orgzzzz_o_0_iiiiHow does this room compare to the RocketChat room?
21 Oct 2019
21:38:15@NealJayu:matrix.orgEzri Jayu changed their profile picture.
23 Oct 2019
05:23:08@ftenj:beerfactory.org₿ ftenj ⚡️ joined the room.
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1 Nov 2019
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2 Nov 2019
19:29:30@NealJayu:matrix.orgEzri Jayu
Em resposta a@zzzz_o_0_iiii:matrix.org
How does this room compare to the RocketChat room?
The RocketChat room (https://chat.zcashcommunity.com) is actually active. 😅
In reply to @NealJayu:matrix.org
The RocketChat room (https://chat.zcashcommunity.com) is actually active. 😅
why not bridge it?
20 Nov 2019
19:59:18@localparticl.com:matrix.orglocalparticl.com joined the room.
10 Dec 2019
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