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11 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
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19 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
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24 Jun 2020
@georg3:matrix.org@georg3:matrix.org changed their display name from George to George Hutchinson.20:32:29
27 Jun 2020
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28 Jun 2020
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19 Jul 2020
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30 Jul 2020
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2 Aug 2020
@murbard:matrix.orgmurbard [OLD ACCOUNT USE THE TZCHAT.ORG ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO DM ME] changed their display name from murbard to murbard [OLD ACCOUNT USE THE TZCHAT.ORG ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO DM ME].13:55:57
5 Aug 2020
@undeadondope:tzchat.orgundeadondope joined the room.19:03:15
12 Aug 2020
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19 Aug 2020
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13 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
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7 Oct 2020
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18 Oct 2020
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11 Nov 2020
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3 Dec 2020
@localparticl.com:matrix.orglocalparticl.com set a profile picture.01:06:46
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26 Dec 2020
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17 Feb 2021
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27 Mar 2021
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28 Mar 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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