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1 Aug 2021
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@jabberwock:libera.chatjabberwock Lvl4Sword: I saw your DM and haven't had a chance to dig yet :( 14:12:14
@jabberwock:libera.chatjabberwock lol @ that GNU article. Is "cracker" still a term? 14:12:50
@jabberwock:libera.chatjabberwockSeems racist and also erroneous14:12:57
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@terabit:matrix.org GNUHacker: lmao, how about "Linux is malware" 21:29:41
@terabit:matrix.orgeverything is malware by that logic. Gnu/Linux is very unstable and requires a lot of time and commitment to administer. it comes with no warranty or contractually obligated support. Due to the amount of time and energy it steals from users as a result of false advertising, it should also be considered malware lol21:33:11
@terabit:matrix.orgof course I don't believe that. to the surprise of stallman and GNU people, malware simply means software written with malicious intent. it does not mean software you don't like or consider to be harmful. python(.exe) or powershell can be considered malware when they interpret scripts written with malicious intent21:35:00
@terabit:matrix.orgThere is this weird usb worm i ran into once, it spreads when you plug in a usb drive and open a shortcut,it then installs itself under startup menu of users so at login it spreads a simple .bat file all over the file system . All the .bat file does is pop up and echo "You are a fool!" lol. it was written with malicious intent, to annoy users. the annoyance was the intent,not a mere byproduct like regular software21:38:35
@terabit:matrix.org Lvl4Sword: i haven't had time either. work+study=busy 🏃‍♂️ 21:39:34
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