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14 Sep 2019
02:59:14@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipsnow i see
03:02:14@danct12:matrix.orgDanct12 (old matrix.org account) How about you run pmbootstrap init again
03:02:36@danctnix-bridge:matrix.org@danctnix-bridge:matrix.org [discord] : tried that
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16 Sep 2019
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06:29:45@noritech:matrix.orgNori changed their profile picture.
18 Sep 2019
10:12:27@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchips@Julia are you that guy who ran ubuntu on your phone?
10:12:51@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipsi'm not talking about ubuntu touch btw
26 Sep 2019
12:30:52@freenode_insep[m]:matrix.org@freenode_insep[m]:matrix.org joined the room.
28 Sep 2019
22:39:02@danctnix-bridge:matrix.org@danctnix-bridge:matrix.org <Alula>: yes
29 Sep 2019
06:48:03@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipswhere did you get rootfs?
06:48:18@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipsi could find only mininal rootfs without ui
2 Oct 2019
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3 Oct 2019
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10 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019
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22 Nov 2019
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26 Nov 2019
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27 Nov 2019
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3 Jan 2020
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2 Feb 2020
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14 Feb 2020
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