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2 Sep 2019
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23:49:58@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <Julia>: I've finally figured out why framebuffer is so broken on my Samsung
23:50:06@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <Julia>: Because it’s… write only
23:52:45@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <Julia>: Guess I’ll need to modify the driver to map a virtual framebuffer in some memory location and write it to the real one during every refresh
3 Sep 2019
00:13:39@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <Julia>: I think it’s because they’ve implemented this thing lol
00:13:43@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <Julia>: https://www.trustonic.com/news/blog/benefits-trusted-user-interface/
9 Sep 2019
08:30:11@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <illialoo99>: One question
08:30:18@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <illialoo99>: When new build of sfos?
09:03:36@danct12:matrix.orgDanct12Until those guys from SenseTime have some mercy and restore the proprietary_vendor_xiaomi repo
09:22:00@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <illialoo99>: Oh
11 Sep 2019
17:21:42@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <TheKit>: @Danct12 you should be able to extract blobs from existing builds
17:21:45@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] <TheKit>: there are scripts for that
14 Sep 2019
02:54:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] : @Danct12 can I port postmarketOS from Arch or should I setup an Alpine docker container
02:57:32@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipsi mean, you can port it from arch
02:58:08@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] : when I try I get

[19:48:47] Location of the 'work' path. Multiple chroots (native, device arch, device rootfs) will be created in there.
[19:48:47] Work path [/home/nalutech/workspace/pmos/workingdir]: /home/nalutech/pmos
[19:48:52] pmbootstrap does everything in Alpine Linux chroots, so your host system does not get modified. In order to work with these chroots, pmbootstrap calls 'sudo' internally. To see the commands it runs, you can run 'pmbootstrap log' in a second terminal.
[19:48:52] Setting up the native chroot and cloning the package build recipies (pmaports)...
[sudo] password for nalutech: 
[19:48:55] Update package index for x86_64 (4 file(s))
[19:49:06] Download http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/main/x86_64/apk-tools-static-2.10.4-r3.apk
[19:49:13] (native) install alpine-base
[19:49:36] (native) install git
[19:50:27] (native) git clone https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports.git
Cloning into 'pmaports.temp'...
[19:54:13] NOTE: pmaports path: /home/nalutech/.local/var/pmbootstrap/cache_git/pmaports
[19:54:13] ERROR: We have split the aports repository from the pmbootstrap repository (#383). Please run 'pmbootstrap init' again to clone it.
[19:54:13] See also: <https://postmarketos.org/troubleshooting>
Run 'pmbootstrap log' for details.
02:58:35@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchips i don't see anything wrong
02:58:51@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] : [19:54:13] ERROR: We have split the aports repository from the pmbootstrap repository (#383). Please run ‘pmbootstrap init’ again to clone it.
02:59:14@dolphinchips:matrix.orgquackchipsnow i see
03:02:14@danct12:matrix.orgDanct12 How about you run pmbootstrap init again
03:02:36@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge [discord] : tried that
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16 Sep 2019
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