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25 Nov 2020
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@mhasel:kde.orgrenn0xtk9pingtest ?22:39:21
@mhasel:kde.orgrenn0xtk9does someoine read me?22:41:18
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26 Nov 2020
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does someoine read me?
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27 Nov 2020
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28 Nov 2020
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@jjk96:matrix.orgJan-Jaap KorpershoekHello, I have a question about installing an NPM package and it's dependencies from a github repository. The problem is that even though I can easily using npm to install the main package, it pulls the sub-packages still from the npm registry, which contains a different version. Is there any way to tell NPM to get those sub-packages from the parent-repo? 10:46:23
@jjk96:matrix.orgJan-Jaap KorpershoekWhat I'm talking about: I want to install this fork: https://github.com/derkoe/svelte-material-ui10:46:47
@jjk96:matrix.orgJan-Jaap KorpershoekBut in the package.json it contains dependencies like "@smui/button": "1.0.0" which refers to the NPM registry, however, the updated version from that package is in the same repository at https://github.com/derkoe/svelte-material-ui/tree/master/packages/button10:47:47
@tim:schumacher.imTimThat's a bit trickey, because its a mono repo managed by lerna. The most simple solution would be to publish the fork under a new prefix and use that.12:50:00
@jjk96:matrix.orgJan-Jaap KorpershoekI feared as much, feels a bit wasteful to publish a fork for such a small change13:36:47
30 Nov 2020
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