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6 May 2021
@mikeymop:matrix.orgmikeymop* I tried this myself and found that columns return some metadata, however the column type is not in the metadata. I am curious if there is something that needs to be done sql server side or if I missed something with the library that bars me from seeing the data type.15:45:42
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9 May 2021
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11 May 2021
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@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfis there ES721:29:34
@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfof js21:29:44
@elkcityhazard:matrix.orgelkcityhazardI believe it is called ES2016 21:30:21
@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfye,that is ES6?21:30:33
@elkcityhazard:matrix.orgelkcityhazardI believe es6 came before es201621:30:49
@elkcityhazard:matrix.orgelkcityhazardthen for 7 they switched to year naming convention21:30:59
@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfes6 is 201621:31:47
@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfes6 is 201521:31:58
@10n3w0lf:matrix.org10n3w0lfnow there is ES921:32:18
@elkcityhazard:matrix.orgelkcityhazardwelp I just don't know! 21:57:28
12 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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