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1 Mar 2024
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.fOr to phrase the question differently is 'nothing' comprised of 'something'?21:00:59
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Or to phrase the question differently is 'nothing' comprised of 'something'?

I guess we should consider bouncing that question around in the philosophical rooms?

Download (Nothing)
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson
In reply to @mrtnmrtn:matrix.org
sent an image.
It may very well be one of those very rare products that does not cause cancer
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.fCan I post this here? could I make the claim that pythagoreanism is the pan Hellenic version of Buddhism?21:26:54
Download 1000022174.jpg
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.f1 of march we renew the sacred fire as it marks the beginning of the religious year21:27:54
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonWas Pythagoras more or less a contemporary of Asoka?21:28:00
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.fIf you mean Ashoka the Mauryan emperor then not really, pythagoras was born about 200 years earlier21:29:42
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.fAshoka was closer to socrates and plato 21:30:04
@marzio.f:matrix.orgmarzio.fHowever Pythagoras was born just about 10 years before the Buddha. This was known as the axial age21:32:01
2 Mar 2024
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@clover:ironrobin.netMaitrīCompassionate presence is possibly the most healing quality we can offer another. It is needed if we are to begin to heal some of our core emotional and psychological wounds both within ourselves and others. This book delves into the psychological roots of our human suffering from early wounding onwards to explore how the practice of Chenrezig can be a profound and powerful healing resource. Rob Preece brings together years of experience as both psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher to illuminate a way of practice that is fresh, creative and highly relevant to health and well-being in our contemporary life. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9781739940225/Chenrezig-Embodying-Compassionate-Presence-Essence-1739940229/plp18:54:18
3 Mar 2024
In reply to @goodfellowpuch:matrix.org
Peel the onion of all its layers and you have nothing
cept a pile of onion layers, maybe theyre self aware and kind of pissed at being pealed now its your turn ... 😅
@ladylolipoppy:matrix.orgladylolipoppy"was just doing it for me cheese sandwhich, no need to cry about it"12:13:11
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinsonhttps://youtube.com/shorts/IBrOYYx7MXE?si=g7DIFMOw3KQNYR3k13:24:27
4 Mar 2024
@raybanpixie:matrix.orgRay (she/her)"Trying to get things right is a beneficial intellectual virtue. Trying to get everyone else to acknowledge that you’re right is just ego attachment."02:07:23
@raybanpixie:matrix.orgRay (she/her)Thoughts on this?02:07:28
@fyrexo:catgirl.cloud🔥⚡️💞(Don’t start scrolling!!!)02:41:27
@ladylolipoppy:matrix.orgladylolipoppynot sure it matters 03:28:26
@raybanpixie:matrix.orgRay (she/her)
In reply to @ladylolipoppy:matrix.org
not sure it matters
hmm... no? why is that?
@ladylolipoppy:matrix.orgladylolipoppyunity of ego states05:33:28
@pbrfidgqkz:matrix.orgpbrfidgqkzthe ego wants to be copied by other people, like a virus09:46:43
In reply to @raybanpixie:matrix.org
"Trying to get things right is a beneficial intellectual virtue. Trying to get everyone else to acknowledge that you’re right is just ego attachment."
Instead of trying to get people to acknowledge that you're right you can discuss with them and test if you really are right or end up learning something new, win win situation
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@clover:ironrobin.netMaitrīOne of the deepest attachments we have is to be liked by others 14:13:32
@fyrexo:catgirl.cloud🔥⚡️💞We are capable magicians of attention these days in this culture~ "Look at me!! Be ~ bedazzled ..."15:08:37
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinsonkhaoohs welcome15:24:11

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