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18 Nov 2018
11:16:54@anonx:matrix.organonx changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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12:44:40@anonx:matrix.organonx invited @_neb_github:matrix.orgGithub.
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20 Nov 2018
13:19:18@anonx:matrix.organonx set a profile picture.
8 Dec 2018
21:21:37@lionbit:matrix.orgLionBit joined the room.
10 Dec 2018
18:14:38@sakomi:matrix.orgsakomi joined the room.
20 Jan 2019
00:10:28@l30nm0r7184:matrix.org@l30nm0r7184:matrix.org joined the room.
5 Feb 2019
14:21:25@fotonaut:matrix.orgfotonaut joined the room.
8 Feb 2019
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20 Feb 2019
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