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25 Oct 2017
23:00:14@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolwhat does FRC code development environment look like? Windows and or LInux?
23:00:20@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolor Labview
23:00:27@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolI see lots of JAVA code.
23:00:35@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.org It's generally c++, Java or python, but runs on anything
23:00:42@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgExcept maybe Mac
23:01:21@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgWhat distro are you using?
23:01:24@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolso a windows laptop? What are you running? some IDE code tools?
23:01:41@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolI want to use raspbian.
23:02:02@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolbut Ubuntu 16.04 or windows 10 64bit
23:02:16@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgI would use ubuntu
23:02:37@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.org I don't know if raspi windows can run x86 programs
23:02:49@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolSo what do you need to install for FRC dev?
23:03:07@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolI am not going to run windows on pi.
23:03:57@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
23:04:15@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolI see what looks like some WPI lib.
23:05:23@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
23:08:30@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgDo you want to use Java or cpp?
23:09:33@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolWhat are these white torn paper things?
23:09:57@johnsokol:matrix.orgjohnsokolI am new to this web site.
23:10:17@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.orgWhat website?
23:19:17@whataname:matrix.org@whataname:matrix.org I'm using mobile, so I couldn't tell you
7 Nov 2017
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2 Jan 2018
00:00:31@hook54321a:matrix.orghook54321a johnsokol
00:00:37@hook54321a:matrix.orghook54321aIt means it was deleted I think
17 Nov 2018
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20 Feb 2019
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