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15 Feb 2024
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@grahamperrin:matrix.org@grahamperrin:matrix.org What does 108 mean? 01:48:44
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani🚩 Graham Perrin: hi. Nothing in perticular. But 1,0 binary makes up 8 bit 😅 02:01:15
@grahamperrin:matrix.org@grahamperrin:matrix.orgAh right, OK, if it's nothing specific I'll retire from here, to other rooms :-)07:41:05
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16 Feb 2024
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani🚩 Welcome rehcla: 10:15:05
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22 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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27 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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1 Mar 2024
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2 Mar 2024
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@telegram_698921630:t2bot.io✝️ ☺️🌞 HD Scania RU/BY/RS
In reply to Asssassin K
Not Wayland or X11 are bad platforms, and Wayland is still a little more prone to crashes when low in VRAM’s
@telegram_5312816029:t2bot.ionetbsdoonWayland not support network->/dev/null ))11:41:35
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig Vartanian joined the room.11:48:34
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig VartanianArchitecturally speaking tho… Wayland sucks11:43:25
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani🚩 Antranig Vartanian: 😅 11:55:27
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig VartanianIt’s funny because it’s true11:58:56
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig Vartaniansad, very sad12:00:48
@telegram_348769155:t2bot.ioJayBut eventually majority software will be dependent on linuxified protocols.12:00:38
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig VartanianPeople who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it12:01:02
@telegram_348769155:t2bot.ioJayEven BSD Licensed Enlightenment experimenting with Wayland12:01:04
In reply to Antranig Vartanian
People who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it
Well said.
@telegram_1007716193:t2bot.ioAntranig VartanianThe sad part is that they are repeating badly 😂12:01:36
@telegram_348769155:t2bot.ioJayNext will be Rustified dependencies.12:02:56

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