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22 Mar 2021
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasAutomating your user account or self-botting20:58:34
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasTaking other actions on Discord — for example, joining a ton of servers — faster than humanly possible20:58:34
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasAttempting potentially fraudulent activity20:58:34
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Gomuks has a way to edit with /edit I think? I believe the weechat one sometimes maybe has the ability to edit your last message? I stopped using it though. 20:58:34
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasI will have to look into that at a better time20:59:05
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasnot /edit at least20:59:49
@aaron:matrix.orgaaron I was never entirely happy with weechat and I gave up on IRC, so that was my last strings to the program. 20:59:55
@dannysheffield:matrix.orgdannysheffield Sorry guys, I’ve just kicked the t2bot off our discord server. Some of the community weren’t happy 🤷‍♂️ 21:02:21
@dannysheffield:matrix.orgdannysheffield If we can find something that links groups together we can revisit 21:02:59
@fuloating:matrix.orgkuhilasno problem. Ye this is a bit off topic here so it might not be very interesting to follow either :D 21:04:39
23 Mar 2021
@jaece:matrix.orgjaece peisher joined the room.05:24:42
25 Mar 2021
@ipyakuza:matrix.orgipyakuza joined the room.05:09:53
6 Apr 2021
@darriusalexander:matrix.orgDarrius Alexander joined the room.23:29:35
@darriusalexander:matrix.orgDarrius AlexanderI really need help taking down this tornadus remote raid, anyone want to join?23:31:22
11 Apr 2021
@07c32eaf:matrix.orgSy set a profile picture.04:07:24
@07c32eaf:matrix.orgSy left the room.04:43:54
15 Apr 2021
@futhey:matrix.orgJames F joined the room.03:15:11
23 Apr 2021
@j3:matrix.orgJohnnnnyyyyyy changed their profile picture.05:03:38
1 May 2021
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGaming joined the room.20:37:51
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGaminghello everyody20:38:01
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGamingeverubody if you are in las vegas near the starbucks near me join me i just started pokemon go20:38:59
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGamingits a legendary 20:39:34
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGamingits a 20:39:39
@jace.1617589:matrix.orgMinecroGamingok if anybody joined in ty i just caught it my first pokemon was a moltres ty so much21:25:58
4 May 2021
@pjwarner:matrix.orgpjwarner joined the room.22:39:01
8 May 2021
@annaapk:matrix.orgAnna Annoula joined the room.06:12:22
9 May 2021
@chevalier2actarus:matrix.orgchevalier2actarus joined the room.11:49:26
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