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7 Dec 2019
20:05:12@prostyboi72:matrix.org@prostyboi72:matrix.org joined the room.
20:07:36@prostyboi72:matrix.org@prostyboi72:matrix.org set a profile picture.
20:10:33@prostyboi72:matrix.org@prostyboi72:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
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5 Jan 2020
04:47:39@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 joined the room.
11:24:15@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nlNo one cares
17:27:40@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122Are you alright
17:28:07@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Yea why
17:29:03@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122Because you said no one cares
17:29:17@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl So
17:29:21@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 I don't know about what
17:29:39@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl 😂just joking
17:29:45@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Let it go
17:31:21@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Soo how ya doing
17:32:13@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 I'm doing good and u
17:35:10@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Yea good tomorrow school i had 2 weeks holiday
17:36:10@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122Nice holiday weeks
17:36:26@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Yea
21:40:58@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122Have you played pokemon sword and shield
23:46:31@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 invited @umarucola:matrix.orgUmaru Cola.
23:46:38@umarucola:matrix.orgUmaru Cola joined the room.
23:46:45@umarucola:matrix.orgUmaru ColaHello
6 Jan 2020
03:06:40@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 changed their display name from zakaria355 to zack.
03:06:48@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 changed their display name from zack to zack122.
07:01:57@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl zack122: no What sort of game is it
07:05:20@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122Redacted or Malformed Event
07:07:38@zakaria355:matrix.orgzack122 the same basic plot as every game in the series: earn badges by defeating gym owners, and battle against your rival, with the goal of eventually becoming the champion and playing with friends online but no ash
07:22:20@anouk-nl:matrix.organouk-nl Sounds fun

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