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4 Nov 2022
@_discord_407348156465020930:t2bot.ioMushroom Mage https://tenor.com/view/kekw-kek-bttv-twitch-emote-gif-15123134 20:56:28
6 Nov 2022
@_discord_682099182127153171:t2bot.io꧁✇serotonin✇꧂ lmaoooooooooo 12:59:55
@_discord_682099182127153171:t2bot.io꧁✇serotonin✇꧂ Mushroom Mage thats crazy lmao 13:00:18
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7 Nov 2022
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Download -6273985722763556054_121.jpg
@dmtworld1:matrix.orgdmtworld1Tap in with me to get some cola MDMA16:20:30
12 Nov 2022
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15 Nov 2022
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16 Nov 2022
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18 Nov 2022

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19 Nov 2022
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20 Nov 2022
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21 Nov 2022
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22 Nov 2022
@psychedelic-things:matrix.orgpsychedelic-thingsHello You’re not here by accident…this is destiny fungi have inhabited earth billions of years. Their healing properties are vast from resisting cancer cells to creating new neurological connections in your brain. Mushrooms can boost your immune system,creativity,alertness,and heighten senses. They are also proven to help treat depression,anxiety,PTSD,Alzheimer’s,dementia,reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer,helps with your digestive system,and so much more. Their teachings are even more vast🍄 we have shrooms,LSD,DMT,MDMA,ketamine,Molly,chocolate bars and more just checking if you’re interested in any thanks 😊06:07:46
24 Nov 2022
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26 Nov 2022
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27 Nov 2022
@_discord_209021465956188160:t2bot.ioCyclical hey where’d you get pics of my tubs 06:23:41
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6#4876 GG Cyclical, you just advanced to level 1! 06:23:41
28 Nov 2022
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