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22 Jan 2022
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23 Jan 2022
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@_discord_786356315353382933:t2bot.ioBReal#4820 Anyone experiment with the half gallon mason gars? Thinking would be ideal to get more grains at once 20:28:24
@_discord_786356315353382933:t2bot.ioBReal#4820 Jars* 20:29:04
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot I personally prefer smaller jars. You might be able to fit more grian in the jar, but you won't be able to fit the same weight of grain in your PC if you use large jars like that. 20:44:05
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Quart size are ideal for spawn production. The larger the jar the more problems you will have with contamination. For one the more mass of grain you have the longer you will have to sterilize and with a gallon jar I don't think a PC will do the job at all. You have to think about the insulation the grain provides itself. 21:00:16
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot I use 25oz/750ml jars, and I know I can fit more grian by weight in there compared to using 1qt jars 21:01:29
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot And the smaller jars are more than 50% cheaper than qt jars for me, so a lot more worth it 21:03:27
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I was mostly referring to larger jars being less than ideal. In my case I have found I can get more grain in my PC with quart jars. But not all pressure cookers are the same dimensions. Nothing wrong with using smaller jars if they are more convenient for your situation. 21:07:17
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot Yeah, just wanted to mention it. I have a 20l, which can fit 7/8 1qt jars, but 14 25oz jars 21:10:21
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@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot Day 6, CR left and middle, APE on right 21:24:36
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 My two cents, more smaller jars means you have your eggs in more baskets, if one contaminates you won't lose a half gallon of spawn 21:31:21
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 I used pint jars when I was growing, they fit in my pot better than quart jars 21:32:10
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 More dishes to wash though :( 21:32:34
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot Oh yea, pain in the ass to have to clean 20-30 jars at a time 21:33:14
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 I gave them a quick scrub in the sink then put them in the dishwasher 21:37:32
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 I never had more than 12 at a time though 21:37:57
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot We don't use a dishwasher despite having one. Grew up on a farm, so got taught to not be lazy and do it by hand 21:38:54
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 I honestly only used it for jars and only if there was a whole batch, most of the time I just use the dishwasher as a drying rack 21:40:44
24 Jan 2022
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@_discord_547591387009253386:t2bot.ioIntrepidis_dux what kind of mushroom do you guys figure this might be? saw it on reddit. the person just wanted to get rid of it. I feel like they should figure out if it's useful first 04:40:25
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot To get rid of it, they have to replace the soil, lol 06:06:29
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 Lol yeah, mushrooms are useful in nature so I don't think they could hurt in a pot 14:11:21
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I get random mushrooms in my soil all the time. It is a good sign that the soil is fertile and the mushrooms help break down the nutrients to their simpler forms which allows the plant to take up the nutrients. If it wasn't a mushroom it would be trich or some bacteria in the soil. 14:21:00
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc And like wotalotigot you aren't getting rid of it without swapping the soil. Not that you would want to I think the mushrooms are a cool bonus. Nature is beautiful 14:23:42
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot Mycelium is great for soil, I don't understand uneducated plant enthusiasts that see a mishroom and freak out because there are some mushrooms growing with their plants 14:35:18
@_discord_907017016341319700:t2bot.iotrilliumbubble I felt this. I was raised by family members who grew up on farms and they totally had the same attitudes about dishwasher and remote controls. I'm 39 now and having a dishwasher is starting to look more attractive. 14:49:08
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot Lol 14:49:14

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