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26 Feb 2020
19:46:13@tigerprince4554:the-apothecary.clubπ•Ώπ–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–— π•»π–—π–Žπ–“π–ˆπ–ŠMore like peechat
19:46:20@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oraclelmao
19:46:27@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old)(the plane dogfighting minigame was the best)
19:46:29@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oraclewii sports resort is great
19:46:46@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oraclefrr
19:47:16@tigerprince4554:the-apothecary.clubπ•Ώπ–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–— π•»π–—π–Žπ–“π–ˆπ–Š I think I'm the only person in the basement of my school rn
19:47:37@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracledo most schools have basements?
19:47:59@tigerprince4554:the-apothecary.clubπ•Ώπ–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–— π•»π–—π–Žπ–“π–ˆπ–ŠMost of my classes are in the basement
19:48:24@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old)

nice, nheko is way better

19:49:40@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old)

(nvm it's nowhere near as feature rich)

19:49:45@tigerprince4554:the-apothecary.clubπ•Ώπ–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–— π•»π–—π–Žπ–“π–ˆπ–ŠπŸ‘€
19:50:03@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracleyeah like i said
19:50:10@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracleit's the only one that comes close at all
19:50:31@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracle
In reply to @tigerprince4554:the-apothecary.club
Most of my classes are in the basement
i've never been in a school with a basement i think
19:51:57@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old)btw is it okay if I change my homeserver over to the apothecary?
19:52:10@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracleof course!
19:52:16@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old) Thanks <3
19:52:33@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracle if you need help there's a post in #announcements:the-apothecary.club about it
19:56:55@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  joined the room.
19:58:12@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  changed their display name from fishandmicrochips to ~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ› .
19:58:13@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  set a profile picture.
19:58:52@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ› nice
19:59:12@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracleyay :0
20:00:57@amber_star:matrix.org~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old) changed their display name from ~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  to ~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  (Old).
20:00:59@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ›  changed their profile picture.
20:07:47@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ› Strange, I can't set my theme to dark theme
20:10:15@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oracletry refreshing the page?
20:10:40@fishandmicrochips:the-apothecary.club~ ⏣ Ξ± ΠΌ Π² e Π³ ⏣ ~ πŸŠπŸ› yeah, that worked :P
20:10:55@ellietheoracle:the-apothecary.clubThe Oraclelol nice
28 Feb 2020
03:08:02@dhmf:m.dhdf.devDylan changed their profile picture.

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