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8 Nov 2019
15:21:48@natacha:public.catnatachaprobably an issue with system D
15:24:13@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaRadical đŸ˜‰
15:24:24@natacha:public.catnatachanot my fault sorry
15:29:44@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaI can understand your confusion and am witnessing a sense of pragmatism, where people simply go with what works for them. Indeed it takes courage and experience to differentiate the various offers we are using in our daily digital lives. And to make choices upon political considerations also means one allows oneself to step back a little from convenient consumerist culture, which advances so quickly. That'd be the little bit of degrowth within the Commons, I guess.
15:30:34* @ya:matrix.allmende.ioyala finished translating the French agenda points into English. Am not happy to do so for Spanish, since I cannot evaluate the outcome.
15:34:06@natacha:public.catnatachaI agree with you @yala
15:34:17@natacha:public.catnatacha * I agree with you @yala
15:34:54@natacha:public.catnatachaI simply cannot install it that's why I say its not my fault
15:35:39@natacha:public.catnatachaI can translate in spanish although not my original language so please revise after me who can
15:36:03@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaI have been copy and pasting from deepl.com
15:36:15@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalathat should work quickly and is easy to correct for s/o who speeks that language
15:36:35@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyala natacha: Can you try if you could maybe join via the web zoom? https://zoom.us/wc/join/654013895?pwd=
15:38:12@freds:matrix.orgfred natacha: I understand your position. There are alternatives to proprietary software to explore more deeply (such as moodle?) and continiusly. It is something to do in parallele of the work. Concretly you can also access to the room call by phone number or by the web without using the zoom app.
15:39:42@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaSee you in 90'
15:40:06@natacha:public.catnatacha thx yala fred I will do this
15:42:33@natacha:public.catnatacha fred: do you mean mumble https://www.mumble.com/ I think its great
15:45:29@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaMumble feels like jumping back right into the 1980ies; I hadn't even been born in the beg. of that decade ...
15:46:09@natacha:public.catnatachamaybe but it works good...
16:09:12@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaJust trolling ..
17:14:59@natacha:public.catnatachahello I have joined the call from my phone
17:24:04@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaAh, that is you. Good to know.
17:24:34@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaCan you join via web to send your video?
In reply to @ya:matrix.allmende.io
natacha: Can you try if you could maybe join via the web zoom? https://zoom.us/wc/join/654013895?pwd=
17:24:55@natacha:public.catnatachayes didn't feel to interumpt to present myself
17:25:49@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaThere's no presentation round.
17:25:52@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaWe do this in the pads.
18:02:27@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyalaWow, what a beautiful chaos to follow the three pads and the conversation in three languages.
10 Nov 2019
15:16:34@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinism joined the room.
13 Nov 2019
13:38:32@freds:matrix.orgfred Bonjour à @room , une rencontre de préparation du Commonscamp de Marseille aura lieu le 21/11. On peut utilise le Pad / message d'invitation pour préparer la rencontre, proposer des points d'ordre du jour, ... merci d'avance !
13:38:49@freds:matrix.orgfred https://pad.femprocomuns.cat/CommonsCamp_Marseille_Invitation_21nov

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