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27 May 2022
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer Why are they defending a country of sodomites then 02:45:00
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@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer Greekoids 02:45:37
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday I've seen this guy he really is an ordained priest 02:45:37
@_discord_954146155304980481:t2bot.ioCoastal-Schizzy cant be real 02:45:37
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer lmao 02:45:38
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday Because they're orthodox 02:45:52
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer I know 02:45:55
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyerRedacted or Malformed Event02:45:58
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday 02:46:00
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer larpoids 02:46:00
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday Whatever my problem with them is not knowing how to moderate a fucking discord server 02:46:27
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday When the mods here do mod abuse it's funny and memorable 02:46:51
@_discord_954146155304980481:t2bot.ioCoastal-Schizzy i wonder what their opinion is on Israel and the IDF 02:46:58
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday When they do mod abuse it's swept under the rug until someone cries about it 02:46:59
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday They hate them 02:47:00
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer So called eastern Christians 02:47:01
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer when you call russia out for it's AIDS problem 02:47:05
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday They're vividly antisemitic 02:47:08
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer and instead of chastizing russians for it 02:47:10
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer they try to sweep it under the rug 02:47:15
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday It was just the one dude which is why I gotjustice 02:47:21
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday And now he is just a normal user (lmao!) 02:47:45
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer You should try saying the Trinity goes all three ways see what happens to you 02:48:11
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer 02:48:12
@_discord_950588454335545385:t2bot.iowensday 🤨 02:48:24
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer More specifically 02:48:44
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer The Holy Spirit Emanates from both the Father and Christ, since they are the same in essence 02:49:01
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer 02:49:02
@_discord_954144302873845820:t2bot.ioChamber of Gup enjoyer do it bro, trust 02:49:06

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