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2 Oct 2018
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3 Oct 2018
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In order for Matrix to work as a regular social network, I was just thinking...

  • Every user can have many "channels" (equivalent to aspects and circles in D* and G+ respectively) with different privacy settings each. Each channel is actually a room with different members, etc. So, when creating an account, everyone would have a room created for them and assigned to them (equivalent to the timeline in other networks)
  • Chats are just rooms set to private and with just two users.
  • Group chats are just rooms set to private but with several members.
  • Groups/communities are just rooms set to public and with several members.
  • Media uploads would be just messages sent to the personal room/timeline (the biggest con here is the lack of an album/collecton/folder concept in Matrix, since it treats every file as a new different message). It would also need a way to organize content after being sent/uploaded (in order to edit folders with new uploads or re-organize them). When edits are added to the matrix spec, they might allow this.
  • Bio info could be profile data (not sure how much is visible in current matrix).

-I think my current idea works, but in a hacky way. Matrix also needs pinning messages (if I'm not wrong). I'm sure there are many things I'm missing, but as a beginning draft, I think it works. It's mostly a UI thing, as far as I can tell.

The album/colection issue seems to be a UI thing too, since every other site also treats single files as different posts, afaik. The thing would be to arrange them in a way that they can be accessible together. Also, you can't add others' posts to collections, unless there's a favorite/bookmark feature in the spec at some point (I guess it could be done in the client side, but if it could be federated seems better).
4 Oct 2018
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