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25 Sep 2022
@prairieghost1776:matrix.orgTJ LeiningerHow many people can you have in the walkie-talkie voice chat only mode?03:56:13
@simonb:element.ioŠimon BrandnerWe don't have any hard limit afaik. In regular group calls the limit would be at about ~7 people due to bandwidth, since you don't send any video in walkie-talkie calls I would assume the limit to be quite higher there06:43:37
@prairieghost1776:matrix.orgTJ LeiningerIs there a matrix client that has made voice channel like discord has yet? I really want to move fully away from discord to matrix.13:16:24
@simonb:element.ioŠimon BrandnerNo, not atm though there is lot of work happening in Element leading towards something like that13:17:36
@ewangilchrist:susflatnine.xyzEwan changed their profile picture.14:30:28
@skullone:matrix.orgskulloneI thought voice rooms were already available via Jitsi17:33:11
@robin:robin.townRobinYes, there is the video rooms beta, which is intended to cover the voice room use-case as well and is currently being extended to use Element Call instead of Jitsi17:35:11
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26 Sep 2022
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org joined the room.12:17:08
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org How is Element call different to Jitsi ? 12:20:38
@robin:robin.townRobinElement Call performs all signaling natively over Matrix and (currently) establishes peer-to-peer connections with participants, allowing group calls to be decentralized, whereas Jitsi performs all signaling out-of-band over a centralized XMPP server, and uses a centralized conferencing server. Element Call will gain such a conferencing server eventually to improve the stability of calls, but it'll be decentralized as well by allowing call feeds to be 'cascaded' to other participating servers.13:01:03
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org Thanks Robin . Can it replace Google and Microsoft tools then ? Like if I want to conference with 100 people. Thanks !! 13:07:24
@robin:robin.townRobinSince the conferencing server is still a work in progress, it can currently only scale to about 8 participants before most users will encounter bandwidth or CPU limits13:10:28
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org Robin: Yes I am aware. I meant when SFU is implemented. Since this is new to me I am curious if it can handle that. 13:13:35
@robin:robin.townRobinWe'd definitely like it to scale that high, yes13:15:55
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org Okay Robin . Lets plan for 1000 people in that case, coz ....you know , sometimes uninvited people hop in 😂😂 13:22:56
@skullone:matrix.orgskulloneI suspect 1000 starts to become HTTP Live Streaming territory, and I'd be impressed if any SFU can manage that.13:28:55
@dave:matrix.orgDavewho says it needs to be one sfu? ;)13:29:33
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.orgI think we must have a 300 as a target, Thats a conference size room. 1000 is not a big number considering the size of some open source online conferences these days13:31:08
@timb:chat.virtuos.uni-osnabrueck.deTimo Nogueira Brockmeyer joined the room.14:53:10
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.orgCurious if this is gonna be a standalone feature ? 🤔. I would like to use it without the element app. Thanks !!15:17:21
@somarandos:matrix.org@somarandos:matrix.org * Curious if this(Element-call) is gonna be a standalone feature ? 🤔. I would like to use it without the element app. Thanks !! 15:23:32
@simonb:element.ioŠimon BrandnerYep, you can already use call.element.io :)15:41:51
27 Sep 2022
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28 Sep 2022
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@simonb:element.ioŠimon Brandner changed their display name from Šimon Brandner (away => 2022-09-28) to Šimon Brandner.10:52:03
@skullone:matrix.orgskulloneWith MSC3401 video rooms coming to Element soon I'm hoping to be able to persuade some of my RPG group to move over from Discord soon. I was curious whether I could transition people over by sharing an Element Call link to the video room, but it seems even hand-crafting an element call room link to the room doesn't work. I'm guessing this is call.element.io's server being locked down so its guest accounts can't be used to spam. Does the plan for Element Call include guest invites from other servers working at some point, or is there some technical reason I've not found yet that means letting guests join video rooms via Element Call would be a bad idea?14:44:34
@robin:robin.townRobinYes, we're planning on using the Element Call SPA as a way to easily join public video rooms and calls via a link. This is currently blocked on us enabling captchas on call.ems.host and opening it up to the public federation. In the mean time, you could host your own homeserver and copy of Element Call, and get it working with handcrafted links that way.14:53:06
@skullone:matrix.orgskulloneaha, excellent news, thanks :) maybe this'll be the kick I need to revive my old server14:57:09

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