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13 Sep 2022
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14 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
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18 Sep 2022
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19 Sep 2022
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#webinar #AI #Ml #bioinformatics

Introducing AI/Machine Learning to Life Science Community

The “Hottest Topic of Life Science" has all the buzz, glam, and traffic, but many enthusiasts are still confused about machine learning/AI and why everyone is so excited about it. In this webinar, Ms. Arundhati will briefly explain AI/ML and its application in the life science domain. As a compliment, she will also provide a detailed road map to becoming an expert in AI/ML.

🗓September 25th Sunday | 14:30 Paris | 6 PM IST

AI/ML Consultant & Tutor at NyBerMan
Alumni, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

👨‍💻Register at

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20 Sep 2022
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21 Sep 2022
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@telegram_953855462:tchncs.deNyBerMan Bioinformatics (Telegram) Forwarded message from channel Lets Learn Bio-IT School 🇫🇷🇮🇳
#workshop #virtual #genomics #beginner #level

Virtual workshop on Introduction to fundamentals and Bash Scripting for Genomics.

This two-day workshop focuses on the basics of genomics and using Linux for genomics. Further, It will provide concepts, and hands-on training on Linux commands scripts and basics of genomics, such as designing experiments, accessing datasets from different databases, and data uploading to resources like NCBI.

🎙Our speakers, Dr. Meenakshi I (NCBS, India) & Dr.Samdani A (ICOA, France), carry Ph.D. degrees in Bioinformatics with rich of experience in Genomics.

✍️Who can apply?
Anyone interested in learning the basics of Linux and genomics study design and managing sequencing data. The workshop assumes that learners have no or little experience with Linux systems

✳️It is free for Undergraduate students.

👨‍💻For more info & registration, visit our site at https://www.nyberman.com/internship-trainings/workshop

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22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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