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27 Nov 2023
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28 Nov 2023
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29 Nov 2023
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@telegram_471873694:tchncs.deElçin Ekşi (Telegram) Forwarded message from channel Hello Bioinformatics!
Senior Proteomics Scientist Alithea Bio UG · Berlin

30 Nov 2023
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@telegram_1837275835:tchncs.deBeg (Telegram)608:56:27
2 Dec 2023
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@telegram_1526779193:tchncs.deOllo Sparta (Telegram)1417:30:03
5 Dec 2023
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@telegram_6583249484:tchncs.deJonas Heinicke (Telegram)721:28:07
6 Dec 2023
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7 Dec 2023
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@telegram_1016068333:tchncs.deSb (Telegram)hello everyone,I am trying to replicate a paper in which they cross referance a set of ensembl IDs to an older release of RefSeq,the thing is I cant seem to be able to get the numbers correctly during this mapping,can anyone help ?10:06:58
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8 Dec 2023
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@telegram_1319575868:tchncs.deTobo (Telegram)Can someone help me solve the following problem, please? I have sequencing data from a laboratory sample; I've assembled the genome and need to know if it corresponds to a new strain or is similar to those already deposited in databases. How should I perform alignments if the genomes are in contig format?19:31:42
@telegram_1658991608:tchncs.deAthamanatha Kitsune (Telegram)Contigs could be BLASTed if I am not mistaken19:58:59
9 Dec 2023
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@telegram_6768456409:tchncs.deCaro (Telegram)1210:48:19
@telegram_6288704628:tchncs.deInamruzui (timekeeper goddess) (Mizu/malzu) (Telegram)
In reply to Athamanatha Kitsune (Telegram)
if you are into transhumanism, otherkin, are into open source, into biological sciences, or are wanting to develop biotech, we have this project for freedom of form on Telegram

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@telegram_5253662078:tchncs.deNərgiz İsmayıllı (Telegram)Hello guys Are there any biotechnologist or biotechnology researcher?19:47:26
@telegram_6482477679:tchncs.deCY (Telegram)Yes?20:36:27

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